Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday---almost the end of the week

Progress has been made on the deck---I wish I could say it was finished, but here is what it is looking like so far.  Fred likes it---he'll like it better when he can go down stairs---no stairs yet.

I went to a few garage sales this morning---here are a few of my finds.
The quilt is a crib size quilt.

Tomorrow morning is my last long training run---I plan to do another 2 hour run.  It is going to be perfect weather!  We are planning a quick trip to the lake---it should be beautiful there.  I am looking forward to the trees turning color---I love fall.

Tuesday morning I leave for Phoenix...have already shipped two big boxes and sent two suitcases back with Diane and will bring two more with me---her empties which she brought for me to take back.  Thanks Diane---you are great!

I am thinking good thoughts for my daughter and her husband in California---he has a second interview tomorrow for a job in San Francisco---good luck !  I have fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed!!!

I am looking forward to seeing Project runway tonite!  I think I'll go get some hooking to do while I watch it.

Good nite!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday morning---the start of a new week

Well here it is early Monday morning and I'm having my first cup of coffee.  I had a delayed onset of sore legs after my long run on Friday---I ran for just short of two hours an turned my ankle slightly in the parking lot so I quit five minutes before I planned to.  It is tender but not bad but my quads are sore---I did run yesterday for about 40 minutes at a fairly good pace hoping to make it go away  and used my dreaded foam roller a lot trying to break it up so I'm hopeful that it will be over today...I plan to drink more water.

This coming weekend will be my last long run until the race, but I have a trip to Phoenix coming up from Oct. 5th to 10th which I am really looking forward to.  In addition to teaching at the Quilted Apple and seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new new I am reconnecting with a friend from Alaska who now live in AZ and is also a rug hooker.  She didn't hook when I knew her and I had just barely started---doing a few kits that I had purchased at the Valley Forge gift show---she and I were in an Antique and Craft co-op together.  She made wonderful pottery.

When I get home from Phoenix my sister Barbara will be here for a long visit---while I run my half marathon she will do the 5k---poor Barbara has bad knees so she can't run but she can walk pretty fast.  I hope I do not have bad knees in my future.  She is driving cross country with her dog Suzy---we are hoping Suzy and my dog Fred like each other.  Her high school reunion is at the end of October in Lawrence KS.  We also are planning a lake trip for recovery from my run---did that last year when my legs were killing me and I sat in a recliner with ice packs on my quads and hooked for hours.  I don't think it will be that bad this year as I have been preparing better than I did for my first one.  I understand that they have taken out two of the hills so that should help.

I know I've been rambling so it is time to post more pictures.

This was hooked by Diane and is Edyth O'Neill's Partridge pattern.  Diane likes soft muted colors---very pretty.

Judy hooked my Sunflower pattern with the prodded petals. We also pulled some wools for a ship pattern that she was going to bring but it got left at home---she had a picture of it though so we were able to at least get it color planned.  Since she was a new hooker we also got to work on technique so it was a good week.  Great job Judy!

Susan was hooking a rug from Cactus Needle---this is going to be one fun rug!  Fortunately Susan lives here in KC so if she has questions I'm not far away...lots of elements in this one.  Susan was using lots of different cuts in this ones---playful and fun!

Okay gotta get ready for today's home classes and have another cup of coffee.

Doug (hubby) is still working on the deck.  Yesterday when I had gone to Greenwood he fell off the deck---glad I didn't see that one.  He is a bit sore but not broken.  I'll post a picture of his work tomorrow.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Thursday post---catching up before the weekend

Yeah!  I had fun in the dye pots, but I had a tired attack!  The adrenalin has definitely worn off my my Wisconsin trip and I could sure use a long night's sleep---keep waking up too early!

Here is the car I found for my daughter after a long exhausting search---it is a 2003 Mazda Protege5 with 75,000 miles on it.  It did need some maintenance work but it is ready to take to Manhattan tomorrow,

  She is calling it "the banana"---at least she won't have trouble finding it in the parking lot.

She wanted a hatchback---I guess this one is actually considered a wagon, but really looks like a hatchback.  Hopefully she will think I did well with her money.

I am looking forward to my home classes next week---it was the beginning of the month when I had the last classes.

Here are a few more pictures from Green Lake:

This is Ginny's sailboats---she was experimenting with three rows of a chain stitch or just hooking three rows---all with the same plaid wool.  She is planning a pale blue sky.

This is Diane's Ship pattern designed by Sally Kallin---she is going to add lettering around the border ---size of lettering is still being thought out.

Okay, gotta go to bed---good night!

Thursday---I am feeling the urge to get creative!

I think today is going to be a day in the dye pots---no dealing with cars, or paperwork, or cleaning.

Doug is going to start on the deck project today---actually it had already been taken down---posted free wood decking on craigslist if the person would remove it and haul it away...he received a call within a minute of posting and had another call 30 seconds later.  He also posted to have someone help him to install the deck and had about 15 calls the first day.  This will keep him busy for at least the next week or so as he is extending the deck and putting down the manufactured decking---yeah---low maintenance!

Here is a picture of it stripped down to the joists.  Pretty ugly!  I can't wait till it is finished---Party time!

Oaky here goes a few more pictures from the recent camps.

Audrey was hooking this field of poppies---hooked in a painterly fashion we decided to call it a "Martini" instead of a Monet since her last name was Martini---what a great name!

This is  Kate's Santa that she hooked in Tish Murphy's class.  She did a great job!  

This is Rosann's runner called Gabby's Garden from Searsport---they made it longer for her---it is 110 inches long.  Can't wait to see this one finished---get busy hooking Rosann!

Okay., one more picture.

This is Cheryl's "Rebecca" a Bea Brock pattern hooked in her daughter's colors---I think she'll have a hard time giving this one up!

Tomorrow is my day for my long run---I hope to do my 10 mile training run.  It is supposed to be in the upper 50's in the morning as opposed to the 71 degrees that it is this morning, so hopefully that will make it easier---if running for two hours can ever be easy.

Happy hooking!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday---over the hump!

Okay the car shopping is over---right or wrong we made the decision and bought a 2003 Mazda Protege5---lets hope it turns out to be a good buy.  The biggest obstacle to my daughter saying yes was the bright yellow color.  I told her she wouldn't have trouble finding her car in the parking lot.  It was hard for her to let us do the shopping---I hope this the last time I do this---not fun!

I will drive the car to Manhattan on Friday and get to spend the night with her and my husband will come over on Saturday to get me.  I am looking forward to seeing her---haven't seen her since we helped move her in to her house in June.

Back to rug hooking---much more fun.

Here are a few pictures from Green Lake.

This is a picture from the mini class that I taught Tuesday evening.  They did a great job.  This was my Sunflower cupboard design.

Tanner was certainly not afraid of color.  Here is another view of a close-up---the design is from Roche Riverhouse.

This is a pattern that Bonnie designed.  We color planned it to work in three rooms in her home.

Okay one more picture and then it is time to hit the sack.

This picture was taken on one of my early morning runs.  Is there any questions about why this is one of my favorite places to be---gorgeous!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday at the White House

Well, things are getting done...wool is put away, paperwork is done, and we are still car shopping but am hopeful we might have found something today---just waiting on a call from our daughter when she gets off work.  I have my fingers crossed.  We are in the midst of redoing our deck and my husband placed an ad on Craigslist for free cedar decking if they remove it.  It is scary looking out at the back deck, the stairs with no rails---we do have a building permit and I think I'll post a sign...KEEP OUT!!!!  They are almost through removing it and loading it on a trailer.

I'm just staying out of the way.

I think this is a good time to post more pictures.

This is Sheree's Rose Runner---I spoke with her today abut a wool and she has all the flowers done---just background to do---yeah!!!

This is Ginny's Bird Nest---she did a great job on the cardinals.  I found out when I got to Green Lake that she is Hazel's sister---good hooking runs in the family.

Pam was also doing a cardinal--she reworked the pinecone to give it more detail.

Okay that's it for now---time to start dinner.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm glad that Monday is almost over

What a stressful day---I want to go back to Wisconsin!  It was about 90 degrees this afternoon and humid.  I spent the better part of the day trying to find a car for my daughter---I'd rather be hooking---anything but looking for a car.

I did get most of the wool put away and have been washing lots of wool.

I am watching Dancing with the Stars and decided it would be good time to do some posting.

So here goes:

 This is my Paisley Runner pattern that Joan hooked---she is a fast hooker and got alot done.

I had hoped to post more pictures tonite but life has gotten in the way, so that's it for tonite...

Do I sound stressed?  Time to take a deep breath.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home From Wisconsin

I got home from Wisconsin around 5 o'clock yesterday---I seemed to have the bad luck of getting stuck in several traffic jams.  It was good to be home.  I unpacked a little bit of stuff when I got home but saved the majority for today.  It is in the house but not put away...don't know where all the time went today.  I did spend some time looking for a car for my daughter in Manhattan Ks---my husband helped her look in Manhattan yesterday.  I think we may have found one that will work for her but we are waiting to hear about another one.

I had two great workshops---the first in Mineral Point at Shake Rag Alley.  While I would like to be able to post all the pictures, It just isn't going to happen so I am going to pick a few---my apologies if yours isn't one of the posted ones.

This is the Tea House that was in the backyard of the Carriage house where I stayed while I was in Mineral Point---lovely place.

The beginnings of Annette's Tulip Cross---she is off to a good start.

First Time Joy hooked by June---this is a Patsy Becker Pattern.

This is Lynn's hummingbird for a footstool which she drew.

This is Mary who came to her first camp and had never hooked before---she is "hooked"!

I'll post more tomorrow---I have got to go to bed!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drop Dead tired!!!

I has been a very long day---up since 5 o'clock this morning sorting, packing, dyeing some last minute oranges and it is now almost ten o'clock.  The car is loaded or should I say OVERLOADED!

Kate is helping out by taking 6 bags to Green Lake for me---I'm not sure where they would have gone and I'm not sure what I would have done without her help today---thanks Kate!!

Tomorrow I hope to head out early for my long run and then drive to the Quad cities in Iowa to see my friend Janet.  I will arrive in Mineral Point around 2 o'clock to set up for Friday's workshop.

We had cheeseburgers at SmashBurger---my first time to eat there.  It was really quite yummy!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday---wrapping things up

Good Morning!  I thought I would make a quick post before I get busy wrapping up things so that we can head to the lake for the weekend.

On Tuesday I got inspired to design a new Cupboard Series Mat, so here is off, hot off the hooking frame.  This pattern is now can contact me at

This one is called "Blooming Jacks".

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend.  Before we leave for the lake in the morning I have to do my long run for the week...was going to do it today but tomorrow morning is supposed to be in the  50's---much more to my liking than the almost 70 degree with humidity that we have this morning.  I plan to try to do 1 1/2 hours---about 8 miles, so wish me luck!