Thursday, June 28, 2012

It is HOT!

It sure is hot here.  I think I must be crazy---today I am going to help my daughter who is going to acid stain the concrete floor in her living room.  There is still prep needing to be done today then tomorrow we will attempt to get the stain applied---it is going to be interesting.

Here is a picture of Cammie at King's pottery where she bought "Thelma"---to see a picture of Thelma go to Cammie's blog---primitivejunky.blogspot

Yesterday I got the wool all put away and am beginning to feel more organized.

Saturday morning I am running in The Color Run---with one of my friends, Carol and her husband and daughter.  Our team name is called Starting out White.  In this run you get colored corn starch throw on you at various mile markers---I plan to try to preserve my tee shirt so I will post a picture of how colorful I get---should be interesting---fortunately this is not a timed event---doing it just for fun.

A few more pictures from Caraway.

This Comstock rug was done by Pam in my class last year---it was good to see it finished.

This is a wedding rug that Deste is doing for her son's wedding in September---she already had it designed and color planned before she got there so it was hooking time that she needed and she got a lot done as well as enjoying her time in the class room---and thanks for the red licorice too!!!

This is Deste's rug from last year---a great little primitive rug.

I bought this piece in the scholarship auction thinking my daughter might like it---but no she doesn't like the color in the leaves---hoping she might change her mind---it was hooked in 1985.  It may end up for sale in my shop in Greenwood.  It is nicely framed.

Well it is time for me to get ready for the drive to Manhattan---Kansas that is.

It is going to be a sweaty day.  Hopefully I will post a picture of a beautiful floor when we are done.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

home from North Carolina

I arrived home yesterday---11 days away from home.    I left a week ago Friday, taking the northern route through Louisville and spent the night in Lexington KY,  On Saturday I drove to Caraway arriving around 4 o'clock.  I waited until Sunday morning to unpack---it was great to have the whole morning and afternoon to get my room set up---and what a great room and class I had.  The first year I taught at Caraway I had a small room and was very crowded, the next year I graduated to a bigger room and this year I had the biggest room---thank you Eric!!!  Here is a picture of the classroom.

I took this class picture on the day of the rug show---missing one student---sorry Deste!

Before I post some of the class projects I'll review some more details of my trip.  I left Caraway on Friday morning and went to Asheboro and spent the day pottery shopping in Seagrove.  What fun we had---I spent much time trying to find the perfect face jug and at the last place we went, an antique shop  in old downtwon Asheboro I found it.  Here is the one I bought---it is actually a Georgia jug designed by Cleater and Billie Meadors---I really ove the wood fired drippy glaze on what is referred to as a buggy jug.

On Saturday I headed to Loudon TN to visit good friends who used to live in Overland Park---thanks Drew and Jim for a great visit.  I got up early Monday morning and drove home in one long day---good to be home!  I guess I was still on eastern time as I woke up at 4:30 this morning---unloaded my vehicle early this morning to beat the heat, but it still sits waiting for me to put things away.

On Tuesday afternoon I taught a mini class---journal covers for a 5 by 7 inch journal---here are some that get finished---my sample is on the lower right---I had temaplats for several different designs for them to choose from---the sheep proved to be the mopst popular.  It is hooked into the wool fabric.

Jennie was a busy student.  She first hooked ne of my paisley patterns and then started on The Reader a Sharon Smith pattern---she redrew and hooked her do before the camp was over---wish I had gotten a picture later in the day.

Margaret hooked this geometric star runner, a Cathy Stephan's design.

Diane designed this pattern---inspired by an antique coverlet---a great camp project because the color plan is all there---just needs to be repeated in all the corners.

Jan chose Karen Kahle's Towne Garden for a rug for her kitchen---a fun pattern to color plan.

Joyce was working on this Primco pattern called Poppy's Cottage---wish I had rotated the picture.  
the corner's will be hit n' miss---and check out the beading by doing a close-up.

Millie was working on and Edyth O'Neill pattern called Fruit Theorem.  We had lots of fun choosing the textures and colors for this rug.

Sheri was working on my Paisley on Paisley pattern---no she didn't get all of this done this year.  :)

Kathie was hooking a nice Santa design---a needle punch pattern that she is hooking with permission from the designer.  The beard is unhooked at this time but she is going to do it in yarns.

Nancy hooked this rug in my class last year---she is almost done---great job!  This year she was hooking Square Harmony but I can't find my picture that I took of it---boo hoo!  It's a beauty!

Vicky designed this  large bed rug inspired runner---it is color planned for her bedroom.  It is going to be a beauty!!!

Becky was hooking this Comstock version---she got a lot hooked and would have had more done except for deciding to eliminate some lighter off white---I'm glad she did---great job!

Robin purchased this pattern from Nancy Blair ---Pomegranates and Pineapples---not sure who the designer is.  The lines in the pineapple are paisley---as you can see we reworked the pineapple design.  Great job Robin!

Nancy was in my class and was working on existing projects---she finished this Searsport runner and we all did the happy dance!!

She was also working on this Edyth O'Neill Guilford runner---the big one in neutrals that she started at Barb Carroll's.

Georgeann was working on the Double Comstock design from Woolley Fox---we reworked the flower to be a pineapple---a great start to a fabulous rug.  I never tire of this design as it offers so many possibilities to make it your own.

Barbara designed this pattern from photographs that she took lat year---a wonderful start to a great memory rug!

I have a few more pictures to post tomorrow but my fingers and brain are tired.

Thanks everyone for a great workshop!  Hope everyone made it home safely.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hospital Hill, Caraway Rug School, First Friday Market

Last Friday I went to the First Friday market in the kansas City river bottoms---it has become quite an event for vintage shoppers.  Here is a picture of what I purchased.

the wooden level got shipped to California with the spice set for my daughter Chelsea, the basket may come to Caraway---it is a very cool double pie basket--I have seen singles like this but not this big one.  The silver brushes are vey cool---here is better picture...for now I am keeping them.

Also some vintage patriotic crepe paper and streamers---and a turned wooden dish made by Ed Provost in 1988.

It is getting close to time for the Caraway Rug School---this is my third year to teach at this school and I am looking forward to this camp---such a beautiful setting and a great workshop.

I ran in the Hospital Hill race on Saturday morning---it was a cool 54 degrees at race time---Yeah!!!

A neighbor, Kelly ran with me---it is a good thing to have a young neighbor to run with you and encourage you along the  way---I completed the 5K in 29:41 and came in 3rd in my age group.  Thanks Kelly!  This was my fourth time to run this race and and I had my best time by far---previous years were between 32 and 35 minutes.  It is one of the most challenging races due to the hills---more ups than downs that is for sure...and best of all is that I am not really that sore today...glad I did some training on hills.

Gotta get busy---home classes this week!