Thursday, May 9, 2013

Catching up

Well my sisters have come and gone---we had a great time being together.  It was a week of extremes in  the weather department---starting with hot sunny days and then cold rainy, snowy days---something they were not used to being from Texas and California.

Cemetery visitation day---Homewood cemetery---a perfect spot to rest on this bench.

On the drive home we spotted this and had to take a picture---they goats were having a great time!

I have hooked some on my "Mother"  but am not ready to reveal yet---still need to do some work---it is coming together but not where i want it to stay tuned.  I need some time to work it out and haven't had much of that lately.

This weekend I am running in a Mother's day---I am planning on enjoying the run and not trying to set any records---I do not want an allergy attack because I am going to Manhattan as my daughter #2 Sarah, is taking us out to dinner.  Today we are finally going to the lake to pull the trailer out of storage.  I plan to take a paisley pattern of Karla G's to work on but don't expect to have a lot of free time.  This is the section I started with.  I actually purchased her original painting---the bottom picture.

Here is an update of my daughter's house in Oakland---they tackled the bathroom and retiled the shower and the floor---I think it turned out great.

Well that is it for now---have to get "on the stick" and finish packing.