Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday and Post Thanksgiving

Well early this morning I wrote a wonderful post and something happened and it disappeared into I will try to recreate it.  It went something like this:

Today I plan to work on the kits for my student's gifts for out annual Christmas Gathering.  I had it narrowed down to two ideas and chose one for this year and will save the other for next year.  I did get them done by the way,so I will post a picture after the party.  Here are a couple of pictures of previous years.

These projects are all hooked into wool---fun and easy to make.

I am getting ready to leave on a trip with my husband---his annual scuba diving trip.  He got certified last year and is very excited.  I don't dive but I like to snorkel, run on the beach, drink a margarita and love to read beach books---something I really look forward to doing on vacation.  I got three new books---Sugar Queen, Julia's Chocolates and Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons---hmmmm, there seems to be a reoccurring theme here---I must have had sweets on the mind when I picked them out.  Anybody read any of these books?

Fred our dog is staying home with Doug's sister who is house and Fred sitting.  He barks so much at the kennel that he comes home hoarse, so he will be a happy dog.  Thanks Kathe!

We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving dinner---enjoyed having Sarah our youngest daughter home from Manhattan, Ks.  We are looking forward to Christmas and our 40th Anniversary when both daughters will be here.

Chelsea has been busy posting on her Etsy site---her contribution to Cyber Monday was to post all day for a 24 hour period---lots of new listings so check it out---nothing like plugging your daughter's efforts.

Hope you had a great thanksgiving.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving week

I started my week off early this morning by running The Gobbler Grind---ran the 5K in 29:29---placed first in my division.  I was pleased considering that my legs were very sore yesterday from an hour run that I did on Friday---note to self---don't run for an hour on Friday when you have only been running three miles recently.

Here I am before the race---smiling!

and Here I am at the end of the race---not smiling!

Tomorrow is my last home class of 2010.  We will be having our end of the year Holiday party on the December 15th---it is always the highlight of the year---great food and a great rug show of my students work for the past year.  I am very lucky to have such a great group of women to share my love of rug hooking with.

This is a beautiful Frost Oriental hooked by Floss Stillman---an amazing rug hooker.  She also brought the piece to Teacher's workshop that I taught last year.  Here is her rendition of Early Frost Adaptation.

That's it for tonight.  I have to make some Pumpkin dip for class tomorrow...yummy---with animal crackers.

Here's another plug for my daughter's etsy store.  They have added some fun items.  Check it out!

Have a great week!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Home again!

Had a great week---busy but fun.  This was the first trip in the fifth wheel pulling it on the road.  We have had it parked at the lake at Pomme de Terre for three years and now we are taking it to the road.

This photograph was taken near the marina at sunset at Highport Marina where we were camping.

What a lovely Texas sunset!

This photograph was taken at the 5K race in Denison Tx.  This was an uphill finish---I like downhill much better!  My first senior women's win---not many seniors there but still a win!

Tis is a photo of the water's edge at Lake Texoma in front of the McGown Teacher's workshop at Prothro---it is a beautiful location. Here is another view.

Here is a Fruit piece hooked by Roz---it was taught to the trainees---a beautiful piece!!!!

After the workshop[ was over my good friends Lily and John came to visit.  This photo of Lily and I  was taken on a walk one cool afternoon---we look like we are from outer space!

Well, that's it for now---unpacking to do!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Post run saturday

I ran in a 5 k race this morning in Denison TX an won the Senior women's award with a time of 29:27 and won $50. yeah! The course was near Waterloo Lake---lots of rolling hills. It wasn't a big race but I am happy with my time. I will be at McGown Teacher's workshop this week in Pottsboro tx. I am looking forward to a great week.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random thoughts

My ash tree has almost lost all of its leaves, but the pin oak is hanging on to them.  Fall is definitely in the air---love fall!

When my daughter Chelsea moved to Boston the Red Sox won the World Series.  She moved to New York and the Yankees won.  In August she moved she moved to San Francisco and last night the Giants won the World Series...The Royals  are hoping that her next move will be to Kansas City.

I am getting ready to go to McGown Teacher's workshop.  Last year was my last year as Assistant Director so I am going to go and just be one of the gang...I am not teaching a piece this year...just taking part in the Thursday program on Color planning and dyeing.  I prepared a couple of dye projects that I will do a "dry demo" of.  The workshop is held at Lake Texoma near Pottsboro.  It looks like we are going to have wonderful weather.

 Watch for the February issue of Early American Life magazine.  There is going to be an article on Rug Hooking.  Edyth O'Neill is working on this article and I am happy to say that I am being included in the article---shipped a couple of my rugs to them for photographing.  I love features that promote our wonderful art of Rug Hooking!  Watch for it.

I went for my longest run yesterday since my half marathon.  I ran for about an hour in the afternoon.  I am definitely a better morning runner...I don't like afternoon runs.  I am going to run in a 5K race in Dennison Texas on Saturday---it is near where the workshop is being held so I thought it might be fun.  I am also going to run in the Gobbler Grind the Sunday before Thanksgiving...another 5K.  They also have a half marathon but I don't think I'm quite up to doing another one right now.

Today is Election day---don't forget to vote!