Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday night in Overland Park

Another hot day in Kansas---ready for some cooler weather.

The Warsaw Hook-in is next Saturday---since I will be teaching at Shake Rag Alley Kate and Cheryl will be manning my booth---thanks!  I'll miss seeing everyone.   Check saltboxprimitivewoolens for more info.

I am looking forward to my trip to Mineral Point WI to teach at Shake Rag Alley--workshop is Friday thru Sunday---and I get to visit my friend Janet both getting there and getting home!

As soon as I get home I will be getting ready for my trip to California---I am really looking forward to seeing Chelsea and Noah and their home---they have been busy working on it since we were there  a year ago---how time flies!

We have planned a day trip to Napa on Platypus tours---will take the ferry to Vallejo and get picked up for a small group tour (8-10 people)---should be a fun day.  When we leave oakland we will go to Long Beach for the ATHA Biennial---looking forward to teaching my class there---I think that I have everything ready to go.

I have still been running in preparation for my half marathon October 19th---planning an 8 or 9 mile run on Labor day---will miss my running buddy who is on vacation this weekend...miss you Kelly!!!

My husband has listed a lot more hook necklaces on Etsy---check it out.  There are some rally nice ones!

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rug Hooking Necklaces on ETSY

My husband has been making some one of a kind rug hook pendants for me to sell at workshops and so he decided to post some on ETSY---so yesterday he set up a shop.  It is listed as anitahooks because I am a registered buyer as anitahooksrugs he couldn't use that name.  Check the out---there are 6 listed right now but more to come.

In the pictures on ETSY iI was holding them my hand tinted kinda blue from the dye pots yesterday.  I had spilled a bit of blue dye and cleaned it up with a rag and couldn't get all the blue off my hands.

I have been getting things ready for the Paisley class in Long Beach at the Biennial---It will be here soon.  I am looking forward to visiting my daughter in Oakland before the Biennial.

Home classes today.  Gotta go get my run in---have a great day.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Home from San Antonio

I had a great workshop in San Antonio last weekend---the Workshop was held on the Riverwalk in San Antonio---a great time was had by all!

And the cat was let out of the bag that the bent ATHA Biennial will be in San Antonio!

Here are a few of the projects being worked on by my students.

 Gina designed this antique style primitive floral with a leafy scroll---she is well on her way to a great rug!

 Susan was working on the ever popular Tulip Cross---some great paisley is in those flowers!

 Here is a sideways shot (sorry) of Comstock---this is an all-time favorite pattern and Cyndee is doing a great job!

 Hard to see this pattern but it is an M Shaw Rooster---I love the texture Janyth was creating in the chicken's body.

Brenda, a fairly new hooker was doing her hubby's dachshund---in the original pattern the bones were in the background but we decided to make them the border.

Jane was working on a 
Woolley Fox pattern called three Clucks---Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock , and Buff with green tail were her choices---looking great!  We changed the background to have a straw floor and a fence.

 Here are two versions of a McGown prayer rug---the top one is going to have a red field and the bottom one a blue field---these were being hooked with mostly texture in #4-6 cut---no small feat.  Great job Georgeanne and Cheryl!

Carol was hooking a Karla G pattern---Paisley Groove---these patterns are such fun to work on!

 Lonnie chose this geometric to work on---lots of texture in this one---she only has to repeat it 8 times!
It is going to be a great rug.

Grace was doing one of my Cupboard designs---Pineapple---her first wide cut hooking,  She is adding a border and beaded the beauty line---way to go! 

 Judy is well on her way to some beautiful Pansies---I will see this one finished in November---go Judy go!
 Sherry is working on my "Paisley on Paisley" pattern---the teals and oranges are making a lovely complementary color plan.

Saundra has an ambitious crewel style pattern, but wanted to hook with textures---more like a floral textile with a gold background---we pulled a great palette of fabrics from her stash and added some of my textures to work in with hers.

Joan was also doing Comstock---she made great progress and hooks beautifully---she is my little sister at Teacher's workshop---and a great one at that!

A couple of others got theirs packed up before I got pictures.  It is a great workshop but a lot of time is packed in over what seems to be a short weekend.

Well gotta go get some work done.  It is a beautiful morning in Overland Park---may have to go for a bike ride today.