Thursday, December 22, 2016

Getting behind again

Well almost a month has gone by and Christmas is almost here.  Christmas started early at our our house this year as we had our family Christmas celebration Dec. 7- 11 when Chelsea, Noah and Baxter arrived---the only time their work schedules permitted.

It was great to have them here and celebrate together!

Baxter and Uncle Philip like to play
We stopped by the State Line rug Hooking Guild's Christmas party---Baxter was my show and tell!

We had a photographer come to the house to do a photo shoot but still do not have the pictures---can't wait to see how they came out.

After they left  I had two parties for my students---the first here at my home and the second at Cyndi's in Garden City MO

Busy week followed by a Bunco party, and several Knights of Columbus parties.

I am busy getting ready to start back up with workshops in February in Wisconsin and Georgia---it will be good back into the swing of things.

Update on hands---still having issues but yesterday had a followup with my doctor who ended up doing cortisone injections in both palms---can you spell OUCH!!!  But she feels will help speed up the inflammation and scar tissue complaints I was having...and I think it is helping.  Those pokes plus my Prevnar 13 shot in my arm yesterday left me a bit sore.

For some reason many pictures on my phone did not load on the the computer---will have to figure it out later so I guess that will have to be the end of this post.  I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Happy Hooking!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Time goes by

The days are going by so quickly---as an impatient patient I am dealing with my hands not healing as fast as I would  like---surgery went well and  I no longer have the burning pain that wakes me up at night but it is taking time to rebuild the muscle that was lost---lots of exercising of my hands---tried hooking tonite but didn't last long.   I am doing alot of walking and yoga that does not put pressure on my palms...I am anxious to get back into the dye pots--next week!!! Looking forward to a nice Thanksgiving day dinner with family and friends---wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving---so much to be thankful for.

Be sure and check out the ATHA biennial classes online---pictures so much better that in the magazine!!!  February 16th---registration day!!!!


Monday, October 31, 2016

pumpkins, turkeys and witches, oh my!!!

Happy Halloween!  I am going to go thru my photo library and find some old pictures to celebrate the day!  Many of these go way back!

Hand is still doing well ---just waiting for Thursday for the next surgery.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

One down one to go

The first surgery went well and am ready to have the next one this coming Thursday---it was actually much easier that I thought it would be...thanks for the well wishes!

My hand the day of surgery---wrap can come off today---moving fingers well---no I have not tried to hook but I thought about it.

Pondering fabric and color for a sofa and recliner---harder than choosing colors for a rug!  The samples are really a little more teal than they look in the pictures.  I like the recliner because it doesn't look one.  Not sure yet...hmmmm!

Baxter's first puddle---can't wait to see him again in December!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Three workshops---catching up---Rochester MN, Green Lake WI and Milford NE

Okay so I got behind again---so here is an attempt to get caught up before I start my carpal tunnel surgeries on Thursday.

On Thursday  I will have my left hand done and the following Thursday--- my right---I thought i would let the practice on my left before my dominant hand.

All three workshops were awesome---so much fun to be with rug hookers doing something they love---and something I love to do as well.

I am sorry that I don't have time to give credit to all of the artists.

Here is a group of students that I went on a tour of the St. Francis of Assisi facility with--s awesome facility!

 Here are some of the class projects---great students!


Saturday morning journal cover class--a lot of them finished and I brought my sewing machine to stitch them up!  Make and take!

 From Rochester it was on to Green  Lake---here are some photos from there,

This is my Kashmir Paisley pattern---Mary Ellen did a great job!

This farm scene by Sally was so incredible---I can't take any credit ---other than working with her on the trees---so nice to see this piece and be around such a wonderful woman.

Mary Flanagan runs a great camp!  Beautiful smile!

Had a few weeks at home and then it was off to Gatherings on the Blue in Milford Nebraska for my last workshop of the year---always have a great time on the farm---this year was no exception.

My friend and helper Jody went with me----here she is relaxing in the easy chair!  Thanks Jody!

 I returned home Sunday night have been in organizing mode in preparation for tomorrow's surgery.  I think I am about ready---a few more things to do today---like get a massage!  I went to yoga on Monday and Tuesday and will miss going this next week---love my yoga Community at Radiant  Yoga.

Great news---just found out yesterday that Baxter is coming to see me Dec. 7-11---something to look forward to---a late Thanksgiving and an early Christmas!

My apologies for not getting all the pictures and students associated with them.  Please contact me at with any questions.