Sunday, July 9, 2017

Tyler Texas, ATHA biennial, update on Bertha and other stuff

Well I thought I would try to catch up on my blog so here goes...

I taught an awesome workshop in Tyler Texas and wanted to share a few of  my students work...

Cranston Flower basket hooked by Naomi---off to a great start1

Jaci designed this fun bird for a footstool---love what she die with the wing using wool and a  men's silk tie!

Debbie was hooking Bugsy for a friend of hers---she definitely captures his personality!

Proverbs hooked by Diane---lovely little sampler---changed the gold lettering to a brighter gold after this picture was taken---great work!

Whatnots hooked by Pam---a fun pattern!n and great use of paisley---the pot is so good!!!

Sylvia worked on New England Twist and got a lot done---there is a" learning curve" to getting this twist pattern just right and she got it---#8.5 cut!  She will be done in no time!

Rebecca worked on my Hearts and Stars pattern===great caterpillar outlines around the hears and fun quillie flowers!

This is an awesome Quilt Block pattern hooked by Pam---she started with the Basket square and kept moving around using the colors and paisley in  different proportions---I love this rug!

Leah was a new hooker---I designed this rug for her kitchen---this is one that i want to hook---she did a fantastic job and became a confident hooker!

I am beginning to prepare for the ATHA biennial---I sent this picture to my students to help them select a color palette

This pattern will be available after the biennial---Twist and Vine

My antique goodies I bought on my trip to and from Texas...both stools had very ugly
covers on them.

Here are some updated photos of Bertha---I love her!!!  Makes me want to go to the Caribbean again ----well not right now in the heat but maybe in January!