Workshops & Camps

I also described these classes in my blog at this link.  2014 is filling up quickly but we're still working out the exact dates.

Date Days Location Open/Close
02/23/2013 1 Lenexa Hook-In Lenexa, KS (Vending)Open
03/12/2013 3 French Camp, MS Closed
04/27/2013 1 The Wooly Loft St. Louis, MO Website (Vending) Open
06/09/2013 5 32nd Annual Green Mountain Rug School Website Open
08/02/2013 3 Angela Pumphrey Workshop Riverwalk San Antonio, TX Open
09/06/2013 3 Shake Rag Alley Mineral Point, WI Website Closed
09/26/2013 3 ATHA Biennial Long Beach, CA Open
10/22/2013 6 Nebraska Workshop Open
11/03/2013 6 South Central Teachers Workshop Closed