Saturday, September 10, 2016

Warsaw, Baxter, and preparation for Minnesota and Wisconsin

Okay so I really am trying to keep up with my blog.

Had a great time in Warsaw---here are a few pictures of my booth.

   Thank you to my helpers Jody and Marlene---could not have done it without them!
It was great to see Melissa again---we had so much fun in Ohio!

When I packed up and got home it was only an hour until Baxter came to see Oma!

He had a great first flight from Oakland.

Fun at the park!

Fun at Deanna Rose Farmstead

Feeding the goats

Fun at the lake

                                     Fun on the deck in the flower planter turned hot tub!

Trying out his new broom at the first Friday vintage market---it became carry on for the plane ride home!

Farmer's market in downtown Overland Park!

This has been a heavy duty dyeing week getting ready for two upcoming workshops in Minnesota and Wisconsin!  Some great wools!!!

Heading to guild this morning!