Wednesday, October 31, 2012

trick or treat

Here are some Halloween treats!


This is my Bittersweet Pumpkin pattern hooked by Vicki---check out the paisley veins and the bittersweet caps by clicking on the picture.


This is a Woodcrest pattern called Harvest time hooked by Karla---great job Karla---anxious to seet his one done!

This is a trunk that I bought from Judy---oiled it up and it is a beauty---so glad I bought it!

This is Primitive Gobbler hooked by Pat---that is one noce turkey!!!  Great job and great hooking!

Time to hit the sack.  Hope you had lots of trick or treaters---we only had one group of 4.

More candy for us to eat!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fun in Nebraska

I returned home last night after wrapping up two 3 day workshops with Judy and Jan in Milford Nebraska---Judy has a great Farmhouse where she hosts rug hooking workshops several times a year---this was my second time to be there and it just gets better!  Amazing food---like a big slumber party!
some slumbered more than others---many hooked late into the evening---or morning in some cases.

Here are some of the projects that were hooked at the workshop last year that came back for me to see.  The first one was hooked by Jan--the original pattern had birds in the corners and we changed them to flowers.  A great rug---way to go Jan!!!

This pattern was a Blacksheep wool design by Rhonda Manley based on an antique rug that was pictured in the Maine Antique Digest---it said Turkey Hill but we changed it to Turkey Creek for her area in Nebraska.  I LOVE this rug!!!  I want it.

The third pattern was hooked by Annette and was adapted from the artwork of Allison Friend in the UK with permission---I helped her design the border for the rug---what a great rug---that bunny is very proud of his  4 carrot necklace!!!

These are some of the turnips and radishes that I picked from her fields---they certainly do grow them big in Nebraska!


The largest turnip in about 8 inches and that radish is  about 16 inches---Wow!
the smaller turnip is average size...yikes!!!!

I have so many more pictures to post---but no more time today---but will try to post many more over the next few days so stay tuned!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wrapping up another week

Well it is Friday morning and it has been a busy week.  I had classes at home on Monday and Wednesday and a class in Greenwood yesterday.  On Tuesday I dyed wool all day and Kate got to come help me so we had a fun day in the dye pots.

Since my hubby was bike riding on the Katy trail I had no cooking obligations for the week---that was a nice break.  I managed to get in my runs and my bike rides---Big race tomorrow---a 5 K at the KC Marathon and I am running again with Kelly so I am hoping for a great time.  This was my first race 5 years ago.

Today is packing day for the workshops in Nebraska.  I am looking forward to a fun week with a great group of women---and one man.  Cammies's mom and dad are taking my class and I am looking forward to working with them---if you haven't checked out Cammie's blog---you should.  She is doing a pumpkin post every day this month---great rugs and some great recipes.

Earlier I had posted a picture of Carol's rug---we had joked that when she finished it we should have Champagne so at class on Monday she brought a bottle of champagne for the class to share.

This retreat is coming up---I started this many years ago and wasn't able to go last year but am really looking forward to it this year!  Join us!

I received a note yesterday about Emma Lou Lais, who is very weak and receiving hospice care.

  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.  This biography is from her website.

Biography of Emma Lou Lais

Emma Lou LaisMy Dear Friends,
I was first introduced to the art of primitive rug hooking by my mother Madoline Welch back in the late 1930’s.  After a singing career with big bands like Benny Goodman and Ziggy Elman and raising a family in California I returned to Kansas City in 1980.  This is when I fell in love with primitive hooked rugs.  My teacher at that time, Margaret Masters encouraged me to follow my heart and specialize in designing and teaching the art of primitive rug hooking.  I have been doing that ever since.
I co-authored with Barbara Carroll two books, Antique Colours for Primitive Rugs and American Primitive Hooked Rugs.  I have taught primitive rug hooking at workshops from coast to coast.  I currently conduct workshops at Black Sheep Wool Designs in Liberty, Missouri and at other rug workshops around the country for those interested in learning more about primitive rug hooking.
In addition, I have designed approximately 125 patterns.  These are available on either monks or linen.  All of our patterns are hand printed on the grain of the highest quality material and tend to be one of a kind since they are all hand drawn.  You can see all of them in the Patterns section of our website.  We will be adding new patterns from time to time.
I hope that you will enjoy our new website.  Feel free to browse the Patterns and to order online.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at the numbers listed in the Contact section of the website.
Happy Hooking!
Emma Lou


I just got word that Emma Lou passed during the night.  She will be greatly missed.

  Services are to be held Monday 10/22/12 at Muelebach Funeral Home, 6800 Troost, KC MO 64131.  Visitation 9-10am, Services 10:00am.  

Below is a picture of the Wildflower rug that our State Line rug hooker's guild has done for our  charity fundraiser---it is almost finished and ready for raffle tickets to be purchased---it is making a trip to Boonville for the hook-in on Saturday.

This is a picture of the bike trail that I ride on---a little out of focus since I was riding my bike when I took this picture.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Enjoy fall!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

State Line Rug Hooker's Guild Meeting

Our guild met this morning and everyone brought some fall themed rugs.  Here are a few that were shown.

ooops---my toes got in the picture!

I love fall!  At the last meeting these pumpkin ornies were started and each person who hooked one got their name put in a drawing to win the whole basket of them.  Pat tucker was the lucky winner.

                            The happy winner---they look so cute in the basket as a collection.

                  I was inspired to come home and pull out some of my halloween decorations.

Celebrate!!!  Carol has been working on this rug for many years---she started it with Angela Pumphrey when she lived in Texas.  The original pattern had a scroll border that she changed to this geometric design.  What a beautiful rug and a great accomplishment for Carol!  Doesn't she look happy that it is done!

My husband is leaving in the morning to ride the Katy Trail on his bike with a friend.  It is about 240 miles.   HAVE FUN!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Great workshop in Buckeystown

I got home yesterday afternoon from my workshop in Buckeystown Maryland.  A good time was had by all.  The workshop is held in a great location at The Bishop Claggett Center---nice classrooms, good food and a beautiful setting with a mountain view.

Here we are on the last day at the "Throw Down"---it was a beautiful day and a beautiful show of the student's work.

This is an old red barn on the property where the rug show was held---many beautiful rugs!
Mary Shepherd Burton's granddaughter was at the workshop and brought a couple of her rugs which were great to see.

Here are some pictures of my class---missing one person---sorry Diana!

                                           A great time had by all!  Happy Hookers!

This sculpture was in the front of the conference center---love it---does the pose look familiar?

Suzie was working on this Sunflower Witch pattern from Spruce Ridge.  The hair looked like chenille. Great job Suzie!

Billie was working on  "Comstock" a Lib Callaway pattern.  She is off to a good start---love this pattern---always fun to color plan---hope you are feeling better Billie.

Nancy started this pattern with Pris Butler---a family farm---Laurel Hill.  It was fun to help her put the finishing touches on the great memory piece.

Phyllis chose this Heaven's to Betsy floral to work on----soft primitive flowers and I love the basket.  It will have a dark blue basket---Phyllis gained a lot of confidence during the week and this is going to be a great rug!

Joanne chose this Barbara Carroll pattern called Rags---a great primitive rug!  the dog definitely has an attitude---it will have a dirty light background---great crow as well.

Nada was working on "Ipswich" and Edyth O'Neill design---a great floral.  check this one out up close to see the paisley in the rug.  The background is Nada's stripe---cut the direction the stripes run.

Phyllis chose one on my favorite patterns---Lib Callaway's Jumbo Star.  I have worked with this pattern many times and I always enjoy it.  This version will have a light inner background and dark outer background.  Great start!

Cheri chose "Gabby's Garden" a Searsport Rug pattern.  This is one BIG rug!

As you can see Cheri is not afraid of color and it was fun to work with her on this rug---below is a close-up of a couple of the flowers.

Barbara designed this pattern with Bees and Flowers---it was fun to work on---the bees wings are yet to be determined---most likely will be a fun yarn---can't wait to see what she comes up with---look closely at the black textures in the bees!

This one of Joanne's new designs---Woodcrest Designs---Poppies, Morning Glories and Buttercups.  this is a close-up showing what we came up with for the border---I really like it;  Below you can see the whole pattern and Joanne!

Joanne created another version of this pattern for Pat to hook for her granddaughter Darby---who asked for pinks and purples and a special border.  

It was fun to have this pattern being hooked in two totally different color plans.

Another big rug---Susi was working on Emma Lou's Tulip Cross with the border.  This rug was being hooked in a #6 cut  She is off to a great start.  Fun to have Susi in class---we go back to the early days on Padula.

Unfortunately I did not get pictures of Diana's Cape Ann---another Edyth O'Neill design.  I also got to help her with Naomi Hudson's star----another favorite of mine.  Both of these were rugs that I had hooked and were pictured in Early American Life magazine.

It is good to be home and I will be busy getting ready for two workshops in Nebraska---leaving a week from Monday!

                   Yesterday was my daughter's 4th wedding anniversary...Love you Chelsea and Noah.