Friday, October 17, 2014

Gathering on the Blue Nebraska workshop

What a great workshop in Nebraska last weekend---here are the projects that were worked on.

Joyce was hooking Paisley Hex---a Jane McGown Flynn pattern---lots of good textures and some Paisley to make a Primitive version of this pattern.

Linda was hooking this Red Barn Rug pattern---great fall colors---a medium light background and the plaid used in the pot will pull this one together---love that center flower!!!

I designed this pattern for Larry who wanted to hook a patriotic chicken---check out the red and blue tail feathers--he is one talented hooker!

Mary Jo was hooking a Sharon Smith pattern ---Russian villages---great use of textures and color---what a fun pattern!

Another Sharon Smith pattern---Ride 'em was hooked by Lynn---what a fun rug hooked by a fun gal!!!  Check out the horses mane!
 This is a pattern that I did for Pam---an adaptation of a Baltimore quilt block---she wanted a 24 inch round mat for her table---we discussed ideas and she said "surprise me"  ---this should look wonderful on a dark table---thanks Pam!

this is Tammy's adaptation with artist permission of a painting called "Solace"  KMSchmidt---she is well on her way to a beautiful piece...go Tammy!

"Cluck" by Red Barn Rugs was being hooked by Jane, a new hooker.  She did a great job and was eager to learn new things---she proddied the sunflower and high looped the red flower, hooked with paisley---she is off and running!

Maureen was working on Maggie Bonanomi's Two Urns---Maureen wanted this rug to be muted and  neutral---all of which she accomplished using some great textures---she is very good at mixing her fabrics---this is a great rug---love it!!!

Karen was working on  Kinderhook Flower basket---she also wanted a muted soft feel to her rug---I really like the way it is coming together---a wonderful primitive look.

Susan was hooking Baa Baa Black Sheep---she had some great shaggy yarn to hook the sheep---I suggested outlining with a soft black to contain the yarn---the yarn was catching on her frame so she is going to hook the rest of the sheep at the end.

Okay---that's all for today---work to do!

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

Go Royals!

Another great year at Green Lake Rug Camp

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this post started---the time has been flying!  I am leaving tomorrow to teach in Nebraska so have been busy packing.  I am also in training for another half marathon and went for an early morning run this morning---and I do mean early---left at 5:10 and ran till 6:30 until I hit Starbucks...and while walking about a mile to the house it started to rain so my walk quickened to a slow run.

The weather was beautiful this year at camp.  These are some  early morning pictures I took while out for my run.  I love these photographs---I might have to try hooking this!!!

Here are some of the class projects.

Pomegranate Crewel by Judy---This was an interesting pattern---I dip-dyed a very long piece of wool for the scroll (about three yards long---had to stand on a chair---

Love the colors in this Pattern hooked by Jeannine---we changed the center of the design---sorry the name of the pattern escapes me.

        Leah hooked Sharon Smith's sunflowers---this is going to be a great version of this pattern---had a lot of fun using colors and textures---love how she hooked the droopy sunflower---we redrew it a bit to achieve this.

Pam was working on Karen Kahle's Town Garden---such fun flowers and love how it is all coming together with a great balance of color

Sue chose to work on this paisley pattern of mine---which I call Paisley for Faye---She really accomplished a lot at the workshop and really like the color choices---a fun pattern to work on.
Another paisley pattern was hooked by  Kay---this one is called Paisley for Susie---again I love her colors---built around a wonderful piece of  old paisley.


I just had to post three  pictures of this geometric adapted by Lynne from and antique wallpaper---love the color plan which is pretty true to the wallpaper colors---the dip dyed wools and great textures she is using are really bringing this one to life---can't wait to see it finished.

Adriana designed this little pictorial and we worked in some great textures into the path and the hills to work with her fun bright houses---and check out that paisley sky---with a touch of sari silk.

You have seen this one before but Max tackled some more of the animals this year---and worked on Santa---this is such a beautifully hooked rug---go Max!!!

Sorry this one is sideways but Kimberly was working on Gordy's Gang---lots of fun colors and details including quillie eyes...hope this one is done for Halloween!

Marion hooked these fun owls---so whimsical and just plain fun!!!  And so is Marion!!!!!

Jill started Lilly Belle, a Searsport pattern---I really like this pattern---it was the first time I had seen it and I know that Jill will turn this one into a thing of beauty---her Square Harmony rug was in this year's Celebrations!

Here is a picture of the class---what a great group of women---I was so lucky to have spent a week with them!!!

I am so sorry it took me so long to get this post done and I have another one to do to get the Nebraska workshop on my blog before I leave for the Outer Banks---what a fun fall I am having.  The boxes are packed and ready to ship.

I have also been busy keeping up with my running---the Gobbler Grind half marathon is 
November 9th  ---my latest long run was an hour and forty minutes and I have to get in a two hour run between now and next Thursday when I leave for NC---then I am going to taper down while I am gone but still hope to get some good runs in while I am there and eat some great seafood!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bow Meow Benefit Dinner and Auction

One of my students Aureta O'Conner hooked a rug to donate to The Bow Meow Dinner and Auction benefitting Prairie Paws.

Here is the rug she hooked---the images of the cats and dogs were purchased for her use from Shutter Stock and I worked the images into this design for her.  She is a great hooker and I love what she has done---I hope it goes for $$$$$!  Can't you just see it in a Veterinarian's office!

All that is left to do is attach the wool binding---We named it Hot Dogs and Cool Cats!!!

It is about 20 by 40.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The journey continues and come to an end

I finished hooking the footstool while I was at the lake but had to add one more row all around to fit when I got home.

This morning I stapled it on to the wooden top that had the original padding---sorry I forgot to take a picture---it had a slight curve to it.

I rubbed the footstool with some wood sheen and then a bit of black shoe polish---a nice waxy finish.

Here it is!!!!

I decided to leave extra backing and not notch out the corner in case i wanted to remove it and do something else---so I know it could be neater but you can't see it  and less you look underneath. :)

I think Lambert Hitchcock would like what I did to the old footstool!

Friday, August 22, 2014

The journey of a footstool

When I was at the flea market in new Jersey I bought this footstool.

I learned that the backwards N's dated it to after 1940---and I knew that it would need a new hooked cover---so with some research I found this design and attributed to Lambert Hitchcock in the 1800's---and adapted it to fit my footstool.

I drew this on Wednesday evening and started it in the car on the way to the lake on thursday morning
and it is now almost 3 o'clock on Friday and it is almost finished---did I mention that it is hot at the lake and being in the trailer in air conditioning is a good thing!

Here are some additional pictures taken during the process.

The mix of darks in the background

This is where it is now---will stay this way until tonight---time to go for a ride in the jet ski!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A wonderful week in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Thanks to The Hunterdon Guild for a great workshop and a special thank you to Barb for hosting me at her home---what great hospitality.

Sue was working on one of my designs which is an adaptation of William Morris's Hammersmith carpet designs ---Little flower and Small Barr---looking forward to seeing this one finished.

Sandy was a fairly new hooker but you wouldn't know it looking at this---she did a great job and i love the red background!

Delores was working on one of my new Paisley designs---she was new to wide cut ---a couple of brown plaids will be used in the backgrounds with a red beauty line---keep up the good work Delores!

Agnes chose a small floral pattern that was a free pattern in rug Hooking magazine---I love how the cross cut purple strip worked in the flower and beauty line.

Betsy's scrappy flowers is bright and cheerful---a fun combination of a variety of brights, spots and plaids!

Bernice chose an Emma Lou Lais design---haven't seen this one in a while and it makes me smile---this is a fun one which will lead Bernice into the fall and keep her busy!

Barbara chose to work on a delightful primitive floral spray---a delightful mix of textures really pull this one together in a pleasing color palette.

Pat chose a Primitive Grace Pattern called Windy Day---a fun whimsical design

Helen chose to work ion Crewel Bench---a Fraser design---great use of textures---even got some paisley in that butterfly!

Gail adapted this design from and 8th century Iranian Fable and is making it into a tavern sign---more lettering will be at the top---( in Gail's word's)  "So I thought Id call this "Kalila & Dimna Tavern (thought about Crossing Borders Tavern)and make it a tavern sign.

The artwork depicts Dimna the jackal who plotted to kill Bull, the Lion Kings faithful servant, and now must face Leopard Judge. And the moral is "crime doesn't pay" : )"

Not to be outdone her twin sister Debbie worked on this Joanne Gerwig pattern "Field of Flowers"---Now those are some beautiful primitive flowers---I especially love the light colored flowers.

Here is an ambitious design by Eleanor for a cornice board she designed for her bay window---what a great idea---this is going to make quite an impact!

Jackie designed this primitive basket of impressionistic flowers---bright and bold and quite lovely!

While I was there I got to go to the Flea market on Sunday and picked up these goodies.

This stool is going to get a new hooked cover---not that what is on it is too bad!

The Warsaw Missouri hook-in is next on my schedule and then it is off to Green Lake Wisconsin.  Check out Mary Flanagan's website for information about the camp---it is not to late to sign up!

Saltbox Primitive Woolens
4th Annual Truman Lake Hook-In and Rug Show
Saturday, September 6, 2014
9:00 AM
3:00 PM
Location: Warsaw Community Building Warsaw, MO

No admittance until 9:00 AM
Advance Registration (due August 15) $20.00 Registration after August 15$25.00
Lunch will be provided.
Come and join us for a fun filled day of hooking, shopping, door prizes, rug show.

Vendors include: Aileen Anderson-Bear Creek Rugs, Elinor Barrett-Black Sheep Wool Designs, Beth Bel- lairs-Ewe and Eye, Missie Carpenter-Traditional Primitives, Vicki Hardcastle - Hardcastle Folk Art, Nola Heidbreder-Let Nola Do It, Ginger Jackson - Primitives By The Light Of The Moon, Janice Johnston-Wooly Woolens, Kathy Meentemeyer-Forever Hooked, Laurie Sirtak-Elegant Peddler Designs, Melissa Towne - Primitive Stitches, Patty Wallace - Saltbox Primitive Woolens, Anita White-Southern Comfort, and Shawn Williams-Threads That Bind.
For more information contact Patty Wallace at Saltbox Primitive Woolens. Phone: 660-438-6002
Please return registration form for the 4th Annual Truman Lake Rug Show & Hook-In with payment to: Saltbox Primitive Woolens, 30148 Dam Access Road, Warsaw, MO 65355.
Name _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone _____________________________ Email
(if we don’t have it already) ________________________________________________
More about our vendors:
Aileen Anderson - Bear Creek Rugs
Aileen Anderson has had a lifelong love of sewing and handwork. Starting at the age of eight, with doll clothes for her Barbie, she is rarely without something to work on. Now days, she is busy dyeing wool fabric and yarn for rug hooking and applique. She loves to teachallstylesofrughooking,andisanaccreditedMcGownrughookinginstructor. EveryNovember,sheteachesattheSouth Central McGown Teachers Workshop. Aileen’s rug hooking encompasses a variety of styles, and she enjoys helping students hook a rug that reflects their own personal style. Aileen comes to us from Hot Springs, AR.
Elinor Barrett - Black Sheep Wool Designs
Along with color, design, texture, wool and rugs, I'm also hooked on books! I'm a librarian by training and the Associate Director of Daniel Boone Regional Library system, the public library system serving Boone and Callaway counties where I'm responsible for the library's public services, strategic planning and building projects. I love planning rug projects and picking out wools. I can't wait to help you with yours! Elinor Barrett is from Columbia, MO
Beth Bellairs - Ewe and Eye
Beth has a primitive rug hooking shop located in rural northeast Iowa.
Ewe and Eye opened in September, 2004 in a double garage. We covered the walls with Beth's barn boards and filled antique cup- boards and containers with woolens and such.

Missie Carpenter -Traditional Primitives
From Des Moines, IA Missie is a pattern designer for quilts, punch needle, wool appliqué and more.
I have loved sewing all of my life! I'm a little bit lost if I don't have an appliqué or punch needle project going...can't just sit with idle hands. In the evening, I'm a quilter, wife and Mom! Could life get any better? I am blessed!

Vicki Hardcastle - Hardcastle Folk Art
Nola Heidbreder - Let Nola Do It, LLC
5230 Elizabeth Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110, 314-640-6344.
Light, bright, dull and dark dyed wool. Over 200 original patterns. I teach from my studio in St. Louis and across the coun-
try. Author of Hooking the Presidents and Knitting Rugs. Co-Author of Finishing Rugs. Winner of the 2013 Sauder Award for my hooked Presidents.

Ginger Jackson Primitives By The Light Of The Moon
My name is Ginger Jackson and I live in the heart of Oklahoma out on our farm. I've been crafting as long as I can remember. With the help of patient Grandmas I learned as a very young girl. I love all things primitive and most of my works are created by me late in the evening by the light of the moon! From time to time my dear daughter sits by my side and creates her works with me.
Janice Johnston - Wooly Woolens
We opened Wooly Woolens located in Independence, MO in 2000 and added the new studio in 2005. It’s really been a joy to teach classes and meet new people. I especially enjoy planning a new rug with the maker's influence. For that reason, I do not make kits, but am happy to work with you in the studio or over the phone to achieve an heirloom for your own home.
Kathy Meentemeyer - Forever Hooked
Kathy received her McGown certification in 2000 and resides in St. Louis Missouri. She teaches at workshops and rug retreats around the country as well as in her home studio. She is well known for her specialty hand dyed woolens as well as color planning and carries Dream Cather Designs patterns.
Laurie Sirtak - Elegant Peddler Designs
Elegant Peddler Designs’ motto "our sheep never sleep" is reflected in their offerings of unique rug designs, luscious dyed wools and hand spun yarns, kits and accessories. Laurie's background in design continues to inspire her love of color and pattern. Her goal is to share the joy of rug hooking and wool appliqué with others, and bring out the artisan in us all. Laurie is from Foristell, MO.
Melissa TownePrimitive Stitches
From Warrensburg, MO, I love to quilt, stitch, rug hook, work with wool, punch needle, needle felting. I guess just about anything using a needle and thread! I love primitives and anything antique or vintage! Especially Civil War or 1800's! Melissa recently opened a new shop that they built.
Patty Wallace - Saltbox Primitive Woolens
Patty is hosting this event. Her shop (Saltbox Primitive Woolens) is located on the Dam Access Road in Warsaw, MO. Her shop has all the supplies for rug hooking and quilting, with lots of other things that make this shop unique. Patty and her husband, Ozzie, both grew up in Warsaw. And if Patty is vending at an event, you might just find Ozzie running the shop or helping out at the vend- ing event.
Anita White - Southern Comfort
Anita is a rug hooker and teaches rug hooking classes in her home as well as at camps and workshops around the country. She loves using lots of plaids, textures and antique paisley in her rugs and hook mostly in wide cut (#6-9). She received her McGown certifica- tion in 2001. Anita comes from Overland Park, KS.
Shawn Williams - Threads That Bind
Coming from Macon, MO, Threads That Bind is a pattern company that has been creating designs for over 18 years. She special- izes in punch needle embroidery, wool appliqué, and penny rugs. Shawn’s designs are created in a primitive style. Shawn moved to central Missouri from Minnesota in 2006, where Threads That Bind was started.

Congratulations to my friend and fellow hooker Kate LeMasters---for her Turkish Primitive being selected in the current Celebrations!!!

Way to go Kate!