Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fun day in California

Yesterday was my daughter Chelsea's baby shower in Oakland CA.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.    Here are a few snapshots from the day.


The theme for the shower was "It takes a village"---that house was a pistachio cake with chocolate grenache and apricot filling---yummy!!!

Chelsea and I are color coordinated in the shower colors!

Welcoming our guests!

Such a beautiful day!

Party decor!

Chelsea and Noah with their moms!

I am looking forward to enjoying another day here in sunny California.

I think we might head to the beach in Alameda.

Heading home on Monday and then it is back to business.

I have been resting my knee this weekend as I had a bit of a flare up and hoping
to be back to rehabbing it this next hasn't been happy!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Getting my groove back

Well it has been over three weeks now since my surgery and I am feeling stronger every day---working out my quads, hamstrings and glutes---I got a hard workout on Tuesday at physical therapy---found some butt muscles that haven't been used in awhile---OUCH!  The knee still has some swelling but is getting stronger everyday---the idea of being able to run again is looking more of a possibility.  I have come to the realization that I am going to have to do other things as well and not be so dependent on just running.  Looking forward to getting my energy back.  

Yesterday I spent most of my day in the dye pots and it was not as easy as it used to be but I did manage to get some great colors!  I plan to hit the dye pots again today!

I finished my Sailcloth primitive---totally bound with wool and on the floor in the living room.

Here is the article that was in the current ATHA magazine---thanks to Kate for writing this and taking such great pictures.

This is a modified version of one of my Cupboard series patterns that I hooked for the nursery for my future grandson---Baxter---due date is June 17th.  The nursery is decorated in a woodland theme---gray, orange and navy.

I am going to the baby shower in two weeks---going to use the opportunity to get wool to California for the workshop in Cambria---flying on Southwest and a friend is going with me---yeah---baa baa black sheep have you any wool?  Yes sir yes sir---4 bags full!!!!!

Here is a fun geometric hooked by Amy---she brought it finished to class on Wednesday.
Sorry for the shadows on the picture.

Youngest daughter Sarah is having a birthday this weekend!  Happy Birthday Sarah---having a celebratory dinner Saturday night at Tatsu's---yum!

Friday, March 6, 2015

In recovery

Knee arthroscopy was done Wednesday morning and things seem to be going well.  I am now walking without crutches and doing my exercises without too much pain---still icing and elevating.  I am not sleeping through the night but then I wasn't before the surgery either.  Watching a lot of TV, reading, napping, working on a jigsaw puzzle and about ready to do some hooking.  My nurse (Doug) is getting bored and going on to doing other things.  I got to take a shower and wash my hair today which felt wonderful!

I don't go back to the doctor until a week from Monday.  We have a warm front coming in so hoping to get outside and get some fresh air this weekend.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lenexa hook-in

Last Saturday was the Lenexa Hook-in.  The weather wasn't perfect---snow kept the normal crowd down a bit but those who braved the way enjoyed a great day...including Susie Simmons from Illinois who was the lucky winner of the Guild rug...I was happy that I knew the winner.  Susie was in a class that I taught in St. Louis and I designed a paisley rug for her called "Paisley for Susie"---how original!

Here are a few pictures of my booth...

This was the first time I used the ladder from my daughter's wedding--it was a good visual display.

The improved lighting and new floor was a great addition!

thanks Marilyn for another great year!

Well my surgery is scheduled for tomorrow instead of Friday---I am a bit nervous having not had surgery since I was 8 years old.  I think maybe I should go get a pedicure!

Hope to get some reading done---made a trip to Barnes and Noble for a couple of books and the new Early American Life with the article about Edyth O'Neill.

Also hope to get some hooking done...we'll see how that goes.

Spring is coming!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Complex tear in Lateral meniscus with bone spurs and arthritis in left knee

This is why I have been having pain in my knee and have not been able to run :(

I had an MRI last Wednesday because of pain in my left knee---it hurt to put any weight on it.  I have bee staying off it as much as possible and it is feeling better but have decided to have arthroscopic surgery on March 6th.  I am hoping that I have a quick recovery and will be back to my normal pace (which I hope includes running).  Probably no more half marathons in my near future, but will settle for being able to do 3 to 4 miles.  Fortunately once I get through the Lenexa Hook-in this weekend I do not have any plans in March...leave for California for the baby shower on April 9th so I should be pretty well recovered.

Hope to see lots of you this weekend at the Lenexa Hook-in---I am doing the snow snow  go away dance.

Don't forget to buy tickets for the raffle rug while you are there.

I will probably have to cancel the first week on home classes in March ---but we will see.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A long overdue post---catching up

I can't believe it is almost the middle of February!  The Lenexa Hook-in is not far away and I need to get busy!

I just returned from a Birthday/Anniversary cruise to the Caribbean---what a great time!

This is the view from the rooftop terrace at our hotel in San Juan before we set out to sea.

I loved the double rainbow.

this photo was taken on my 65th Birthday in our rooftop balcony in Old San Juan.  We stayed at the Gallery Inn---I would highly recommend it for an unusual stay in Old San Juan.

My dapper husband sporting his new straw hat on the balcony on Old San Juan.

The streets in old San Juan are made of this old brick---even bluer in real life.  I think I can see a rug in this picture.

This was taken in St. Kitts and the Caribelle batik place---they showed the making of these with wax resist and dyes---I bought a wonderful black and white wrap that I wore a lot on the cruise as a swim cover up, skirt or shawl.  Beautiful work!  The blue one that I was wrapped in was hanging on the line to dry---it was about a 6 yard piece---kinda wish I had asked it it was for sale.

these are some small baskets made by the Carib Indians in Dominica---made fro L'arouma reeds---supposedly they bury the reeds in the soil to turn them different colors.  I wish I had bought some larger ones.  The nutmeg in the open basket was from Grenada.  I think I need to make an egg custard pie and sprinkle it with the nutmeg.  They also used the nutmeg on a lot of the Caribbean rum drinks---not a bad idea either!

This is where I got to on Sailcloth primitive before I left on my trip---I am considering adding about three rows of the darker brown outside the border and then binding it in the same dark brown fabric.

I bought tickets today to fly to California to help host my daughter's baby show in April---looking forward to it.  I plan to take two extra suitcase to get some wool to California for the workshop in Cambria in June---friend Kelly is going too so that is two more bags!  Yeah!!!!

Well I best get to work getting ready for home classes next week and the Lenexa Hook-in!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A New Year!

I can't believe a month has gone by since my last post.  Christmas came and went so fast!  Then the New Year, my first 5k race of 2015, my 44th  wedding anniversary, and then the sinus infection returned with a vengeance.  That was not fun but I did manage to do a lot of hooking during that period of time as I did not feel like leaving the house...another round of stronger antibiotics and lots of other drugs---now I am feeling almost normal but have got to build up my energy.  We did have our annual rug hooking retreat Jan. 9-11, and I did go although I did not feel well, I did manage to get a lot of hooking done---when I couldn't sleep I hooked.

I am hooking on Sailcloth Primitive ---an old Heirloom pattern that was in an old McCall's Needlework magazine that I have had for a long time and was on my "to do someday" list so here it is...I have only been working on it for less than three weeks and it is a #9 cut---it is about 28" by 66".

I see several things that I plan to change as I look at this picture---looking at a photo of your rug is a good way to analyze what you have hooked.  I intentionally hooked all the large flowers and leaves differently---I know the blue vein will go away in the leaf in the unfinished area and there are a few places that I plan to thicken the vine.  The inside dark background is a mix of 5 or 6 as is dark browns and the outside border is an as is plaid---I chose not to do a beauty line but did the first row in the darkest of the browns for contrast against the plaid border.

This is our State Line Rug Hooker's guild Philanthropy rug for this year---who wouldn't want to own this one!!!  It is a beauty.  Tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10...with proceeds going to The Autism Society---the Heartland.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing tickets.

Here is my daughter Chelsea who is expecting in June---my first grandbaby---a boy!

I can hardly wait!

I went to an antique show last Saturday and got this great little box with a drawer---a good piece to work into a stack of boxes which I love!
A little hooked mat on top would be cute too!

Don't forget the sign up for the 2015 ATHA Biennial is February 7th!