Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good morning!

  Well I am home from my trip to Akumal Mexico.  It was a great trip and was the perfect week not to be in Kansas.   The morning that we left we had just gotten a 12 inch snowstorm and arrived in Mexico to a week of warm, well you could say hot days in the mid to upper 80's.  We were right on the beach and enjoyed our balcony---

View from the balcony

The balcony and my husband enjoying his morning coffee

My husband is a scuba diver but I just snorkel

 Anita snorkelling
Amazing sea turtles

Enjoying a margarita at La Buena Vida 

A cenote at Labnaha---we swam and kayaked in the cenote as well as ziplining across in the jungle---Doug captured  it on video---pretty cool---my first time.  We also snorkeled in a cave with cold water and bats!

I crossed many things off my bucket list on this trip!  Prices were incredible---once we had breakfast complete with a wonderful cappuccino, fresh squeezed orange juice and huevos rancheros for 65 pesos---less than $5.00 !

My favorite place for ice cream and breakfast in Akumal.

It is back to reality---I am having classes at home this week as well as preparing for the Lenexa hook-in and the Yellow Rose camp in Texas.   

thanks Erica from Heaven's to Betsy for the plug on Doug's rug hooking pendants---he is busy getting more turned  to post on our Etsy site.

I will also have them at the Lenexa hook-in and at Yellow Rose.

Melt, snow, melt!!!!!