Saturday, March 22, 2014

Finally---a post

Okay I am going to try to get caught up with what has been happening.

So here goes!

Going back to March 8th and the Rock Creek Hook-in----what a fun crazy day---it was good to see so many rug hookers at the event---I think it was the biggest one ever!

Here is the link to some pictures from the event.

I was not a good picture taker that day and these were taken by Andrea Allen.  Great job!

Here  are some pictures of my booth:

Thanks to my helpers Jody, Marlene and Mary Ann for their hard work!

I left the hook-in at 2 o'clock to start my drive to Texas for the Yellow Rose Workshop.  I spent the night in Ardmore OK and got on the road early Sunday morning to head to Texas.  I got there and unloaded my car, set up my space and started in getting students started as they filtered in.  After a wonderful dinner and meet and greet I came back and worked some more until I hit the wall around 9:00 and went to bed.  Up early Monday and back to a wonderful group of students who worked really hard---lots of progress.  Monday afternoon there was a boutique sale where the students could sell things.

Tuesday morning I managed to get in a 30 minutes run around the conference grounds.  More class time followed up by a fun evening on a trolley ride down to the campfire.  Here are some sights from the ride.  

Had a wonderful rug show---here are a couple of the rugs from the show.

This was the raffle rug---I didn't win it.

Here is the class picture and some of their projects taken during the Wednesday throw down.

 Hooked by Melody---a Karen Kahle pattern called apothecary rose----looking really good!
 This floral was hooked by Melody---an Adrienne Dykes pattern.  Melody got a lot more of the border hooked---can't wait to see how this all comes together.
 This was hooked and designed by Kathy Clark of Briarwood Folk Art---Kathy will be teaching at Yellow Rose next year---she does a great job with old looking primitive rugs.
 This chicken was hooked by Marilyn---we discussed many ideas about how to change the pattern---we finally decided to add the chicken wire in front of the chicken and although it gets a little lost in the business of the black and white chicken I like the subtleness of it---the background is going to be a dark green and the border is changing to a red and black checkerboard---at least that is the plan right now.
 I designed this William Morris adaptation of Little Flowers and Small Barr for Georgeanne---I really like the pattern and I like what she is doing with it.

Carol was working on this M Shaw design---notice the quillies in the chicken.  Although she bought this as a kit we made several changes which turned out well.

This is the large Paisley Hex pattern designed by Jane Flynn---I have hooked the small piece and Carol is the first student I have had tackle the large version---this is going to be a phenomenal rug---she used lots of paisley in the rug---the background is going to be  a dark tea mix.  Love it!

Vickie, a new hooker was hooking my Pumpkin Cupboard design and was doing a great job!  She was so much fun and her enthusiasm was infectious!

While I would love to post more my time is gone.  

My NCAA brackets are busted---no billion dollars for me!  One guy is still perfect---go Brad whoever you are!

Yesterday I ran my long training run for my Rock the Parkway half marathon on April 12th---ran 10 miles...hard!  At the end of my run I was walking and trying to tell my husband where I was so he could pick me up and was not watching where I was walking and fell forward where there was an uneven sidewalk---catching myself with my hands---right hand fingers were hurt and the left hand holding my cell phone---well lets say the glass was shattered!  Fortunately I was wearing long pants so my knee fared okay.  When I woke up this morning my neck and shoulders are sore---kinda like whiplash!  Gotta be more careful!!!

One more week until I leave for Annapolis to teach for the Podickery Guild---boxes have been  shipped!

Sadly today I am going to a Celebration of Life for the husband of a good friend from high school and college and was in my wedding.  Rest in Peace!

Best wishes to Kate who is having knee replacement surgery on Monday--know that you will do great!!!