Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who said rug hooking isn't dangerous

As I was working on packing up my stuff I went into my back storage room and there was a rug hooking stand hanging from the ceiling which came crashing down on my head---I said "ouch" or something like that, and put my hand to the back of my head and discovered blood all over my hand.  I grabbed a rag to put pressure on it and called my husband who had gone to Costco to come home.  I called my doctor's office and she was off today so they said I would have to go the the ER.  I am now sporting four staples in my head---the ER doc shot it with numbing stuff and then started putting in the staples---ouch!  more numbing stuff and still ouch!  I don't know if he didn't wait long enough or if the numbing stuff was just water!

It was a good thing I got my hair cut and colored yesterday!

This has set me back a bit today---I guess I'd better get back to work although a nap sounds really good and I never nap.

This will be a boring post without a picture so let me see what kind of eye candy I can find in my photo files.

This pattern  is called High Wide and Handsome---I hooked this piece for a Teaching piece at
South Central teacher's workshop several years ago---it is a Night Blooming Cereus.  It is hooked in a
#9 cut and the wool was dip-dyed---very long pieces!

This is a pillow that I hooked at Northern Teacher's workshop---the two on the left were hooked in 4/5 cut textures and the two on the right were #3 cut dip and cross-swatches.

I must be ready for Spring!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday---still winter

Here are a couple of pictures of our most recent snow and another one is expected tonite...great!

Sad day yesterday for the Jayhawks.  Boo Hoo!

Just got back from the gym and now it is time to get to work prepping for Ohio and Iowa.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday---less than a week to go

Well, it is now less than a week before I leave for Ohio.  I checked the weather---40's so shouldn't have any road problems.  We has some flurries here today.  Snow, snow go away!

Well, I finished hooking my runner today---got it steamed and it is drying.  Now I need to make my binding so that I can sew it on.  Here are a couple of pictures of it now.

It is 8 feet long---not easy to run through the serger!

The KU Jayhawks advanced to the Elite 8---I'll be watching the game tomorrow with friends---Jayhawk fans also!

I'm going out on a date tonite---Bonefish---one of my favorite restaurants.

My knee is still improving---yeah!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tearing my hair out!

This has been a busy week in the dye pots and following up on future workshop projects.

I have two workshops the first two weeks of April---Ohio and Iowa, then I will be home for three weeks and leaving for two more workshops in May---both in Wisconsin, then home for a month and leaving for North Carolina in mid June---so there are about 75 plus projects in the works  running through my mind.  I spent some time this week organizing each student into a folder---things are looking up after a hard day today.

I also was working on a rug for Judi in Indiana---a job I was remiss in getting to---but all is well as I mailed the first part of it today with what I hope is a great idea---this was a color planning of Susan Quicksall's crazy Horse Quilt tote---I bought pastel permanent color fabric markers and colored in the backgrounds of the pattern and then pinned swatches of the animal  colors on top the pattern.  I have never colored the linen before but after reading up on them I decided it was safe to do---someone may tell me otherwise but I kept it light and in the tome of the actual swatch I was using.  I rubbed it with a wet towel and saw no movement of color on a test piece.

Watching a little basketball---KU is still in and I'm hoping for great things from them.

Tomorrow we are going to a brunch for our MT Nester's group.  I still have to make my egg casserole tonite to bake in the morning.

Knee seems to be getting better---bought a new pair of sandals to help my toes---Merrell's.  I guess I left my favorite pair in the trailer when we left it in storage at the lake when we got home from Texas.

To see some picture of my daughter's show in Berkeley visit this link and watch the clip from Narnia.

I am very proud of her.  She worked very hard.
I love you Chelsea.

Time to relax!  Cheers!

Friday, March 11, 2011

march madness

Just watched the Jayhawks win over Colorado and advance to the finals of the Big 12 tomorrow night.

Tomorrow I am doing a program for our State Line Rug Hooking Guild on Hooked braiding.  I have no idea how many will show up the program---but I am hoping for a good turn out.  Here is a picture of a hooked braided piece that I did a couple of years ago.

I had a class in Greenwood this week---It was good to see the girls.  Here is a picture of the class in Greenwood.

Congrats to Donna(in red) who got married in October!

Here is a picture of my booth in Greenwood.

I've started back into working out---trying to test my knee...  so far so good!

Time for bed...good night!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday night---hooking away!

I have hooked a bit today watching basketball.  Yeah---KU beat MU.  Here is the current status of the AntiquE Floral Runner---it is getting heavy!

My daughter Chelsea is the costume designer for the Berkeley Playhouse production of Narnia, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  I sure wish that I could go see it---it opens next weekend.  She has been working extremely hard.  If you are in the Bay area and go to see it I would love to hear from you.

Home classes on Monday and Wednesday and class in Greenwood Missouri on Tuesday---it will  be good to see everyone.

have a great weekend...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good news, bad news

I got the results from my MRI---found out that I have an old injury to my ACL which severed it, but it has stabilized itself and I don't need to do anything about it.  I most likely have a tear in my miniscus and may or may not need it fixed---so I had a cortizone injection and am going to start back with some walking, jogging, eliptical, and biking to see how it does---if I am still having problems I will need to have arthroscopy surgery to fix it.

I have been in the dye pots all week.  It is finally warming up enough that I can take the wool outside to drain and cool off by draping it on the fence.  It sure makes it easier!

Well, lunch time is over and it is back to the pots...happy hooking!

Here is a poppy pattern that I have drawn for a student in Newton.  It is going to make a beautiful pillow.