Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lenexa Hook-in

Well I finally got my camera working and got the photos uploaded.

Amy did such a great job posting hers that I'll try to get some that I didn't see on her website.

Here is Kate's Pretzel Boy that she mentioned.

Mary Flanagan came all the way from Wisconsin---here she is visiting my booth.  Mary runs a great cam called Green Lake Rug Camp which is held in Sept. every other year.  Visit her website to check it out.  It is a great camp.      Go to her website and click on Green Lake Camp info.

Here is a picture of my booth.

Here is a shot of happy hookers---this is some of the Iowa hookers that were there, many of whom will be in my workshop in Newton in April.  It was sure good to touch base with them before the  workshop.

This rug is called Montreat and is a Quail Hill Pattern hooked by my friend and helper Jody.

Well it is pouring down rain which has melted most of the snow and we have a river running through our back yard.  good thin the sump pump is working.

Well back to hooking on my runner...plan to hook and watch the Oscars tonite.

Another great year in Lenexa

Despite less than ideal weather conditions yesterday the Lenexa Show was a great day.  It is always great to reconnect with rug hookers both new and old.  I appreciated hearing from those of you who said they enjoyed following my blog.

I couldn't sleep this morning so here I am up already this morning.  I tried to upload my photo off my camera and it is not working.  I'm not sure why is a link to a great blog that will show you lots of pictures from the Lenexa Hook-in----Amy took at least 70 photos and will be posting them over several days---the first post is already up---Thanks Amy.

Go to:        

Be sure to check this out---you won't want to miss it!!!

I was so tired when I got home that I haven't even unpacked my car---today will be a better day to do it anyway.  I have high hopes of getting my studio back together this week and getting in the dye pots again to finish getting ready for Ohio Rug Camp and the Newton workshop.  I will be starting my home classes next week on Monday and Wednesday so this will be a busy week.  No news yet about the MRI but still hoping for the best.

I owe a special thanks to Jody and Kate for all their hard work yesterday---I couldn't have done it without them!  An to my husband too for helping my haul my stuff over and back to the show---good thing he has a big truck.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dog-gone tired

Good Morning!  I thought I'd share a photo to explain my title.  It's not me that is tired but...

Yesterday I was working on getting things ready for the Lenexa Hook-in and poor Fred had a hard time finding a place to take a nap---nice pillow!

I spent yesterday in the dye pot getting some colors that I was low on dyed---what fun!  I haven't been in the dye pots since December so it felt good---even though I was tired when the day was done.

Here is yesterday's wool:

This morning is my appointment with the Orthopedic doctor---I am hoping that he says there is nothing wrong with my knee and that I can start running again...that is best case scenario as I want to run again.  I find it to be a great stress reliever as well as good for weight control.  I have missed it this last month.

The weatherman is unsure what is going to happen with the wintry mix they are talking about but I am being optimistic for the hook-in---not ice and snow please!

I'm still waiting for a box of mail that was forwarded to Texas by mistake to come back to Kansas---a weeks worth of mail---hoping there was nothing too terribly important in it.

Time to get ready to go.   Hope to many of you at the hook-in.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

getting back in the groove

After arriving home on Tuesday I have been working hard to get things back in the groove.  I got in lots of wool while I was gone so getting it washed, dried, folded and tagged for the hook-in and my booth in Greenwood has kept me busy.  I am anxious to get back in the dye pots at least one day before the hook-in but I did do some dyeing back in December knowing that I wasn't going to have much time.  Here are some pictures from Greenwood that I took after filling in yesterday. I also got my hair cut and colored---wow----did it need it---it had been almost 8 weeks!

Last night we had friends over for fried oysters---yum!  I am going to miss all the fresh seafood that we were able to get in Rockport.

I am looking forward to the Lenexa hook-in---if you are reading my blog stop by my booth and say "hi".  

I have worked on my rug a little bit a couple of evenings.  I have it right out in my living room where I can pick it up even if I only have a little bit of time.  I would love to have it finished for the Hook-in but not sure that will happen...we'll see.  I plan to watch the KU basketball game today so that will get me some hooking time.

This morning i am going to work on soon as I finish my coffee and the have a great day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am home!

There's no place like home!

The End of the Road---heading home today!

Well, the adventure is almost over.  We spent two nights in the Dallas area at a wonderful campground visiting old friends,  Here we are at Lloyd Park in Grand Prairie,  Tx.

We left Texas on Sunday and went to Springfield Mo and have stayed two nights at the KOA and the campground still had white stuff on the ground.  It was the first time we had to put the truck in 4 wheel drive and struggle through the snow and ice.  We had a nice visit with friends in Branson and I went to a lot of Antique shops but didn't buy anything although I was tempted by a spool cabinet to display my hook collection in.

Here is the final progress picture on my runner---didn't get much done in Dallas or Springfield and it is too hard to hook in the truck now.

This morning we will head to Pomme de Terre Lake where we will store the trailer and head home---home sweet home.  I am ready!!!

Hubby is still sleeping but when he wakes up we will finish packing up the trailer, re-winterize and get going.

Time for another cup of it is the end of my jouney and I am looking forward to my bed and my bathtub and some more space.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last day in Goliad

Well it sure has been cold here in Goliad.  Yesterday we went to the Mission, barbequed some chicken, and watched TV and  I worked on my rug.

We had to leave the water dripping last night---it was 26 degrees this morning but hoping for a warm-up as we head north tomorrow.  Here is what my rug looked like this morning.

the last two photos show the upper left flower done two different ways---the last photo shows how I hooked it the first time and the one above shows how I hooked it the second time---I think I like it better---but who knows---I may just leave both versions in the rug.

I am now starting to experiment with the is a photo of my first trial---I have since changed the vine to a red/gold/black check instead of the gold---I think it shows up better.

I'll do some more tonite and post another picture.

We are off to do more touristy things---going to see La Presidio.

I am using the internet at the local library---we do not get it at the campground.  Thank goodness for warm libraries.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday---lots to do

Yeah it is finally warming back up!  Yesterday we went to see "The Fighter"---really went to see The King's Speech but the ice delayed the movie in getting to the theater, so we changed movies.

I am finally feeling human again---still not 100% but so much better!  This morning I am going to The Bountiful Bowl pottery sale---starts at ten.  The proceeds support Meals on Wheels---well some of the proceeds.  I hope to find a fun bowl, perhaps a snippet bowl.

One of my favorite restaurants in Corpus was closed for a couple of months for a winter break and it re=opened this week so we are meeting my sister for a farewell dinner tonite!  They used to have the BEST Oysters Rockerfeller---yum!  The harbor bridge is suppose to reopen at noon today so it will be easier to get to Corpus.

Here is another update on my rug---I'm hoping to complete the inside by the time I get home...that would be 22 by 88 inches---there is a 4 inch border around the runner which will be all that is left.

I am looking forward to coming home and getting ready for the Lenexa Hook-in.  Hope to see lots of you there.  I will not be starting classes until after the Hook-in---most likely March 7th and let's hope for some nice weather to welcome me home.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday---expecting ice and snow tomorrow

Well, it looks like we haven't escaped winter's revenge entirely---ice and snow on  their way here as well, with the coldest weather in 22 years.

No problem for me as I have been holed up in the trailer still sick---I am getting a bit crazy!!!  I spent yesterday  entirely in bed but I am beginning to think that the worst of it is over.   I actually slept off and on all  day which is something I never do.  This morning when I woke up I could breather better and don't feel as congested in my chest...Yeah!  I think I'll live!  A couple more days and I am hoping to be good as new as the sunshine is set to return on Saturday.

I think we have made our plans for our return trip---plan to spend a few nights at the Goliad State Park when we leave here and then on to the Dallas area to visit friends and then watch for our opportunity to head home.  I am ready to go back home---hopefully the groundhog got it right and we will have an early spring.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday in Rockport

Well, I guess we missed another snowstorm in Kansas, but we do have cold weather here and they are predicting ice and snowflakes on Friday.  It got down to 25 last night---we had to leave the water dripping inside the trailer so the water connection wouldn't freeze.

I am still sick---symptoms all over the place and trying to figure out what meds to take has been challenging.  The mucinex d kept me awake all night so last night I took Nyquil---did sleep but woke up with a big headache---sinuses are a mess but am sneezing and nose is running--I'm doing nasal rinses hoping to stay away from the decongestant that keeps me awake.  Fortunately Doug hasn't gotten it so I am thinking it is the flu since he had a flu shot and I didn't.

I did manage to get some hooking done yesterday as I didn't leave the trailer except to go to the pharmacy.  Here is the update and the fix on the one leaf.


Today I think that I am going to rework the bottom right flower---it looks better in person than in the picture but may play with it a bit---I used paisley but it doesn't seem to be showing up as much as i would like it to.  Maybe it is because my head is all stuffed up and it is hard to think straight.

I think going back to bed sounds like a good idea.

Stay warm and safe!