Monday, January 16, 2017

While in Akumal

 While in Akumal I had the pleasure to have met this wonderful woman and healer---had two of the most awesome massages that I have ever experienced---thank you

Chahat Claudia DavidChahat Claudia David

Healing Arts Practitioner/Spa Manager
Bodywork, energy work, pregnancy massage, reiki
I can still remember when I gave my first massage. Working on the client’s forehead, I felt something very deep that went beyond the technique I had learned in school. Although I was not really aware of what I was experiencing, after years of practice I can describe it now as a meditative state, touching both the body and the soul.
For 30 years, this inner connection is at the heart of the sessions I share. It deepens over time and is the primary ingredient to unite body and spirit, and promotes awareness and healing for a fuller life.
I also practiced yoga every day at Yoga en Akumal---what a wonderful studio and teachers.  Very thankful to have found this in my life---rug hooking, yoga and family  and friends are all an important part of who I am!
Have a great day!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy New Year

Well here we are---starting a new year!  I am back from Mexico and getting ready for three workshops---the first in Wisconsin and the next two in Athens Georgia.  I have been in the dye pots and organizing my studio for the last two days---I love getting back into my groove---the impending ice storm gave me a good reason to stay inside---fortunately it was not as bad as expected!

Here are a few shots from Akumal Mexico:

 Early morning sunrise
 Yoga on the rocks on my last day
 Sharing some love with my husband of 46 years---got to celebrate on anniversary while we were there
 Yoga on the rock in front of our condo
 Our Casita
Soaking up some sun!

My new 7 by 9   wool rug arrived---too big for me to hook but love how my New England Twist rug looks with it!

 Here are a couple of the family photos we had taken when the kids were all here for an Early Christmas---so good to have everyone here---missing this little guy so much!

The end of this month we are having our retreat weekend at Tall Oaks---about 35 of us gathering to hook for the weekend---so looking forward to it!

After the three workshops it will be tine again for the Lenexa hook-in---February 25!!!   Put it on your calendar.

Tonight we get to watch the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoff game!

And another note---my hands are much improved---I can finally say that I am glad that I had the surgery---getting better every day!!!