Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas in California

Flew to California on Christmas night and going back home on New Year's Day---then celebrating my 45th wedding anniversary the next day and my birthday at the end of the month---why does it all have to happen at once!

Here are some new pictures of Baxter!  So much fun to be with him!

                                                Looks like he is singing Joy to the world!
   Love playing with the wrapping paper---although you wouldn't know it looking at this picture!
                                      And he loves feeding himself---yum---butternut squash!
                                        Likes to walk assisted and is crawling everywhere!

I must get a family photo before we leave---today might be a good day...the women are going for pedicures while the guys babysit and then it is hamburgers for lunch day!

Windsor Manor Bunco Christmas Party


Annual Rug Hookers Holiday Gathering---great group of students gathering at Mimi's house---thanks for a wonderful year!!!
I made this end table for my daughter Sarah from an iron base found at Restore and painted with a hammered brown spray paint---and the top made from an old door remnant that I have had in the garage---nice old thick wood---have more piece to male a coffee table too if I can find the right base---hope to hit the Vintage market this weekend when I get home and see what I can find.

And I will close with this picture of Bumpa---AKA Doug White enjoying his grandson Baxter.