Monday, June 17, 2013

Antique Samplers

Well I just had to see what they looked like on the wall, so I finished mounting them---still need to cover the backs with paper but that will have to wait until I return as well as putting the small one in a different frame---right now that one doesn't have the spacers.

Here is a picture of them hanging.

My daughter Sarah is going to put her house on the market in Manhattan KS---so thursday I am going to go play "stager".  Here is a rug that I bought for $65 on craigslist---it is an 8 foot round 100% wool hand tufted Amici imports---  I think it was a bargain!!!  I may bring it back home when her house sells.

Also another great bargain---free moving boxes courtesy of Craigslist as well, including 7 wardrobe boxes.

Here is an update on the paisley rug, a Karla G design that I have been working on.  It is brighter than my usual rugs but it has been fun to do---one of my kids might end up with this one.  I am still debating on a border---I think I want this one to be a rug rather than a wall  hanging.

I plan to get some hooking done tonight while watching The Voice.

Have a great week.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A gorgeous day at Pomme de Terre

We drove down yesterday for our last visit to the lake before we head off on our trip to Yellowstone and  the Grand Tetons.  This was our first time to get the jet skis up and running and it was not without it's difficulties but all is well that ends well---had a great ride today---water much smoother than the boat our today for the first time as well and it went pretty smoothly---yeah!  And I caught two crappies but let them go.  May try again later tonight and see if we can catch enough to make it worth cleaning.

My camera broke yesterday so we are in the market for a new camera---hubby want to get one that can be fitted with a waterproof casing for diving.  Anyone have a favorite???

Last Friday I went to the First Friday market in the West Bottoms an purchased three old samplers dated 1827, 1835 and 1841---all of which needed some restoration.  I have done my research and decided not to wash them but did vacuum then with a fiberglass screen over the top after removing them from their frames and mountings---found out how poorly they had been mounted.  I purchased cotton rag board and made cotton slip covers to which I sewed the samplers onto the fabric.  I started with the small one and then went to the largest one---still have the medium one to go.  I also purchased plexiglass spacers that I will put on the glass so it doesn't touch the sampler.  Here are some pictures:

This is a section of the largest one after I sewed it to the fabric 

thuis the middle sized one in it's original frame

This is the smallest one in it's frame---will not be able to reuse this frame because it is not deep enough---sorry it is upside down 

this is the largest one before I took it out of the frame

this is small one after I mounted it on the fabric 

This is the large one remounted

This is what was underneath the sampler---it was wrapped around this and nailed---nails were rusted and yucky ---the was enough of a markin outside the sampler area that I was able to carefully trim that  area off.

while I am not claiming to have done a completely museum quality mount---I do know that I followed their practices and have added many more years to these wonderful schoolgirl samplers.

I will post pictures when I get them back in their frames.  

Have any of you done this---would love to hear from you if you have.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A long over due post

Hi everyone!  This is a long overdue post---so here goes.  I can't believe a month has gone by.

This is going to be in random order---

We finally got our fifth wheel out of storage and placed in its home on Pomme de Terre lake.

Trailer, sweet trailer!

Our view from the trailer

We have an upcoming adventure coming in the fifth wheel as we are planning a trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

I ran the Hospital Hill 5K race for the fifth time since 2009---
The first year it took me 35 minutes to complete the race---this year I came in 3rd in my age group in 29:06---yeah!  Fortunately it was a very cool morning for June and it was a great race.  Many thanks to my running buddy Kelly for keeping me motivated.

Oh and I also ran a Mother's Day 5K with Kelly too.

Got a new short haircut for summer and due to eye allergies have been wearing my glasses---hoping to get back to my contacts soon!!!

I have been doing some hooking on a Karla G paisley is her painting and my rug so far.  I have been loosely following her colors although while my colors are bright for me they are not nearly as bright as the colors in her painting.

Karla G Paisley design.

My youngest daughter got engaged a couple of weeks ago so I will have another wedding to help plan ...congratulations Sarah!

I have been sending out information to students for some upcoming workshops...looking forward to the Angela Pumphrey workshop in San Antonio, Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, Wisconsin and the ATHA Biennial in Long Beach California.

 I am not much of a gardener but am trying my hand at growing some tomatoes---thanks to one of my students, Sally who started these in her greenhouse---most are heirloom so hopefully I won't kill them.

I love peonies!

Well I guess that is it for me today...have a great weekend!!!