Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nebraska Wrap-up

Well I am up early and hoping to wrap up the pictures from Nebraska.  Later this morning I will be going to the Greenwood Mercantile to set up for the Christmas Open House this weekend------be sure to check it out---always lots of goodies.  Here is the link to the website in case you have missed it before.

Still planning to go to the First Friday Vintage Market  tomorrow but have to go to the doctor first  (mixup on my appointment on Wednesday) and I have to fast again---not happy about that!

I signed up to run another 1/2 marathon the Sunday before Thanksgiving---am I crazy or what---well at least I can eat more Turkey!

It has been raining like crazy for a couple of days---ready for the sun to come back out!

Well here goes the pictures.

Tammy started a series of birds done by a collage artist ---Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson---with permission---this  was an interesting concept to get the feel of paper collage in rug hooking.  I think she did a great job---cam't wait to see how the others turn out too!  Here is the link to buy a calendar 2013.

Sisters. Pam and Lynne were working on this floral basket rug and doing a great job---both incorporated paisley into their flowers---always fun to see the same pattern develop in different color ways!

Susan was also working on the smaller version of the Star runner done by Larry---posted in the first Nebraska post. Again fun to see how the pattern can be developed in so many ways---this one will have a dark blue background that I have to dye when I get back from Texas.

The next group of pictures are special because they prove that students do go on to finish rugs started at workshops and they make me so proud of what they have accomplished.  Way to go guys---you did great!  I feel bad because there were a few others that came that I did not get pictures of that I thought I did---sorry!  There a few that were almost finished and hope they will come back next year with the projects from this year.  Hint Hint!


This rug of Judy's is one of my favorites---Judy is so busy running the show that I really don't get to work with her much but she always lets me pull together a palate for her to work from and she always succeeds.

Linda worked on the Caswell Fruit and Flowers last year---she had not done much wide cut shading before and she did a great job!!!

Larry's Early Frost Adaptation has a great look.  Love the colors and the woven feel of the rug---way to go Larry!

I was really looking forward to seeing this one in person---a lot of great things in this rug---be sure and check out the silver accessories sewn on to the boots and that rope---WOW!  There are initials of her family worked in subliminally in the background---a real family heirloom in this one!

This rug and the rug below were hooked by Karen last year---she was in both workshops so I was doubly blessed to get to work with her on both.  This basket floral was done in the second workshop---a great primitive floral.

This proud Eagle resides in her husband's office---great texture and movement and the lettering is so well done!!!

This is Jane's Poppy rug designed by Sharon Smith---What a fun rug---so cheerful and primitive---a wonderful way to use up bits and pieces and creat a beautiful rug!

This is Jane's rug from the previous year---I love the proddy edge on this mat and the fall leaves are great---I love fall!

This is Carolyn working on her rug---her design but  do not remember if she gave it a name---she was the one that didn't get in the class picture---she is one fast hooker---almost completed this piece and started another one!

Found another completed one---this is Joyce's bunnies---Cadbury and ???  sorry can't remember the other bunny's name.  What a fun rug---great job Joyce!

Okay that is it---I really have to go get busy---this took much longer than I planned but so worth it to share their work!

Looking forward to next year!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More from Nebraska

Here are some more pictures from the workshops I was teaching in Nebraska.

Again, in no particular order...

Karen hooked this Joanne Gerwig pattern with Sheep and Sunflowers---the sunflowers were hooked using a couple of long lovelies mixed with some textured wools.

 Anne Marie hooked this M Shaw pattern with posies in a basket---there is a wonderful paisley that was the inspiration for this pattern---hard to see in the photo but there was also a blue wool that has small flecks of metallic in the wool---a nice touch.

Pat chose a Red Barn pattern called Floral Scroll runner---again starting with as long lovely which was the outside of the center flower---this one will have a dark background--she is a beautiful hooker!

Karen did a great job capturing the faces of the puffins---she was very intent on getting them just the way she wanted them---such personality in these little guys!!!

Dawn is a new hooker who was doing a great job with this farm scene---I believe the pattern was one of Janice Johnson's--she was having a great time with this pattern.

Joyce was working on a wonderful primitive floral by Red Rocket Rugs called Grandma's Garden.  The lovely large rose posies were hooked with paisley and a several reds---moving the paisley around in different areas of the flower really makes them interesting.
Friends Kristi and Terri were working on the same pattern ---Pennsylvania Dutch by Anne Nichols.  Interesting to see one with the light background and one with dark---really love both renditions!  Good luck on your run in Chicago Terri---glad you are on the mend!
Jane was working on a Thanksgiving postcard designed from an antique postcard by Tricia Travis.  A fun pattern to do this time of year---the lettering was being done with a plaid and separating the light and dark parts to give a little dimension to the lettering.  Fun indian corn done with a plaid she got from Tricia.  I may have to put this pattern on my someday list!

Well that is all for this morning....have a dr. appointment this morning...have to fast for blood work---got to have one cup of black coffee...more tomorrow if all goes well.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wonderful week in Nebraska

I am home from another wonderful week in Nebraska---so many wonderful projects to share with you. There were two groups for 3 days each.  Jan and Judy paired up to do a wonderful workshop with much wonderful food and fun for all.  I came home with some wonderful recipe ideas too!

 Here is group one---what was Mary Jo looking at?
And here is group two--- minus Carolyn who got away before the picture was taken.

some beautiful fall weather in a lovely farm setting...

My view on my early morning runs

The farm setting ---Judy holds some great Shed sales---another one coming up Thanksgiving weekend with lots of wonderful treasures!

                                              The house where all the creativity happens!

I will be posting pictures over the next couple of days in no particular order---so feast your eyes!

 Karla hooked this Maggie Bonanomi pattern called Autumn Flowers----lots of good textures and colors in this one!
 Another Maggie pattern hooked by Mary Jo with a wonderful primitive look.
 This was a Tammy Rice pattern (Red Rocket) hooked by Jodi---so many possible interpretations for this pattern---I think the geometric  center on this one is going to  perfect for this pattern---and fits right in with my love of floral geometrics!
 Larry hooked this Red Barn (Kathy Stephan) pattern---love the center star and play with the penny flowers---the two toned border will give a nice finish to the edge---great job!
And not to be outdone by his wife Linda---here is a Woolley Fox pattern with a wonderful Pineapple---looks good enough to eat!!!  This one will have a dark background which will really make it pop!
 Fall is here---Dennie chose a Rhonda Manley pattern with fall leaves and acorns.  These leaves were inspired by some of my long lovelies...

 Maureen was working on Karen Kahle's Antique Rose Runner---take a close look at that strip on the outside edge of the rug---done with a very wide hand cut and tear---a great primitive rug.
 Lori got a lot done on this Partridge pattern of Edyth O'Neills and she was only there for two days!  I love how it is turning out---soft and beautiful.
Jan's turkey lost his hat and got a new head as well as losing his name---will say "thanks" instead---good primitive colors and textures---Go Jan go---finish him for Thanksgiving!

As much as I would like to keep posting I have to get work done..I am headed to South Central Teacher's workshop in Texas next week and still have to finish unpacking from last week---also the Greenwood Mercantile Holiday open house is this weekend as well as the First Friday Vintage market---such a busy time of the year!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kansas City Marathon

Yesterday I ran my fourth half marathon here in Kansas City.  It was a brisk cold morning in the 30's---race started at 7:05 in the morning so getting up at 4 o'clock was not the most fun.

I ran the first 7.5 miles with my friend Kelly who was running her first full marathon.  I did my best to keep up a good pace and we were running between the 2:10 and the 2:15 half marathon pace---so far so good.  After I split off from her things were going well until the 10 mile mark where I got a stitch in my right side really hurt so I slowed my pace and hit the port-a-potty and kept on running as best I could.  I finished in 2:18:43---still a personal best for me.  I took it easy most of the day with my stomach still not happy.  I went to bed early and have a busy day today so hoping my legs don't hurt too bad.

Today I am packing for my Nebraska workshops---two 3 day back to back ---looking forward to the classes.

Here I am in the finish shoot about to cross the line---I saw my husband and looked back at him and smiled to get this picture.

Here I am at the finisher's photo area with my medal---overall a successful run.

Another good thing this week was that my daughter Chelsea received the Golden B award for her work at Bloomingdale's in San Francisco in Visual Merchandising---I am so proud of her for achieving this award.  It was a surprise to her and since we were just in California we couldn't go back but wrote messages to her which were included in her presentation by her boss.  Way to go Chelsea!  A good week for her because it was also her fifth wedding anniversary and her 34th birthday.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Biking the Katy Trail

This past Monday I rode the train to Jefferson City with my husband and met up with three other guys to bike a section of the Katy Trail---we only covered about 135 miles of it on our journey.  For more detailed info on the trail you can check out this link.

The furthest I had ever ridden my bike was about 28 miles---I did learn some stuff about biking.

We had perfect weather or this trip, with cool mornings and warm sunny afternoons.  The first day we travelled west from Jefferson city to meet up with two that biked from Columbia and then rode back to Jeff City where we spent the night and prepared for out longest leg of our journey to Hermann Mo, a quaint river town known for it's wineries and breweries.

This was taken at lunch in Jeff City---met this gal Nancy who was biking from Montana to St. Louis Missouri---she was traveling on her own and had been on the road since late July---amazing!

Here I am ready to take off for Hermann.  We stayed at hotels or B & B's although many to camp along the trail---not me!

We rode over 50 miles the first day arriving in Hermann around 5 o'clock---after checking in to our room and showering we headed to a little bar and restaurant in Hermann.  My "sit upon" was sore and would be my biggest problem of the trip---will do somethings differently before doing this again.

The trail runs along an old rail bed and the Missouri river which is visible at times,

Hermann had lots of neat fall displays for Octoberfest.

The next day we rode from Hermann to Augusta---the treat that night was getting to soak in a jacuzzi tub which was most wonderful!!!  We stayed at a wonderful B & B and ate dinner at The Ashley Rose---I had the best liver and onions!

 The B & B in Augusta

My room---Miss Heather

Far be it from me not to antique shop along the way---this wonderful basket had to go home with me---it was made in 1984 by C. Boyd in Floyd Virginia ---after searching on the internet when I got home I found out he was a well known basket maker---it is vey heavy and made of white oak and is the strongest of baskets---amazing!!!

I felt like Dorothy---all I needed was Toto!

 The last day of our journey took us to St. Charles Mo where we took a shuttle to Kirkwood to catch the train back to Kansas City.

I was the only one on the trip with flat tires---3 in fact but only had to change one on the path.  The path is covered with pea gravel with some sharp edges and my tires seem to like them.

The five of us ant the end of our ride in St. Charles

Our bikes back at union Station in KC waiting to be loaded on the back of the car.

My rear end is no longer sore but to compensate for "sitting" I started doing a lot of riding stand up and pedaling hard ---(the Katy trail is relatively flat so you are pedaling all the time)--  so that I could coast a bit which increased the work on my quad muscles so they were sore--- I think I have recovered enough that I can get an easy run in this morning...only one week till my half marathon--what was I thinking?????

Now I am getting ready for my workshops in Nebraska---looking forward to these fun workshops!