Sunday, May 14, 2017

A very random post in an attempt to show what has kept me so busy this Spring

February took me to Waukesha Wisconsin to kick off 2017  and then to Athens, Georgia for two workshops.  I flew to both of these workshops due to being afraid to plan a road trip in February---would have worked out due to mild February.  The end of February was the Lenexa hook-in---always a great day.  Then I was off to Springfield Mo and then to New Braunfels Tx.  May took me back to Georgia to Peachtree City and Cummings.  Wednesday I am leaving for Lancaster PA...then have a little break until heading back to Texas to Tyler.

 Waukesha WA

 Athens GA

 Springfield MO
 New Braunfels TX

 Peachtree City

 Cummings GA