Monday, July 28, 2014

Ready to go home

Well our deck building fun is over, the party was a success and I am ready to go home.

They are still planning to close in the area under the deck and put a clear plastic corrugated roof on the top---but we are done with our part.

Dinner out Friday night gave us this beautiful view in Berkeley.

It was good to be here and be able to help, but like Dorothy would say---
there's no place like home!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Oh my aching body!

Well here is the deck update...

For the past three days I have officially become a deck builder---mostly working on railings and stairs.  Here is the latest picture:

Last night we decided to add another railing on the stairs by the bushes so it is back to work today and also going to start the wood strips on the top structure which will create a lattice to hold the Suntuf cover---the cover will probably wait to be done after we leave.

We did have a nice fire in the backyard one night---burning scrap wood.

Here is the front yard after playing desperate landscaper---getting closer to party time---Sunday will be here soon.  Family and friends are coming to the Open House so we have lots of food to get ready.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Oakland here I come

Leaving this morning for Oakland.    My daughter Chelsea and her husband are replacing their old deck on the house they purchased two years ago.  My hubby has been there since Sunday working on it and the plan is to have an open house  while we are there to celebrate two years of yard work and share with their family and friends.  My job is party planning although I think I will get roped into what the boys are calling "play" and working on the deck.

Here are some pictures...

Here is the before---

Progress is being made---yeah!

I am winding down from wedding mode and getting back into the swing of things.  The weather in Kansas has been delightful this week so did a lot of running and biking.

Well time to get in line for boarding.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dye pots, vintage market, fighting off a cold etc.

I have been in the dye pots yesterday and today catching up on orders and getting ready for some upcoming workshops.  I also straightened the shelves in my wool room :)

Friday I went to the vintage market---here are some of my goodies:

This was already sold but I thought it was a neat idea to make a wine rack out of my old ladder

this was a giant flower frog---that is a dime next to it---it is 7.5 inches side and 3.5 inches tall---it had to come home with me

this was a great pair of suitcases---plan to keep them and take a couple of others ones out to my shop

this is an oily rag can for my son in law---he had just told me he was looking for one when he was here for the wedding---he has been looking for 6 months---and there it was at Bella Patina---I have a very happy son in law!

they also was an ash shovel to clean out their fireplace from an opening outside their house---I found a cute green one for only $6.00

Okay now for a few more wedding pictures---can't wait to get pictures from the photographer.

Here are some of our details
 the cupcake tower before the cupcakes
 Table settings---mismatched china and silver
 the view toward the vineyard

 A view from the rooftop deck
 First dance
 Father /daughter first dance
A quiet moment with mom

Okay that is it for tonite!  Time to go get the wool out of the washer and fix dinner---Anita

Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 28, 2014 Sarah and Philip's wedding

Okay here it is---the first peek at the wedding.  The rain stopped and it was a mad dash to go with an outdoor wedding ceremony.  These photos are courtesy of Matt King---my running buddy and friend---Kelly's husband.  I am  looking forward to going through 3000 photos to pick out 400 to edit from our photographer Shawn Bradley.  Giving other credits---kudos to Blue Moon Caterers in Wichita for some great food and wonderful staff, and Joshua May, the DJ who did an amazing job.  The event center Grace Hill provided a beautiful setting for their wedding.

The bride, with her sister and father entering the ceremony

Mom reading a poem to her daughter fighting off tears

 Sarah and Philip saying their "I do's"

the newly married couple

The last of our company left yesterday and I am still in recovery mode---so much more to tell...but right now it is 53 degrees outside and I am going out for a much needed run.