Thursday, May 31, 2012

More rugs from Wool Sisters

Well I am finally getting around to posting some more pictures from here goes.

This is a rug designed by Sharon---I think the textures work well in the loon and the bird---she is planning to needle felt in some of the birch trees she wants in the distance...the cattails are sculpted and when I got home I dyed the sky for her.  Here is a photo of the sky wool...these strips are 60 inches wide and 8 inches deep and will be cut and hooked in order.

This next one is Mary's wool gatherer---a pattern from Red Saltbox---her hairdo is a work in progress as we were experimenting with a braid---we'll see if it stays or goes.

Ane this is Diana's long runner that a friend helped her design.  One neat thing about this rug is that the truck was originally owned by the Gruelle family (originators of Raggedy Ann and Andy) and they are in the driver's seat---not hooked yet in this picture but according to Diana when I talked to her this morning they are done).
 This rug was Mary Lou's---Wild women never get the blues---what a great fun rug this is!

And here is Wendy's rug called Flower Basket---her own design from Red Saltbox.  She wanted to use paisley and she is using it well in the flowers and leaves!

This is Kathy's fraktur bird and flowers---she too used paisley in her color planning---what a delightful bird and flowers!

Libby was working on Here Birdie, Birdie another Red Saltbox pattern---check out her great flag using a five loop technique to make a start---love the expression on the cat's face!

Penny was a color loving student so we had great fun bringing this piece to life---a very happy purple dog!

We went to the lake over Memorial day---great fun!

We are having cool morning right now and I am loving it and glad it is supposed to hold over into Saturday morning---my 5K Hospital Hill race is Saturday morning at 7 o'clock.

I have been in the dye pots the past two days getting ready for The Caraway Rug school---leaving in a couple of weeks...yikes!!!

Some fruits of my labor...

That's it for today!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun with the Wool Sisters

What a great time was had by all with this great group of women.  Such fun---so much laughter and yet so much accomplishment!  And so much good food---Elizabeth is a great cook!

Here are some of the projects done by the students.

This is Bobbie's "Ride 'em"---a pattern by Sharon Smith---this little girl is sporting a paisley scarf and the horse has red paisley reins---check out this close-up

Ginger  hooked a pattern called "The Reader"  also by Sharon Smith---she did a great job with the dog and girl---can't wait to see this one finished.

We had many discussions about those helicopters in the background---there were many ideas about they really were.

Several of the students actually finished rugs...

Here are some of them

This is Penny's "Dog in the Window" ---this is Ruby---isn't she a great dog---Penny called herself a dirty hooker so we had great fun with this one---even worked in a couple of paisley patches.

Melanie finished this Fish pattern designed my Margaret Pitman.  She even got the binding sewn on but I didn't get the picture with the binding on---she used the black dotted fabric and will be about 3/4 inch wide showing around the edge.  Great job Melanie!

Faye worked on my newest cupboard design called "Give a Hoot"---She got it finished and decided to add a proddy edge and make it into a pillow---Love the purple background and the edge really make this one sing.

I will post more pictures soon...I drove all the way home on Tuesday in one day---not sure that I'll try that again any time soon.  I was pooped out all day Wednesday---even took a nap which is something I almost never do.

I am busy working on preparations for the Caraway camp in North Carolina---plan to hit the dye pots today before heading to the lake for the weekend.

Have a great Memorial day weekend.

Friday, May 11, 2012

A beautiful day at Pomme de Terre

Yesterday we came to our place at the lake---wonderful weather!

I will be heading to Alabama next week to teach a workshop for the Wool Sisters---really looking forward to this as I have heard many good things about this group.

The house is just about finished being put back together.  I have had fun putting things back together and hanging many rugs.

this is the stairwell down to the studio---since I took this picture I decorated the little spool stand with lots of fun sewing things

this is one the wall going up to the second floor

I like that it covers up some of the areas where I had to do some touch up painting---who would know!

A few weeks ago I posted a small picture of my mother that I found---I had the picture enlarged and changed to a sepia tone and printed on canvas---I framed it in an antique walnut frame---I just love that ir has a paisley background.  I think that she was about 17 in this photograph...she was the youngest of 11 and unfortunately died when she was only 38 of Hodgkins lymphoma---my youngest daughter Sarah has my mother's name, Pauline, as her middle name.  Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there---enjoy your special day.  I wish that I could be with my daughters on Sunday but I  know that they will be thinking of me---or they better!!!!  My daughter Chelsea will be going to see her Mother in Law on Sunday---fortunately for her they live closer than I do.

this is some of Chelsea's artwork I found when I was cleaning out the back storage area---not sure what those toys are????

We had a huge storm last Sunday and our sump pump quit working without our knowing it so we had water in the basement---fortunately just in the storage area---spent many hours cleaning it up and washing wool that got wet.

This is my old dining room turned office / sitting room---the green chair is my Mother's Day gift---love how it goes with my rug.

Well gotta go enjoy my time at the lake---and do some hooking!

heading home tomorrow as i am running in race on Sunday for Mother's day---hoping for a new PR!