Friday, August 26, 2016

Getting ready to leave today to head to the hook-in in Warsaw Mo.

We have had enough rain---yesterday morning I came downstairs after being up most of the night with our dog Fred---and discover that the sump pump had stopped working and had water in the basement again---fortunately hubby was able to get it going again and it seemed to stay on last night---lots of rain and thunder last night again.

Update on surgery---The ultrasound showed inflammation in the right elbow but not the left---they both hurt so not sure and neither showed anything on the EMG, so when the doctor said she  wanted to do both carpal and cubital tunnel surgery on both sides my inner self told me to question her decision.  She said that there was nothing else other that surgery to fix it---hmmm!  Since I am not having the carpal tunnel surgery until the end October i have some time to see what I can find out and do.  Right now I am thinking I will just do the carpal and see what the outcome is...I plan to ice and splint the elbows at night to keep from bending my elbows all night...someone suggested acupuncture to me so might check into that.

Tomorrow when I get home from Warsaw Baxter will be here.  Yeah!!!

A new idea in the studio---pot filler----used my sprayer with a rubber band holding the button in!  Amazed that it did not fly everywhere.

Latest pictures of Baxter---he looks older than 14 months!  What fun we will have!

Off to finish packing.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

more pictures from Ohio

I realized I have more to post from Ohio

Beautiful rugs!!!

Here are a few other rugs you might like"

This is my newest paisley pattern---Kashmir Paisley---a closeup of a small area in the border of the shawl was my inspiration.

This is a small mat ---before I finished it for my Yoga studio---It is now hanging on the wall at the studio!

The next two rugs were hooked by Mary Mace a student of mine for many years---this design was artwork by her granddaughter---LOVE it!
  A great geometric using up leftover wool---so pretty!

this is the State Line Rug Hooker's guild Philanthropy rug for 2016---just the binding left to do---raffle tickets will be sold to support the Kansas City Public Library.

                                                Counting down the days to see this little guy!

I did it---I posted again---this afternoon is the ultrasound on my elbows----hoping for the best!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trying to get back in the swing of blogging

I can't believe 5 months have gone by since I last posted on my blog---I know I cannot do a very thorough job of catching up so I will try to hit a few highlights.  I have had many emails from loyal followers who have been worrying about me.  It was due to many things---mostly getting out of the habit of posting---being too busy with life and just plain not making time for it.  I am also dealing with some hand and possible elbow issues---definite severe carpal tunnel and am having an ultrasound on my elbows on Tuesday.  Will have surgery after I finish my fall workshops.

So here goes:

In early April  I had a wonderful  time teaching two three day workshops for our local State Line Rug Hooker's Guild---what a great group of women and men we have in our group.

 Carol was working on an adaptation of a stained glass mermaid---an interesting art piece

April also took me back to Santa Fe---such a great town!  Carrie Martin ran a great camp at the La Fonda Hotel.  Unfortunately my camera was acting up and I did not get many pictures.  Trust me when I say this is a must camp to get to---such a wonderful destination.  Thanks Jody for going with me---it was a great time and I enjoyed your company!

In May I went to California to visit my grandson and attend a memorial for My daughter's father -in-law Paul Marin---a loving man who died from a battle with ALS.

Here are some pictures of Baxter---while we were there Baxter shared a intestinal bug with everyone
including a lot of people at the memorial service.

Baxter turned one on June 27th and I was sad not to be there for his first Birthday---here is the Birthday Boy!

I also finished my New England Twist sometime in the spring---I love it!

My husband and I also drove to Canada on a fishing trip on the English River---caught a lot of Northern pikes and Walleye

July took me to Ohio and two wonderful and memorable workshops for the Miami Valley Rug Hookers---this was without a doubt the best organized guild that I have ever taught for---lots of great students, great food and a  perfect venue and thank you Patty for putting me up in your lovely home!!!  They have a great facebook page so check out the Miami Valley Rug Hookers for more photos.  Enjoy the show!

I have also gone gray since my last post---the new me!  Very freeing---thank you Leah for your inspiration when I saw you in Santa Fe.

that's all folks---thanks for pushing me to get this done!

This  Saturday I am vending in Warsaw Mo---hope to see some of you there!

And Saturday is the day i have been waiting for---Chelsea, Baxter and Noah are coming to Kansas---Baxter's first airplane ride!  I can't wait !!!

  Oh and a new Cupboard pattern almost finished---will have it in Warsaw!

the end!