Friday, April 29, 2011

the royal wedding

I got up early---only because I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep so have been watching the wedding and hooking.

I am getting ready for a hooking retreat weekend at The Barn in Valley Falls KS---have packed my hat and gloves and my teacup...we will hook and I'm sure watch some more TV coverage of the wedding.  The sun is shining so it should be a great day.

It brought back memories of my wedding day---without all the pomp and circumstance but  still a meaningful day over 40 years ago---I was an almost 21 year old ( sounds better than 20) innocent with no real idea of what my life would become.  I made my own wedding dress and I think the whole wedding, reception in the church basement with cake and mints and some spiked punch cost less than $1000.  I think I heard an estimate for the Royal wedding was something like 23 million.  I wish for them a long and happy marriage.

No time for pictures but will try to post from The Barn.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Project---geometric

I have had this pattern in my mind for sometime---I drew it several years ago and kept it in my file of things to do.  I am doing a test piece in a 16 by 24 inch---not sure how large the final rug will be and not positive about the colors but I am trying it in reds and neutrals to see what I think.  All the wools are as is wools---3 reds and a paisley, 3 neutrals, and two darker neutrals for the lines---lighter one in the neutrals and a darker one in the reds.

Here are some pictures.

I plan to take it to The Barn this weekend so it should be finished soon.

It is  cloudy again today---I want sunshine!

I am having home classes today so I gotta run---the studio is still a mess from dyeing wool yesterday.

Have a great day!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

This week in review

Well here it is early Saturday morning.  This has been a catch up week of sorts---paperwork, dyeing, organizing, cleaning, etc.  I finished color planning the Crazy Horse Runner for Judi---wish I had taken a picture.  I had visitor from Oregon who had fun shopping for wool.  I taught a class at the shop in Greenwood and straightened up my wool and also put in some new things that I had gotten from my sister in Texas.  There is still more in the garage and hope to get to the rest of it before the antique show in Greenwood at the end of May.  I am hoping for some sunshine today...none yet.

I have classes at home this week so it will be good to see everyone...with my traveling schedule I haven't had as many as I normally do.  I leave in two weeks to go to Wisconsin to do two workshops.  The first one is in Waupaca and the second is for the Cream City group in the Milwaukee area.  The Waupaca area had 8 inches of fresh snow this week---make it go away!  I am looking forward to both of these workshops.  I will get to visit my friend Janet in Iowa both coming and going.  She is working on a great rug...Here is a picture of it that I took a few weeks ago.

It is called Blooms and Berries by Lynn Rudeger.  She is planning on doing the corners differently---without the bee so we discussed several possibilities so I'll get to see what the outcome is while I am there.

Next weekend our guild is hosting a retreat at The Barn in Valley Falls KS---a small group is attending but it promises to be fun.  We are planning a Royal wedding watch---complete with our tea cups and saucer---considering it will be so early in the morning mine is going to have coffee in it to wake me up.

I plan to start a new small rug---actually it is my design but I have never hooked it.  It is called Paisley Boteh and is a Primco House of Price Pattern.  I am hooking it as a student piece for Kate so it will be good to work on it while she is there to make sure that I am a good student.

This is the pattern---this one was started by a student in Arizona.

Well, I think that it is time to get I hope everyone has a great Easter with family and friends.  After mass tomorrow I am going to Topeka to meet my daughter from Manhattan for a late lunch, early dinner.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

last photos from Iowa

Today has been a good day---I got in a run,  I got a pedicure, had a wonderful dinner and am planning to work hard tomorrow.  It was good to have a day of rest.

here are the rest of the photos of Iowa projects...

I can't take any credit for this piece that Joanne was working on---It is a vision in her head and she was not working from a photograph---just a vision---WOW!

This is Mary's Symphony in Red---yes the backing is rd burlap---I love red!

This is Elsie's Jumbo Star a Lib Callaway pattern---one of my favorite patterns.   Elsie is off to a great start.  She was the organizer of this workshop and did a great very talented hooker!

I am missing my daughters---I will get tot see Sarah next Sunday for Easter dinner...hoping to seeing Chelsea sometime soon...might have to make a trip to Oakland Ca one of these days...I've been a bit emotional today thinking about them.  Love you both!!!!

More from Iowa

This mornings photos will center around Paisley design rugs hooked at the workshop.   The sun is shining and it is going to be a beautiful day.

This is a pillow that I designed for Eden.  She is still going to add a few more motifs to fill in around the paisleys.  I think it is going to be a beautiful pillow.

Karen chose to work on my Paisley runner that is 16 by 34---she got a lot done.  The border is changing to the border started at the bottom.

Marie chose my large single Paisley design that is 20 by 30.  I like to draw the basic design and let the students add the details---I like what she chose to do.

Wanda started with my runner pattern but changed the smaller paisley to go over the larger one---adapted from a shawl she was using as her inspiration.  She added some interesting smaller details.

Jane is doing the Paisley on Paisley design in a slightly smaller size than my original---about 28 by 48.  I will get to see this continue to develop as jane is also one of my home students.  I also owe a big thanks to her for transporting some of my wools to and from the camp.  Thanks Jane!

And last but not least of the paisley designs is Sharon's---she designed this one herself for a table mat and is going to finish it without a background---leaving some open areas.  I'm so excited to see this finished!
It was a delight to have Sharon in class as she has been my teacher at several workshops in the past.  I admire her work and am happy to call her my friend.

That's it for this post---one more tomorrow should finish up the Newton Workshop.

It looks like a great day for a run!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Newton Iowa workshop photos

It has been a busy day---wool got put away,  and paperwork got done,  twigs from the willow tree got raked---just to name a few.

We were just about ready to put a steak on the grill and no gas in the tank---so dinner is being delayed so have time to post a few pictures.

Here is the class photo---what a great group.  Now for some of their accomplishments.

Tania was hooking a large poppy pillow---here is the photo she was working from.

Beth's nephew Ben drew this lion when he was 4---a fun rug.  She is going to add a proddy border to repeat the prodded look of the lion's mane.

Marge, Beth's mom was working on a rug that was a collaboration between them---based on a song she sang in the morning to wake the kids up---she even sang the song or us.

This is Barb's pumpkin pillow---I talked her into doing a hooked braided border on the pillow---she came so close to is really going to make a great pillow!

Another pillow was being hooked by Kay---a beautiful scallop.

This is the last photo for this post---this is Diana's rug called Joanne's Quilt a Moshimer pattern.  She was doing a great job--be sure to click on the photo to make it larger to see the great details.

Dinner is almost ready...more later.

Wet and cold in Kansas

Well here it is early Saturday morning---even the joy of sleeping in my own bed last night still didn't get me  all the sleep I wanted so I am up enjoying my cup of coffee while my husband and dog sleep in and snore...something I didn't miss while I was gone since I don't hear myself snore.

Speaking of  Fred---here he is with his summer cut---not sure that I like it.  I keep wondering if he knows he looks different.

This is Fred before---lots more hair!

Okay, time to get a coffee refill and then post Iowa pictures before I start working.  Lots of wool to put away.

Sorry, changed my'll have to check back for the Iowa pictures.  I decided I needed to write some e-mails regarding my two Wisconsin workshops first.

Have a great day!


Friday, April 15, 2011

More from Ohio Rug Camp

I thought I would try to get the rest of the Ohio rugs posted tonite so that I can start the Iowa pictures.

So, moving on around the room brings us to the "Judy" table.

Here are their  rugs---

This is Judy's rug designed by a friend in Ohio and based on her grandmother's paisley.  I am anxious to see how this one comes out.

another Judy's,  Posy Basket, a Port Primitive pattern.  What a great pattern!

Phyllis was tackling a large floral runner---about 8 feet long called Field of Flowers---some great large flowers.

Sally was working on one of my Paisley designs called Paisley on Paisley---it is always fun to see different color plans for this pattern---I love teaching this patterns and having the students add the details to the motifs.  You will see  more paisley patterns in the Iowa workshop pictures.

Here is Evelyn's Kitty chairpad---a Red Saltbox pattern with a changed head to look like her kitty.  Purrrr!

This is half of Noreen's eagle pattern callled Liberty from Spruce Ridge---love this pattern!

and last but not least, Jean worked on two patterns of her own designs called her '"freedom series"---

Thanks for a great week---looking forward to seeing these rugs finished!

Back in Kansas

Wow!  What a great two weeks.  I got home around noon today and have been unpacking and trying to get settled in.  I drove through lots of rain and the wool in my yellow tubs got wet---no more yellow tubs---I am going bak to good old Rubbermaid!  I am hoping that it will dry out without putting it in the dryer by spreading the damp pieces around to get some air.

I am too pooped to post pictures today but hope to get back to it soon.  I did want to post the finished picture of Madonna's rug that I received today.  Way to go Madonna!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More from Ohio Rug Camp

Well here it is Sunday morning and I will be heading to my next workshop today.  After a couple of days of R & R,  I will hit the road later this morning.

Before I post some things from Ohio I'll share a few pictures of our Saturday antiquing adventure.  I didn;t buy much but I enjoyed the day.  At a shop in Coal Valley, Il I found a few small oil cans which I hope to make into pin cushions...I'll post a picture when I do.  At the next shop there I took some pictures of some wonderful vintage kitchen displays...check this out.

and here are a few close-up shots...

At another shop in Geneseo we found 4 old antique is a picture...they are still there if anyone is interested in them...priced around $50 each.  Not in the best of condition but still interesting.

I rearranged the rugs for this photo...and left them nicely displayed for the next person.  They were just kinda wadded up and not being treated with the respect they were due.

So now back to Ohio...

This is Cindy's flower basket---she redrew a few of the flowers.  This is going to be a great little rug.  Click on the rug to see the directional hooking which really helps the basket and the wonderful paisleys used in the rug.

I am working my way around the room and this next one is Sandy's Button Basket, a Holly Hill design.

Sandy was working her color inspiration around a crewel rug she had seen and loved the colors ---I think she is well on her way to a great rug.

Weathervane horse was hooked by Kathy for her granddaughter...we played around with different border ideas and this is the one Kathy decided on.  She has a grey horse and purple is one of her favorite colors.  Jensen is a lucky little girl.

Gail was working on a PJ Rankin pattern called Majestic...and certainly this is going to be a proud bird done if soft teals.  Check out the paisley in his tail.  If you look closely you will see the color plan for the tongues on the right.

Kathy chose a floral runner from Black Sheep Wool...the soft muted floral is going to be beautiful...while still a work in progress and Kathy is working out the flowers...the bottom right flower got too large so she changed the shape to get it smaller...the flower above she kept the shape but was making it smaller---I think that is going to win.

Well that's it for this morning...more pictures to come so stay tuned.

The sun is shining and it is a great day!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ohio Rug Camp

I had good intentions of posting to my blog while I was in Ohio however my computer did not work in the cabin I was staying in and I was usually too pooped by the time I got back to the cabin.

I am now in Iowa at my friend Janet's house.  I stayed in Angola IN Thursday night.  I had a rather uneventful trip until I stopped at an Antique Mall in Peru IL---my second antiquing stop yesterday.  I was walking down the first row of booths and there laying in a chair was a paisley shawl...yeah!  I continued through the mall and in one of the glass cases rolled up on the bottom shelf was another one---and it was even better than the first.  That made my day!

When I arrived at Janet's we unloaded the tubs of wool off the back of my car because I had been in quite a bit of rain---and the new yellow tubs that I brought had leaked and there was wet wool in we had some wool to dry.  The wool in the blue tubs was just fine and one of the yellow tubs had bagged wool for some students in Iowa and it was just fine.

Janet took me to the hospital emergency room to get the staples out of my head---it hardly seemed like an emergency but that is what they told me to do.  Too bad the staple puller in my desk drawer couldn't have worked.

We had a fun relaxing evening enjoying a great salmon dinner and a dip in her hot tub and after a good nights sleep, a cup of coffee and computer access I am ready to share some things from the Ohio Rug Camp.

I had a great class of 15 talented women who turned out some great work.  We got the ball rolling Sunday evening and kept it going.

Over the next few posts I'll share some of their work with you.

This is a Martina Lesar pattern called Cheltenham or something like that.

  1. Cheltenham  32x49

As you can see she changed the blobs to acorns which really worked well.

Kathy designed this pattern as a pillow for her nephew---I see the moon and the moon sees me, God bless the moon and God bless me...lucky nephew!  She did a great job with her lettering.

Linda was working on a Holly Hill design called Antique Floral.  Don't you just love her leaf in the corner?  Linda wanted the orange background in the leaf and it is going to really set the rug off.  Be sure and click on the pictures to enlarge them.

That's all for now---a lovely breakfast is waiting for me.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Early Sunday Morning

I arrived at the hotel in time to catch the Butler/VCU game---didn't want to get back in the car so I ordered delivery from Donato's ( pizza and salad ) and worked on trying to finish my rug while I watched the game.  I only made it through half of the Kentucky/UConn game.  Congrats to Butler and UConn---I'm still a Jayhawk fan but it is what it is.

   I have about 30 inches left of sewing on the wool binding, then I have to go around and tack the inside down all the way around, but that part goes pretty fast.  When I was carrying the rug in the elevator a lady in the elevator was quite taken with the rug.  Who knows---maybe she will become a future rug hooker!

I'll be in the road soon---I'm thinking about a stop at Trader Joe's---I think I passed one last year on my way there.

I was right---it didn't all fit but thanks to Jane the rest will arrive in Iowa next weekend in time for the Iowa workshop.  Thanks Jane!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ohio and Iowa here I come

I took this shot of stuff to get loaded in the car---

This morning I loaded it except for the five tubs that go on the back---and it isn't all going to fit.


I plan to get an early start in the morning and make it to Dayton---I'm hoping there won't be bad traffic in Indianapolis like there was last year.

Head is still tender---good thing I have a soft pillow---I'm going to try to squeeze it in.

Off to run errands.