Sunday, April 29, 2012

Home from St. Louis Hook-in

What a great time we had at the St. Louis Hook-in yesterday.  It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet many new hookers as well.

Here is a shot of my booth with my great helpers.

                                                                  What a crew!!!

Here is a picture of my new friend and Rug Show winner Hilda---great job!  She won $50 in vendor bucks.

On Friday we went to Skifo on the hill to shop---here is a picture of me in my new sweater vest---I just had to wear it yesterday.  Love it!!!

Note the fun chopstick closure!  Be sure and check this shop out if you are in St. Louis---on Marconi street.

We had a fun drive home from St. Louis in hard rain---sirens were going off bu fortunately we drove out of it.  Was sorry to hear about the damage near the stadium.  Hope all the "hookers"  made it home safely.

Here is a picture of a paisley rug that a former student in St. Louis brought in to show me---thanks Jo.  You did great!  I drew an adaptation of an antique rug that I found in Minnesota many years ago with no markings and purchased it.  I love what she did with it.

Well time to go---will write more this week.

Oh, one more thing.  Here are a couple of pictures that my daughter sent me of a window display she did for Bloomingdales in San Francisco---I am a proud mom.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Almost finished

Well the floors and stairs are done---still decorating and am anxious to put my rugs down---two more weeks to go.  I put a couple down for the picture.

Tomorrow I am loading the Pathfinder to head to Kirkwood Mo. to vend at the hook-in on Saturday---hope to see many of you there.    We have reservations at Charlie Gitto's on Friday night.    Yummy!!!!

I ran in the Olathe Marathon last Saturday---I just ran a 5K---but was happy that I came in first in my age group---I did better than I did the previous week.

I am pooped!  About ready to head to bed early tonight!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things are coming together

Well it has been a long week...but things are progressing.

The floors are finished---just some wall touch up still being done,  To cover up some of my touch up painting I plan to make a gallery wall of some of my hooked rugs on the wall going up the stairway.  I wil post a picture when I get it done.  The carpet  runner on the stairs is still waiting to be laid next Monday---so I do not want to hang anything until that is finished.

I have the major pieces in place but still need to bring back out the smalls---trying to edit what I put in and plan to take some things to my shop in Greenwood.  I find it hard to part with my "stuff" but stuff is stuff, right?  I am even considering selling some of my hooked pieces...when they are are piled up it is hard to believe there are that many pieces!

This is the family room---fresh flowers from Trader Joes.

The breakfast nook---I moved my dining room table to this area and I love it---we are actually using it!

My dining room is now my sitting room---love my grandmother's desk in the bay window with my laptop---this is where I am sitting right now.  Can't wait to fill the cupboards.

This is my carpet that is going up the middle of my stairs---I know, I could have hooked something, but didn't think it was a good idea with my dog.

I did my race last Saturday---I came in fourth in my age group---missed third by 14 seconds and second my 21 seconds----I should have eaten my wheaties!  It was a bad hair day!

Okay time to get busy---must prepare for the St. Louis Hook-in next weekend---hope to see lots of you there.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update on floor

Well, I am still at the lake, but my hubby went home to check on the floor and to put in the baseboard molding he made.  Here is a picture of the new floor.  I can't wait to see it in person---but wait I must until Friday when Fed and I head home.

Everything is covered with dust from the sanding.  I guess that I will be vacuuming the walls and wiping them down.  I do not plan to be in a big hurry to replace the furniture.  I plan to take my time and edit what I have and where to put it.  Everything will need furniture pads---and no rugs on the floor for a that will be a hard one for me.

I do think my orange cupboard from the studio is going to come upstairs.  Here it is downstairs.

I have one upstairs that will go in its place to hold my stuff---oh I am getting excited!

Well it has warmed up a bit and I need to go get my run in---I am running a 5k on Saturday called Rock the Parkway---I am not expecting it to be my finest race---but I am still planning on doing it.  My left knee had a bit of a flare up as well as some pain in my neck with numbness and tingling in my arm and fingers---not good but I have got to keep moving---makes me feel better when I do.  Afterwards I plan to do some crappie fishing at the dock and then some hooking in the trailer.

Here is a teaser of something that I hooked while i was here.

Have a great day!

Oh one other note---I was in a consignment shop in Camdenton Mo yesterday and was checking out and in the glass case was a flatware set for $25---it was the Rogers "Daffodil" pattern that I have that was my mom's---the pattern was introduced in 1950, the year I was born.  It was missing the teaspoons but there were quite a few serving pieces that I do not have as well as knives, forks and soup spoons.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Living at the lake

Well I have some catching up to do, so here goes.

Our wood floors were started last Tuesday, so it was a fun week.  New wood was being added and the old refinished so it will all match---the whole first floor will now be wood and the staircase will have wood caps with a carpet runner up the stairs.  We had to leave Saturday morning when they were doing the final prep so I am nervous about what it is going to look like.  My husband is heading home tomorrow so he can do the baseboards and some other trim work---I am staying at the lake with our dog to give the floors a few more days to cure---Fred is going to the dog groomers on our way home from the lake to get his nails ground smooth.

Color decision day---went with the one on the far right---provincial.

Blending the old with the new.

Makes the room look bigger when it is empty

this is home sweet home at the lake...caught a couple of crappie this morning but only one was big enough to keep so we let it go---not worth cleaning one fish.

Been doing a little hooking---plan to finish one of my cupboard pieces while I am here---Flock in Flowers---one I had never hooked and plan to kit it for the hook-in in St. Louis.

Have a great week!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

NCAA---March Madness

Last night was a great night!!!

Sorry all my Ohio friends, but we sure enjoyed watching the Jayhawks advance to the final game.  Even Fred enjoyed the game...

I guess you know what I'll be watching Monday night.

Tomorrow the "college hunks" are coming to move all our furniture off the main floor---I am teaching class in the morning so I tagged all the pieces with which room that I want them taken to.

Tuesday they will start laying the new floors and by Thursday they will  most likely be sanding the old floors---what a mess it will be but I am looking forward to the results.  We will head to the lake when they start staining and finishing---I guess I will stay there with my dog until it is safe for the dog to be on the floors---he will need a good pedicure for sure!  I will have to be back for classes on the 16th though.  Maybe he could wear booties.

It will be a good excuse for me to get some hooking done.

Hot here in Kansas today.