Saturday, June 27, 2015

Baxter is here!!!!

Baxter made a grand entrance into this world---my daughter is a rock star!!!

She went into early labor around midnite---contractions irregular and far apart---went for a walk in her neighborhood around noon---contractions around 5 minutes apart but coping---called the doula to come and whamo---here comes Baxter---Noah driving to the hospital with Chelsea and the doula in the backseat trying not to push---left their house at 3 PM and Baxter was born at 3:28 with no drugs--nurses were awesome---we missed the delivery by about 5 minutes as Noah had no time to give us warning.

                                                       Love you baby Baxter!!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Still no Baxter

Come on guys---send Chelsea some MOJO---this baby needs to be born!  Maybe if you all think some positive vibes he will feel it and will want to come on out.  She and Noah have invested a lot of time and effort into having a natural childbirth and she is not wanting to be induced---scheduled for next Tuesday.  We have walked and walked---as well as having tried lots of other things---Last night
we went to Skipolini's Pizza and had the Prego Pizza---also foot reflexology, accupuncture, and lots of other  things.

I have been hooking on Twirly Whirly---not a great picture but am happy with how it is turning out.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Due date came and went

I am still having trouble adjusting to the time change in California and woke up early.  It is hard to believe I have been in CA for over two weeks now.  The first few days I was here were spent at my daughter's home---going to see the doctor, watching her get an ultrasound and seeing my grandson on the screen his little heart pumping away and going to their childbirth class with them to name a few.

Then it was off to Cambria Rug Camp---great camp and great students!  Then back to Oakland where I move into my home away from home for a month---a small converted garage but since I wasn't there much except to sleep it has worked out great---my hubby arrived yesterday and now it is even smaller---I woke up early and am sitting on the floor in the bathroom while he is still sleeping and writing this post.

Now I will go back and fill in some of the details.

Beautiful water in Cambria at Moonstone Beach

Robin's colorful pile of wools, dyed velvets, sari silks and yarns etc. and the picture below is what she accomplished with them---so lively and colorful!  the pattern is called "Supposed to Be" by Cindi Gay---such a happy rug!

Karen was working on a Susan Quicksall pattern called "Old Penn"---she had bought it as a kit but wanted to work the Pattern in a more primitive way without all of the outlining so this is the beginning of what we came up with adding a few more textures and of course some paisley.
 I designed this pattern of Carol's dog Jimi which she worked on in addition to some other finishing work...there will also be writing in the corners---we tweaked him a bit during the hooking process---such a happy little guy!

Barbara was working on Pumpkin Thyme by Kris Miller---I just love how he is turning out ---we had communicated about colors prior to camp and for the most part we stuck with them---love how all of the textures and colors came together---even his paisley cumberband! 

Kathy was working on one of my all time favorite patterns---Jumbo Star---a Lib Callaway pattern---it is hooked in colors similar to one that I hooked and I love it!!!

Denise was working on a Sharon Smith pattern called "Copenhagen"---What fun this is!  I would love to be in Copenhagen and visit a scene like this.

This was a pattern that I taught at the Biennial in Louisville---Beth restarted it in her colors since the kit at the biennial that she got was too pink---I love seeing this pattern come together!

Trudy's pattern Bunny Beauty is coming together nicely---some trial and error in getting the bunny right but now she is on her way---love the touch of color in the flowers.

Kitty was working with yarns to create these colorful mats---she plans yo do a series of these---great flow of color in the water---a free spirit!
  Pam was working on "Poppies on the Edge of town"  a Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern---a lively mixed media piece---I love how the mountains and water are coming together in the background and they sky will make it all pop.

No Susan didn't get this all hooked at camp---but she did get the border and lettering done which really frames the scene nicely.---the fox looks quite happy with himself!

My apologies to Jane---somehow my picture of her rug at the rug show is missing---she was working on Birds and Pomegranates redesigned removing the birds and adding more pomegranates---love her smile---maybe she will send me a picture :)

Shirley was working on three different pieces---this is the last one she started---the octopus in the center is going to be so colorful---another mixed media piece---yarns silks and lots of shimmer!

American floral by Maggie B was Sandra's pattern---a great pattern and great hooking!  Thanks Sandra for your fun spirit.

Jean chose "Bird's eye view" by Pris Butler---a very fun pattern with a big soon to be black dog---wish the outline showed up better in the picture---it was the two sided black and white with what looks like little dog bones!

My apologies to Donna as well---her picture of her piece is also missing but here she is on the right busy working away.  Donna is an accomplished braider and spent much of her time helping others with some braiding---I have great admiration---she even helped me with my mock braiding in corner turning for a continuous braid---many thanks!

   I have tried unsuccessfully to rotate this one---I give up---Vicki was doing a great job with this pattern---she was removing the wording and is planning on adding her grandchildren's footprints on a path in that area---the flowers repeat on the other side in the pattern.

Class photo on a nice sunny day!

My husband's birthday was yesterday the 19th---we were so hoping Baxter would be born yesterday.

He is still holding out---maybe tomorrow on Father's day.