Monday, January 31, 2011

The end of January

Well here it is---the end of January.  Yesterday was my birthday and I was not feeling well at all...still not feeling much better.  It is a beautiful warm day here but I have hardly been outside at all---mucinex d seems to be helping some .  We have a cold front coming---possibility of ice and snow in Texas---this is some weird winter weather!

Here is an update of my Floral Runner---a digital photo is a good way to look at your work---I see a few areas that need tweaking---esp. the large leaf on the end---I don't like the way it attaches to the stem.

We are still trying to figure out what we are going to do about heading home---my go thru the hill country---just trying to figure out the weather.  We are leaving where we are on the 8th.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Whooping Cranes

Yesterday afternoon we went on a boat tour to see the whooping cranes.  It was a great trip---it was the prettiest day that we have had since getting here.  Here is a picture of the cranes.  They are huge birds---standing about 5 feet tall and a wingspan of 7 1/2 feet.

We tried fishing again this morning---no luck.  I am going to work on my rug instead.

I am really bummed that I did not get to do the Surf and Turf run this morning---am laying low and trying not to do any more damage  to the knee until I get home and have it looked at.  Right now it seems to be getting better but am taking it easy.

I am looking forward to the KU/K-State basketball game tonite at 6 PM.

Doug went back out fishing---hopefully he will catch dinner...if not, back to my favorite fishing spot.
I am hoping for drum, but would settle for grouper.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday night in Rockport

I love oysters!  I am trying to eat my fill of them while I am here---tonite I invented a pasta recipe using oysters with bow tie pasta---made a healthly cream sauce using milk and flour thickened oyster juice---yum!  I used one strip of peppered bacon, green onions, garlic, a tomato, some creole seasoning with some fresh parmesan cheese grated on top....I think I'll call it Oyster Casino Pasta.

This morning we went to the Aransas Wildlife refuge---did not see the whooping cranes so I guess we'll have to take the boat trip out to see them on another sunny day.  But check this fella out...

it was a beautiful day at the refuge---here I am enjoying the day.

I was asked about my paisley pincushions---here is what the finished product looks like.

Tomorrow we are going to Corpus Christi to shoot trap and skeet with my brother in law and go to dinner with my sister---Doug is also doing some computer work for her at her shop.

Okay time to ice the knee...nite!

Sunny day!

Well we finally had a sunny day.  We tried fishing again but no luck---so back to the fish market!

I ran again this morning but now my knee is sore again and there is swelling behind the knee.  I googled it on the internet---a dangerous thing to do---I think it might have something to do with the I don't think that I am going to do the run on Saturday---I am bummed, but I don't want to do further damage and will have it looked at when I get home---in the meantime I will walk and take advil or tylenol.

Today I worked on making my paisley pincushions---so no hooking today.  Tonite I will stuff them while I watch  TV.  Tomorrow should be another sunny day---might go to the Aransas Wildlife refuge.

Well, I didn't get this posted yesterday so it is now Wednesday.  The swelling in my knee is better so I am hoping some r & r will help things.  We are going to the Refuge today---hoping to see a whooping crane.

Here is a picture of the Big Tree in Lamar, TX.  The circumference is 35 feet and it is estimated to be over 1000 years old.

My mind is jumping around---not sure why I thought of this next picture, but I love it!

This is a picture of a tiled bench that I took in Arizona---inspiration for rugs comes from many sources...wouldn't this make a lovely runner!

Well time to go get ready to go---have a great day and let something new inspire you today!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday---going fishing again

No luck fishing yesterday but we had a good time.

 So this is where we went fishing---the local seafoods market.  We got snapper and shrimp---had some fresh oysters still in the fridge so we made Seafood Puttanesca---OH YUM---have enough leftover for another meal tonight.

We went to the Maritime Museum yesterday as well---very educational and interesting.

I've been working on my rug some is an update.  There is still a long ways to go.


This morning I went wade fishing---didn't catch anything but my legs sure got cold.

Here I am in my gear.

Whoa!  This is embarrassing--These are plastic waders in a size large over all my clothes.  It was really fun---Fred, my dog loved the beach---he had to get his legs bathed when we got back-but he had a great time.

  These are Spoonbills---there are an incredible variety of birds here.

The KU Jayhawks play at 3 today so I guess I'll watch the game and hook.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday in Rockport

It is cold this morning---30 degrees but it sure feels colder!  The weatherman says it feels like 24.  At least there is no snow so I am not complaining.  I tried crabbing yesterday with no luck and no more flounders either.  It was too windy and the waves made it difficult.  I might try again today.  I did eat the flounder last night with some snapper and shrimp---not much flesh on the flounder but was there was sure tasty.

I didn't get any hooking done yesterday so nothing new to post on my rug.

I did run yesterday but my left knee is still bothering me a I think I'll lay off of it today---maybe just a long walk if it gets warmer this afternoon.

Wow---this is really a boring post!  I need some excitement---I spent an hour reorganizing cupboards in the small quarters I am finding a need to keep things really organized or I go crazy!

Here is a photo of a runner that a student sent me from a class in Mineral Point last year.  Thanks Sheree!  I love to get finished pictures from students.  This is a pattern from Karen Kahle.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The first two weeks wrap-up

Well it has been two weeks since we began our little adventure.  There have been some highs and some lows but we are still enjoying it.  The weather has improved---glad we missed another snowstorm in  Kansas.   Yesterday was a nice sunny day and we tried day two of attempting to catch a is the result---my first fish, a flounder.

A ugly fish but you can see that he is 16 inches long.  We had already made plans to have Thai food with my sister in Corpus last night so he will get grilled tonight---yum!  Hopefully we can catch another one today.  We are also going to try crabbing today.  Hmmmm---flounder stuffed with crab!

I have still been running but having some issues with my left knee so I am not going to run the half marathon next Sunday, but will do the 5K.  It is a surf to turf so over half of it is on the sand  which seems to use some different muscles.  I checked last years records and there were no runners in my age group...I wonder if that should be telling me something.

I have still been is an update of my rug.

Well today I got the camp list for my students for a workshop in Newton, Iowa.  If any of you are checking out my blog today---welcome to my class.  I will be contacting you by e-mail today to get the communications rolling.  I am looking forward to working with all of you.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yeah, sunshine!

Well the weather has improved---we actually had sunshine yesterday.  We went to a Beach park in Rockport ---not warm enough to do anything but walk, run and watch the birds.

We decided to take another drive over to Port Aransas so we took the ferry again.   We saw alot of dolphins this time.  Here is a picture taken on the ferry.

Today I think that we are going to try our hands at fishing, either from the pier or from the shore---perhaps doing some wading---can't believe that I left my waders in Kansas.  I guess we'll see what we can get at Walmart.  Last night we grilled some grouper---I haven't tired of fish yet.

Here is my progress on my rug---making good progress!

I have been contacting my students for the Ohio Rug Camp in April---so if any of you are reading this---I am getting excited about kicking off my teaching for 2011 in April after my little sabatical.  

I miss my home students---hi everyone---keep hooking and I'll see you at the Lenexa Hook-in---still haven't decided if we will be home to stay or if I'll be flying home for the hook-in.  

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It has rained all day---enough already!

We have had rain all day---so I got some more hooking done.  Here is the update on my rug.  I'm still wondering if the red is too strong---I love red but I'll have to get more hooked to see what happens.

I also baked a custard pie---my favorite.  My sister and her husband are coming for dinner and to spend the night at the trailer.  It will be lots of fun.  We are having surf and turf---filet and shrimp.

Bon Appetit!!!

Saturday morning

Yesterday was a long day.  The weather was finally a bit warmer but ended up quite rainy.  In the morning we decided to take the ferry from Aransas Pass to Port Aransas and then to South Padre and to Corpus Christi.  We went to Padre Balli Park where the race that I am running in on January 29th will be held.
I finally got to run on the beach.

Here are a few pictures I took.

Here is an update on my rug progress---didn't get much done yesterday---just a bit in the morning before we left.  We ended up helping out at my sister's shop---Doug did some computer work for her and in the evening her husband cooked us some oysters.  I'm still enjoying the seafood.

Here is an update on my rug.  I didn't get much done since my last post but am planning to do more today.  It is still raining and I think it is supposed to continue for most of the day.

Have a great day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday---progress on rug

This is Emma Lou's  Antique Floral runner---I've had it for years and decided it would be a good winter camping project.  The flower was hooked in #8 cut and the leaves in a 8.5 cut.

The runner is 8 feet long---I have a long ways to go.

Their is a potluck dinner tonite at the campground.  I am cooking Chicken Chili and it smells wonderful.

Back to hooking!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wrapping up week one

Well, week one has come and gone.  We are still figuring things out.  We have another cold day today (39-45) and then we are supposed to start warming up.  I just heard on the news that it is 5 degrees in Kansas City---brrr!  I really want to go fishing, go to the beach etc. so hoping that will start taking place soon.  Today we are going to tour the Fu;ton Mansion.

I started hooking Emma Lou's Antique Floral Runner last night.  Now that I am started I hope to get some hooking done every day.  Yesterday I went to my Sister's shop in Corpus Christi called Gatherings.  She is sending me home with lots of Antique stuff to sell in my shop in Greenwood.  They are remodeling a section of their shop to expand and create a new home for their Pandora Jewelry and other compatible lines.  It is a lot of work but it is going to be wonderful.  If you are in the Corpus Area be sure and check it out in February.

Chelsea and Noah are back in Oakland and are trying to get things posted on their ETSY website.  Be sure and stop by and check it out.

I made the best Oyster Chowder last night---I love having all the fresh fish choices here.  The local fish market is just down the street.

My left knee is bothering me but I am hoping to do an easy run this afternoon...trying to do more stretches and using my foam roller more again.

Tomorrow night there is a Potluck dinner in the campground.  I'm going to check it out and try to meet some people---who knows---there might be another hooker here.

Well, I think I'll hook for awhile---Doug is still sleeping and it is still dark outside.

I will take pictures today of my progress on my rug and post tomorrow.

Have a great day.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Checking in again

Well we are now settled in our home away from home.   This morning around four thirty it rained, hailed and the wind blew hard.  I haven't looked at the outside of the truck and the trailer yet---I wouldn't be surprised if things were dented.  Last night I got to see my sister---we had some great seafood---shrimp, oysters, soft shell crab---yummy.    I am enjoying my first cup of coffee and thinking about going for a run.

I have my hooking unpacked and hope to get hooking soon.

Here are a few pictures from our trip here.


This was taken in Victoria Tx where we spent one night.

This is our spot in Rockport.  right now there is an empty spot on one side of us and I'm hoping it stays that way!

This is the bay area across the road in front of us.  It was really windy yesterday when I took these pictures.

Well time to get busy---have a great day.

Friday, January 7, 2011

checking in

We are almost to our final destination---it has been an interesting trip.  We have had some problems with the trailer but have gotten some temporary fixes from the manufacturer.

I am not a good passenger---get nervous with my hubby pulling a 36 foot trailer down the highway.  We will be at our final destination by noon tomorrow in time for potential tornados Saturday night.

I have not hooked yet but plan to soon.

It was 75 degrees here today---love it!!!

I will check in again when we get settled.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Starting a new year---2011

Well, here we are---three days into a new year.  It has been quite eventful around here.  We had a quiet New years eve, with dinner at home and playing games.  New Year's day brought my 40th wedding anniversary with a celebration prepared my kids for a group of ten and what a feast it was.

This was the menu for the dinner.  We also had swiss fondue, and assorted crudites as well as some delicious red wines and coffee and dark chocolates.  They served it course by course---the Steak Diane was flamed with brandy---yummy!  doug and I had Steak Diane for dinner on our wedding night.  We were innocent 20 year olds and ate at the top of the Tower in Kansas City---the dinner in 1971 was $7.50---I can still remember  Doug saying, "it will be a long time before we spend $7.50 for dinner"---now you are lucky to get a hamburger for that!

Here are a few pictures from that night.

Easy does it!  This is a jeroboam---equivalent to 4 bottles of wine---not easy to pour!

My California kids left this morning to go back home---as always I shed a few tears!  They spent yesterday packing all their thrift store and flea market finds---4 boxes for the plane and 2 big and 2 small to ship home at the post office.  Last night we fed them their last supper---Jack Stack BBQ---my favorite in KC.

Here is my dog Fred---he is wishing everyone a very happy new year!

Today will be a busy day as we get ready for our trip to Texas.  I am heading downstairs to pull wool to hook a rug while I am there---it will be weird not to have my whole studio at my will be a good lesson and make me realize what my students go through when they have a  more limited selection to hook from.