Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Twas the week before Christmas

Well here it is---the week before Christmas---lots of rug hooking parties last week and I was not very good at taking pictures---sometimes it is more about being present at the party than taking pictures.

My end of the year Holiday party is always lots of fun---good food, good friends and sharing rugs.  Each year I give my students a little project piece---usually to be hooked into wool.  Here is my sample of the one they got this year---the first hooked by me and the second hooked by Kate.

 While these are usually made into pillows I took an easy way out and turned this one into a wine bag!

              Kate made hers into a pillow---sorry I don't have a picture of the finished pillow.

Here are a couple of pictures of rugs from our rug show.

 Prairie Fox design by Kathy Morton Mulvain hooked by Marie

 Patriotic Postcard design by Tricia Travis hooked by JoAnn

 Sunflower??? design by Honey Bee Hive formerly House of Price hooked by Anne

 Paisley Design by Jane
Rowe---this is one of our Philanthropy rugs hooked by members of the State Line rug hookers guild members---tickets are being sold and proceeds will go to Alexandria's House, a hospice house for infants here in KC---contact me if you are interested in purchasing tickets.  Winner will be drawn at the Lenexa Hook-in which is on March 8th this year---one week later than in past years.

   this is the second raffle rug---still in progress---designed by Marie Rufe and also hooked by members of the guild.

 this is a Sunflower pattern that I drew for Mary Ann---she wanted to do the border with the hooked braiding---she is doing a great job!

this is a Victoria Ingall's pattern hooked by Becky---students were asked to bring their first rug---Becky did a great job with this rug.  I tried to talk her into doing a smaller piece and she wouldn't give---she succeeded and did a great job!

Here are my my friend Kelly and I running in the Santa Dash in Westport---it was about 8 degrees at race time---can you spell Brrrr!

Here are a couple of quilts that I found at the First Friday Market---they are for sale in my booth at the Greenwood Mercantile.

I have a confession to make---I have not decorated for Christmas yet this year.  I keep think I am going to do it and then I don't.  I think I will do a few things later this afternoon.  There is a good reason but I don't want to post it on here...I will tell you why after Christmas.

We also had a great hooking party at Cyndi's in Garden City MO for the Greenwood students.

Our guild Christmas party was last Saturday at Linda's---sorry I didn't take pictures but we had a great time.

My neighborhood bunco party is tomorrow night and the Greenwood Mercantile dealer's party is Saturday.

Tis the season!

Okay that is it---I am busy working on Sarah's wedding rug---wedding not till June but I want to get it finished---thin it will happen before Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday and other thoughts

Well here it is---December 2nd---and we are supposed to get up to 58 degrees this afternoon and they are talking snow for the weekend---hoping not!

We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner---here are some photos of the table using the dishes and flatware that I have collected for the wedding reception.  It was fun to set the table.

It is kinda hard to see in the photograph but there are 7 different patterns of china and silverplate flatware on the table.  I used the silver trays as chargers but at the reception they will be in the center of the table with the flowers in aqua fruit jars like the one in the center.  I like the napkins folded this way---we might do this and tie with ribbon.

We watched our share of basketball and football this weekend---was hoping the Chiefs could pull off a win,  I got in several good runs and a bike ride but fighting a sore neck---not sure what I did---but it hurts on my left side---just trying to keep it iced and not think about it.

Last night I finally finished the Karla Gerard paisley rug---I really like the binding.  Here is the finished rug.

This is the finished rug!

This is Karla's painting on canvas.

I am having an Open Studio day on Wednesday---9 to 4.
 and next Wednesday the 11th is our Rug Hookers Christmas party---always the highlight of the year!

This year in I have asked students to also bring their first rug for the rug show in addition to other rugs for the show.  

have a great week!