Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hi ho--- Hi Ho! It's off to Green Lake I go

Well the time has come to take off for Green Lake Rug Camp---almost ready to hit the road.  I still need to load the tubs on the back of the Pathfinder.  We have a lot of ivy on our tree in the front and it is dripping sap all over so I decided to wait till morning to load the tubs and I plan to get the hose out to spray it off before I do---it is a mess.

Here is a picture of what was some beautiful orange wool.  I am very thankful that the smell woke me up---things could have been so much worse.  I have a new rule---I will never leave anything on the stove---at the end of the day all pots are emptied and put away---no exceptions!
The smoke smell is gone and all  is well.

I have been working on my project for South Central Teacher's workshop---the piece is finished but I still have to write my report.  Here is a sneak peak at my version of a Grenfell hooked in wool.  I did learn that it is very difficult to make it round when hooking in straight lines.

I bought this wonderful old sewing box on Ebay and I received it this week---it had my name on it.  Check this out.

This is a picture of my mini class for Green Lake---a hooked journal cover---These make fun gifts!

One thing rug hookers like to do is eat---we have a ritual  with my hooker's from Greenwood that we eat lunch at the tearoom before class.

This ia a picture of my booth at The Greenwood Mercantile after I cleaned it up after class.

Well the buzzer just went off on the dryer so I gotta run and finish packing.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Scary morning

I woke up early this morning to the smell of smoke---went downstairs to find my basement filled with smoke and discovered that one of the pots of wool that I dyed yesterday was left on and the wool was smoldering in the pot.  I hardly ever leave a pot on the stove but it was the last pot and I knew that I was going to be dyeing again this morning so I left it on the stove to cool---ha!  Instead of the burner getting turned off it was turned to high.  The wool was crispy in the pot.  The smoke alarm didn't go off. I didn't wake my husband up and he never smelled  it.  I opened up the whole house and got the fans going and got rid of the smoke pretty quickly but am hoping the smell will go away---fortunately neither the heat or air conditioning was on so it didn't travel through the vents.  I have put out odor absorbers and am hoping that it will not have a long lasting effect.  The thought of having to wash all the wool in my basement is mind boggling.  I have been doing the sniff test and I think I am going to be okay.  I read to put our bread slices soaked in vinegar, I have used febreze and baking powder.  Fortunately there is no carpet in the basement---I plan to take my rugs outside today to give them a breath of fresh air.  This was not on my agenda today as I am busy getting ready for Green Lake Rug Camp and Buckeystown as well.

I ran a 10 K on Sunday and set a new Personal record, doing it in one hour and 42 seconds---I came in 5th in my age group as a lot of the fast runners were doing this one.  My neighbor Kelly who is 29 tan it with me and she keeps me going faster than I normally run so my legs are killer sore!

Chelsea and Noah's house is coming along well---here is a picture that she sent me of her kitchen.

She found these cute chairs on Craigslist---not a great picture.

Here are  her finished pillows that I made ---they are en route to California.

This is the couch they were made for.

Here is a picture of my booth at the hook-in in Warsaw Mo back on Sept. 8th   Thanks Patty and her crew for a great time.

Okay it is time for me to go get busy---hubby is downstairs putting in a new smoke alarm!!  Fred the dog is out in my car as the noise drives hom crazy!!!  Poor Fred.

today will get will get will get better---will saying it three times make it happen????

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Put this on your calendar!

SaDltbox Primitive Woolens
2nd Annual
Truman Lake Rug Show and Hook-In
September 8, 2012
(no admittance until 9:00 AM)
Warsaw Community Building
Early Registration $12.00; after August 7 $15.00
Rug Show
Please limit to 3 rugs per person. All rugs must be finished. No previous winning rugs entered please. People’s Choice Awards to 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place. Gift Certifications for Saltbox Primitive Woolens to winners ($75 for 1st place, $50 for 2nd place, and $25 for 3rd place)
Provided by Nana’s Goodies Cost—$8.00
2 choices

#1 -Club Sandwich on Rye with beef pastrami, ham, cheese, onion, tomato, chipotle mayo
#2 -Hot grilled chicken on mixed greens, walnuts, sweet poppy seed dressing, crackers
All lunches served with sugar cookie and drink. Drink choices: Diet Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Water
Pay for lunch when you get it the day of the event.
Open House at Saltbox Primitive Woolens
There will be an open house at my shop located at 30148 West Dam Access Road, Warsaw, MO. Hours will be 3:00—6:00 PM
Area Hotel Information
Park Field Inn—151 North Dam Access Road, Warsaw, MO 866-376-9939 (toll free reservations) Truman Lodge—Jct. of 65 & 7 Hwys, Warsaw, MO 877-287-8626 (toll free reservations)
The following vendors will be on site (at time of publication):
Suzette Krummel- White Pine Folk Art Suzette Krummel has won the highest award as a traditional artisan in this year’s Directory of Traditional American Crafts and her penny rug work is showcased in the 2010, 2011 and 2012 issues of Early American Life magazine. She designs patterns, dyes wool and sells her finished pieces at folk life festivals and art shows. She has a great big piece of "wool heaven" in the lower level of her home in Quincy Illinois
Sheila Arbogast Prairie Road Designs sell unique wool rug hooking patterns. Sheila has many years of experience in the creative arts. Her areas of expertise include punch needle, water color, cross stitch, embroidery and rug hooking. Her patterns are largely inspired by her home, Prairie Road Acres, in the Missouri countryside where she lives with her husband, Craig and English Setter, Patches (who appears in many of her designs.)
Sally Kallin-Pine Island Primitives After 20 years of being a graphic designer in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota her career changed direction when she and her family moved to the small town of Pine Island, Minnesota. She had been hooking for a few years and was flattered when people started purchasing her patterns even before she had them for sale. The first catalog was published in 2001 and the business has boomed since then.
Melvina Miller- Hollyhock Hills Designs is a true fan of all needle art and fiber art; was raised doing all these things and have chosen her favorite, rug hooking, to start a Cottage Business out of her home. Melvina is from Indiana.
Shawn Williams-Threads that Bind Shawn comes to us from Macon, MO. She offers punchneedle, wool appliqué, stitchery, and stuffed project patterns and supplies.
Melissa Towne Primitive Stitches from Warrensburg, MO loves to quilt, stitch, rug hook, work with wool, punch needle, needle felting. She enjoys Primitives and anything antique or vintage! Especially Civil War or 1800's! She will be sharing her wool appliqué projects.
Beth Bellairs from Ewe and Eye has a primitive rug hooking shop located in rural northeast Iowa.
Ewe and Eye opened in September, 2004 in a double garage. They covered the walls with Beth's barn boards and filled antique cupboards and containers with woolens and such.

Anita White Southern Comfort is a rug hooker and teaches rug hooking classes in her home as well as at camps and workshops around the country. She loves using lots of plaids, textures and antique paisley in her rugs and hook mostly in wide cut (#6-9). She received her McGown certification in 2001. Anita comes from Overland Park, KS.
Renee Nanneman - Need’l Love Renee is the editor of the Need’l Love books we all love so much. Her books have a mix of wool appliqué, penny rugs, fabric wall hangings, dolls, quilt designs, rug hooking , punch needle, crochet , and needle felting.
Patty Wallace—Saltbox Primitive Woolens Located in Warsaw her shop has a large selection of wool and rug hooking supplies. Wool is dyed right on the premises and there are rug hooking classes year round. There is a quilting room in back with quilting material and supplies, and a full supply of DMC floss.
For more information please contact Patty Wallace at 660-438-6002. 

I've been in the dye pots all week getting ready for the hook-in and for my upcoming classes in Green Lake,Wisconsin, Buckeystown, Maryland and also in Nebraska...a busy fall which I finish up with South Central McGown Teacher's workshop the first week in November.  Yikes!!!

What a messy pile of beautiful wool---I should be working downstairs getting this organized!  That is where I am headed as soon as I get through writing this.

We have gotten lots of rain yesterday and today---I think about 5 inches---we really needed it but does it have to come all at once.  Hope everyone in Louisiana and other areas affected by Isaac are doing well.

I have a date tonite---a dinner date with my husband---I plan to dress up and even put make-up on--woo hoo!!!  We are going to Bonefish for dinner---yummy!

Okay it's off to work I go...