Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wrap up for a great week

What a great, busy  week.    I've had a busy week dyeing wool, working at my booth in Greenwood Mercantile where I met many wonderful women in town for Primitives of the Midwest sponsored by Quilter's Station in Lees Summit Mo.  Thursday was the day they visited the antique shops in Greenwood after their day of classes.  It was fun to be there and share my passion for rug hooking.  Today is their last day of classes---and maybe they'll be up for more shopping!

I had a session with a trainer at the gym who introduced me to the foam roller---it's like a deep tissue massage and it hurts!  I finally got a run in this morning.  It has been just too hot for me to run outside but I managed this morning.  Tomorrow morning is supposed to be a little cooler as well so I will plan another run tomorrow.

I am busy getting ready for a workshop in Eureka Springs.  One interesting challenge was do dye some wool to hook an aqua canning jar with the stems showing through for a wide cut rug.  I think I came up with some good choices.  If it works I will post a picture.  Here is my visual I worked from.

My hooking studio is a disaster---I have things all over the place.  I think I'd better get downstairs and get to work.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wrap up of pictures from Libertyville workshop

Today I am going to finish posting pictures from the workshop in Illinois---I am busy preparing for home classes this week as well as a workshop in Eureka Springs.  Primitives of the Midwest starts tomorrow so I plan a trip to Greenwood again today to have my booth stocked and ready for  them.

But before all of that I am on my way to the gym---too hot to run outside.  I have signed up for the half marathon in October---the Kansas City Marathon.  I ran it last year --- my very first half marathon and hope to do it again this year.  I don't run well in the heat, so I am hoping for some cooler weather soon.

Barbara was doing one of Pine Island Primitive's purses.

This was Diane's second piece,  a Lib Callaway Pattern---Flame and Flowers.

Have a great day---stay cool!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday at the Lake

 We are having quite a storm tonite---the trailer is rocking!  Nice timing though---we had just finished cooking dinner outside on the grill and we were just eating and the sky turned dark---had just enough time to go out and put the awning up and put things away.

There's nothing like a Kansas thunderstorm!!!

Here are some pictures from earlier in the day.

Yes I am a hooker---of fish and of rugs!  This one had to go back---not big enough to keep.

Here is the captain and his first mate---Doug and Fred.

Okay I'll post a few more picture from Libertyville and then I am going to hook on Cape Ann and watch  TV.

This is Liz's rug "House on a Hill" from Primitive Grace---it is a big one.

tis is Elvie's Bountiful Bunny---Liz's mother...what a fun pattern for someone who like vegetables!!!

Okay that's it for tonite---the storm seems to have died down a bit.

Tomorrow it is back back home---after a fun couple of days!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Day is done

It was a great day---had a lot of fun on the jet skis today---not so much fun trying to catch fish.  The white bass that we like to catch are non-existent---they were killed off by a parasite---they say it happens about every ten years and this is the year. '
Yesterday on the way to the lake I started my mini class project for the Green Lake Rug Camp and finished it this morning.  Here it is---edges folded under---will bind it when I get home.

This will fit into one of the Cupboard frames.  The petals are prodded and the stem is a chain stitch.

It was a HOT day---the water felt ;like bath water.

Here is the lake in front of our trailer---our home away from home.


This is my husband Doug and my dog Fred.  


Pretty as a picture---that's all folks---time to go eat ice cream!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rearranging and restocking day at Greenwood Mercantile

  Spent about 5 hours restocking and rearranging the fixtures in my booth at the Greenwood Mercantile.    

Next week there will be an event in Lees Summit called "Primitives of the Midwest" that brings lots of people to town to take classes in various fiber arts---many make a trip to Greenwood to shop.

Here are a few more views.

Now I am going to post a few more pictures from Libertyville.  The one below was hooked by Lauren and is called Goat Hill.  Lauren also worked on a floral basket which I didn't get a picture of.


This is a floral runner designed and hooked by Lois.  She has a special room and place to hang this.

It is going to be another hot day but we are heading down to the lake for a couple of days...taking work with me---workshop notes for Eureka Springs, sales tax reports, Green Lake Mini class project, paisley pincushions to assemble and my current project, Cape Ann to try to get some hooking done on.

Have a  great day!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

an end to a busy day

I have had a busy productive day...spent the morning contacting students for the workshop in Eureka Springs and sorting, cleaning and packing wool and  then I got to go get my hair cut and colored.  Here is my new do...

  I like the back the best...but here is the front...

My husband is cooking dinner tonite---Quinoa Stir-fry with chicken and vegetables---a recipe he found on his I-phone app---he is a techie!  Anything to make him want to cook!  It is pouring down rain right now and at 7 I am subbing for a friend in a bridge group.  Before rug hooking took over my life I used to play a lot of bridge but rarely play now.  I do enjoy the challenge.

Okay, here are a few more rug pictures for you to enjoy.

Heather was ambitious and tackled two long runners----this is a Pine Island Primitive pattern.

I'm sorry I'm drawing a blank as to whose pattern this is---Heather--if you see this, help me out.

Okay, almost dinner time...have a great evening.

Oh one more little story...I got a phone call from daughter who is Santa Cruz this summer...she and her husband were off yesterday and they were on a cliff enjoying the evening and all of a sudden a large wave came up with no warning and picked up there belongings and wiped it out to sea---her purse with cell phone and all her cards and money were gone in a flash...even her shoes.   Poor Chelsea!

More from Libertyville

Good Morning!  Yesterday was spent sorting and pricing wool to get ready for the shop in Greenwood, the workshop in Eureka Springs  and my shelves for my home classes next week.  I have another full morning of work to do before I get to go get a much needed haircut and color---I used to color my own hair but I have discovered that I am much better dyeing wool than I am my hair.

New wool arrived and I can't wait for a few days in the dye pot.  We are going to go to the lake for a couple of days this week.  I know it will be hot but I do plan to get some hooking done---hopefully hook some fish also.  I want to hook my mini class project for the Green Lake Camp in Sept. and also work on Cape Ann, my current project for my bathroom.

Okay, now for some pictures and then I must get to work.

 this is Karen's geometric, based on an inch mat---this is a small section of what will be a very long runner....definitely a challenge which she is meeting well.

this is Mary's geometric based on a needlepoint design for a black piano stool cover

this is a piece designed by Betty for her DIL--- the vine around the border is going to be done in a chain stitch with prodded flowers and their name at the bottom

Keep cool and happy hooking!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Home from Illinois

Well, I am home from the Libertyville workshop and and I don't know about you but this heat is getting to me.  I woke up this morning and there is so much humidity the windows are all covered in moisture, even the ones that don't have broken seals!

I had a whirlwind weekend as on Saturday night we hosted our MT Nesters monthly get together at our house with a wine tasting party---fun!  Sunday we went to some friends house and had a sushi party...I've been wanting to learn to make sushi for some time so this was fun too...but after weekend of wine and cheese and sushi parties I think I need to go on a serious diet.  I was hoping to run this morning but I can't handle running in this heat so maybe a trip to the gym will be in order for later today.

Kate is coming over this morning to help me get things back in order in the studio and get things ready to take out to Greenwood so my booth is ready for the week that the gals come into town for the Primitives of the Midwest, which starts on July 28th.  A lot of them come to shop in Greenwood.

My next workshop is in Eureka Springs AR in August so I've got to get a move on.

September brings Shake Rag Alley and  Green Lake in Wisconsin.  I've already been working on these two workshops and busy contacting the students.  If any of you are reading this blog---hello and welcome to my class.  I am looking forward to working with you.

Also while I was gone we had some landscaping done in the front yard---what we had was overgrown---I would have been a good candidate for "no curb appeal"---while I love gardens I do not have a green thumb or any desire to do the work.  Here is a picture of the outcome.

This is the right side and the next is the left side.  The only thing we kept was the spruce.

I'll post a couple of pictures of the Loopy ladies and the Foxy ladies and then it is off to work.

These are Carol's ladybugs---we added the leaf shapes in the background.

Diane and Barbara hooked pumpkins into wool from a dip-dyed wool with paisley .  This is Diane's which she is going to make into a bag.

That's all for today!  

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A few more pictures from Caraway

I have the last of the photos from Caraway to post today, but before I do I want to make mention of the loss of a great lady, Nancy Butts Thompson.  I never got to meet her, but she was supposed to be in my class at Caraway---we had chatted on the phone before camp but her bout with cancer prevented her from coming...I had so looked forward to meeting her and had brought my Hooking on the Hill book for her to sign...she will be missed.

this is Kathy's  "Cape Ann"  an Edyth O'Neill pattern.

this is Shirley's "Birds and Pomegranates" another Edyth O'Neill pattern

This is Fred, my dog---he was posing for me!  

Well, today and tomorrow I finish my preparation and packing for Libertyville.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Caraway Rug School

I have a few more pictures to post from Caraway---wanted to wrap them up this week before I head to Illinois and the Loopy Ladies.

So here goes...
This is Nancy's second piece and the next one is her first one---Funky Chicken

This is Teresa's My Olde Kentucky Rose.  I designed this pattern for the ATHA biennial
 in Kentucky.

This is Eleanor's Pineapple and Coxcomb.

I have two more pictures from Caraway but am too tired to finish tonite---so I'll have one more post tomorrow.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Rainy Day

We spent the weekend at the lake---came back yesterday about 4 and then around 8 last night the rain started and continues.  The firework display was rescheduled for tonite---not that I was going to go---we were just going to watch what we could see from the deck.

I am having rug hooking classes at this morning and Wednesday so this will be a quick post.

Here are a few more pictures from Caraway.

This is Sue's Star and Fans---a Pine Island Primitive Pattern


This is Mariana's Home on Hill with sheep---it is a primitive grace pattern---The sheep are most likely going darker.

This is Robin's House Sampler---it is a Notforgotten Farm pattern.

that is it for today---

I will be leaving on Saturday to teach a workshop in Libertyville Illinois---the Loopy Ladies!