Monday, April 26, 2010

The best laid plans

Well, the lake trip didn't happen.  On Thursday we had a plumbing leak in the new bathroom and water went down into the walls and ceiling of the garage and basement storage area.  Serve-Pro came out with blowers and dehumidifiers that have been going non-stop and if all is well they will pull the equipment this morning.  They are noisy and put out a lot of heat.  The mirrors guys are coming this morning so that should finish things up other than whatever we decide to do to fix the inside of one vanity that the bottom board swelled up---hate that particle board stuff they used.

We did get moved back into the master closet,  other than doing the shelves that are going in which need to be cut and stained---it is finished.  My husband is also going to build a dresser to go on the back wall of the closet to match the rest of the wood in there.  He did a great job customizing the closet.  Now that he is not working he has kept himself very busy doing much of the work for this remodel---not the tiling or painting but did all the wood stuff.  He likes woodworking---likes tools!

Here is a shot of the closet---the blank wall is where the dresser will go.

Here is another view---shelves will go above the wire basket.

Equipment at work!

Here are some more pictures from my class at The Ohio Rug Camp

Debi's  " Jumbo Star"  a Lib Callaway pattern

Shirley's  "Paisley Hex" a Jane Flynn pattern.

Jane's  " Lazy Sheep" from Star Rug Company

Well it is time to get off here.  I have classes here at home this morning and also afternoon so it will be a busy day.

Have a great day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's a Manic Monday

It has been a crazy Monday with trying to complete the Master bath and closet remodel---lots of workmen in today doing stuff as well as my husband trying to finish the construction of the closet and me trying to touch up the woodwork that was not replaced with Minwax  polyshades---it has done a great job of making scratches and dings disappear---well not really disappear but at least they are not as obvious.

I have also been putting away all the wool I took to Ohio---still not finished but hope to finish in another hour but had to take a break.  I'll post a picture tomorrow of the studio when it is back in shape.  I am also teaching a class in Greenwood tomorrow afternoon.

Yeah---we plan to go to the lake on Thursday and come home Sunday so that means I have lots to do before I can go.  Here is a picture that I took last year of our Fifth wheel on Lake Pomme de Terre in Missouri.

This is our view from the front of the trailer---I love it here---I actually find some time to hook when I am here---first I try to hook fish and then I get to hook on my rug.

And now for a few more pictures from the Ohio Rug Camp.

we had a couple of turkeys in the class

This is Candee's turkey---a Bev Conway Pattern

And this is Noreen's turkey by Leah Smith of I think Country Cupboard---he has a Paisley head!

Back to work!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday night---ready for a new week!

I spent the day in Manhattan KS looking for a starter home for my youngest daughter...not much to choose from... but hoping something will come on the market that will fit the wants and the price and time frame.

Here are some more pictures from the Ohio Rug Camp.

This is Jennifer's Tulip Cross, an Emma Lou pattern.

And here is Audrey's "Ipswich" and Edyth O'Neill pattern.

This is Kelly's Priscilla---a Joan Moshimer pattern with a few changes.

Okay that's it for tonight---past my bedtime.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Home From Ohio

I apologize for my long delay in posting---I can't believe it has been four weeks since I posted.

I got home last night around 7 PM from teaching at the Ohio Rug Camp---it was a very long drive---didn't think I was ever going to get home.  I spent Thursday night in South Bend, Indiana---took me almost 5 hours to get there. I got on the road at 7 AM and gained an hour back---so it was 13 hours home.  I did stop to have lunch with a friend in Iowa which took away 1 1/2 hours of driving, but I really needed the break.

The Pathfinder is unloaded and the bags carried to the basement, but that is as far as I have gotten.

The Master Bathroom remodel and laundry have my attention today and am going to Manhattan, KS tomorrow to look at some houses with my youngest daughter.  Monday will be put my studio back together day.

I will post a few pictures today and then try to get some more posted during the week.  It was a great camp---the setting on the lake was beautiful.  My classroom overlooked the lake---not that I got to look out the window much but having natural light was wonderful.  I had a wonderful class of 17 students who did some great work and were a lot of fun.  I had students from Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

Thank you all for a great week!!!!  See you next year...Anita

Here is a fun picture of the Michigan gals who entertained us with their wonderful jammies one night.

This is Kathy's Lib Callaway's " Shell Runner"

This is Sybil's Leaf Sampler---a Primco design by Fritz Mitnick.

This is "Cape Ann" and Edyth O'Neill pattern hooked by Donna.

Here is Cynthia and her helpers at the auction---I purchased that lovely scarf and a necklace at the auction---lots of wonderful items were auctioned off to help raise funds for the ATHA biennial in Lancaster. PA in October 2011.

I'm out of time so I will post more pictures later.  It is a great camp if you are looking for a April Camp next year.