Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flu shot side effects

I went for a flu shot yesterday afternoon and woke up during the night not feeling well---my arm was aching as well as general body aches and pains especially my head and my teeth---I had trouble sleeping and had a very dry mouth and had to go to the bathroom a lot...not sure it was worth getting the flu shot---I am running a low grade fever this morning.  I hope it doesn't last long.  We are heading to the lake for our last hurrah and will put the trailer in storage.

I have enjoyed seeing photos from the Biennial on :

I wish that I could have attended but you just can't do everything.

This should be a great fall weekend---enjoy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wrapping up Nebraska workshop

Well here it is---already midweek. Where does the time go?

Here are some more pictures from Nebraska.

This is a pattern called Nest in the Pines from Red Barn Rugs in Wisconsin.  As you can see in the photo, the pinecones were given more detail, and if you look closely (click on the photo to make it larger) you will see that Dennie is chaining the vine on the branch---an overall fun pattern to work on.

Jane chose a Cabin Creek pattern called "Nutty for nuts"---lots of fun leaves and acorns!  And what a cute squirrel with his bushy tail!

We have a storm going on outside---good thing I had planned to stay inside and dye wool today!  It is thundering and lightening outside!

Jan chose this Coxcomb square pattern from Woolley Fox, but the birds in the corners are going away and flowers will go in their place---it will be a partial flower like the one in the center.  Since Jan was working on the workshop she didn't get as far, but she was a busy girl helping everyone!

Many finished rugs were brought in during the week and unfortunately I didn't get pictures but here is one I did get---Dennie hooked this in a class with Mary Jo---I love the expression on this cow's face and that is some good looking corn!

This is a Turkey pattern that Black sheep Designs adapted from an antique rug---the rug was advertised for sale in an auction in the Maine Antique Digest in 2010---I sure wish that I knew how much the rug sold for.  I helped Judy color plan this pattern but she was so busy cooking and taking care of everyone that she will wait to hook it when the rush is over---I have no doubt that is will turn out great.  I had brought a turkey picture with me that I love the colors so we worked from it---can't wait to see how it turns out.

Well that about does it other than a couple of pictures that I took around the barn...many thanks for a great workshop---see you again next year!

  this barn was filled with treasures---including my wonderful cupboard

This piece with all the drawers also wanted to go home with me but the cupboard won out and this delightful cubby below was pulling at me as well!

The end!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More from Nebraska

Up early and planning for a busy day.  This morning I am having my coffee while I work on this post, then I am going to run off my fried green tomatoes we had for dinner.  Judy sent me home with a bunch of green tomatoes as well as some that are turning red.  Later today I may have to make some salsa or maybe some homemade tomato soup---yum!

Lots of wool to put away this morning  and then I get to go get my hair cut and colored---it really needs it bad.

Tomorrow I plan to get some dyeing done and then we are heading to the lake on Thursday for our final trip to the lake and put the trailer in storage for the winter.  No winter trip to Texas this year in the trailer.

I am looking forward to Teacher's workshop the first week in November---Lake Texoma is wonderful place to go be with a great group of other teachers and reconnect.

More pictures from Nebraska---I have been a good girl---see my name on Santa's list!

Sisters, Maureen and Theresa both worked on pairs of things---Maureen's two roosters and Theresa's two cats---she was doing this rug for her daughter.  Both of these rugs were done in very wide cuts with high loops---I love them both!  the top roosters are going to have paisley crowns and the two cats are sporting paisley collars.  Maureen flew in from DC so they had a great time being together at the farmhouse.  They inspired me to look into a program called "your body is your gym".  Thanks girls!

Holly chose Audrey's Garden---a design by Rhonda Manley---a fun scrappy quilt.  She really got a lot done---it was great fun to help plan.  The neutral palette with some fun textures is going to make this a great rug---can't wait to see it finished---go Holly!


Louann was hooking the Comstock pattern in colors pretty true to the original---she is going to put her family name ands her wedding date on the rug---She was really getting a lot done as many nights the sleepover gals stayed up late into the night hooking away and having a great time.

Tammy was working on a special design piece by M. Shaw that will be a pillow cover for her bed...what a great piece this is going to be---I want one for my bed!

Okay, the rest will have to wait for later today---so be sure to check back for more.

Monday, October 24, 2011

"Gathering on the Blue" Nebraska Workshop

Another fun workshop---my last of the year!

Judy and Jan headed up a great workshop---lots of hooking was done as well as lots of good eating!

They outdid themselves in the food category---good old farm cooking and some of the best desserts I have had in a long time.

It was a good thing I ran every morning down the gravel roads and even in the corn fields---it was very refreshing to hit the road and be able to run down the middle of the gravel road and never be worried about traffic---no cars in sight!  One morning I even took a path out into the corn fields.

Judy also sells wonderful antiques---barns and sheds and even the house was full of wonderful treasures.

This one had to come home with me.

And here it is in my studio

Okay so here are some photos from the workshop---

This delightful piece was hooked by Annette---it was adapted with permission from the artwork of Anita Jeram from England---titled Bunny Bling---which will be in the border with more carrots.

This is Patty's version of Primitive Grace's version of the large Penny Rug Sunflower---I love  this pattern and Patty's color choices really work on this pattern.

I had two students who worked on the same pattern called Spring Floral designed by Red Rocket---the first one was hooked by Jody and the second one by Terri---both versions are looking great---delightful pattern that looks simple to do but presented some challenges that they were both able to meet---when we had show and tell and saw the patterns side by side Teri decided to reverse some hooking in the wheel to let the wheelbarrow show through the wheel as it is doing in Jodi's.

One more picture tonite and then I am hitting the sack---it has been a long day.

This is Mary Jo's pattern called Starlit Homestead a design by Joanne Gerwig---She is eliminating some of the motifs to simplify it---gone are  the deer and the bunnies---I love the softness of this piece.

Off to bed!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Santa is done and framed

This is a Santa that I started several years ago in a class taught by Kathy Kovaric at South Central Teacher's workshop.  Like many of the projects it got put on the back burner but this one I had intentions of finishing.  I was going to make it into a dummy board but decided to hook the background and frame it instead.  I ordered the frame 18 by 24 on Ebay and was very pleased with the quality and the promptness of delivery---picturesmoreebay.  They have a larger variety in many sizes.  I purchased foam core and cut it to fit, then using dressmaker stainless steel pins I pinned the piece into the foam core about every 1/2 inch.  I mitered the corners on the back by sewing them and then laced side to side and top to bottom to stretch and hold the excess fabric in place.  Using the metal clips provided in the frame i secured the piece inside the frame covered it with the cardboard that came with the frame then cut a piece of kraft paper to fit the entire back and glued it in place.  It was really quite easy, took some time but doesn't everything.

Here is the finished piece.

This picture was taken outside and the next picture was taken inside.

The pinecone tassels were an ornament that I purchased many years ago that I thought looked great on the  piece.  I had removed the staff and the toys in the bag from the pattern, as well as a pocket on the cape that I had found distracting.

Another beautiful day in Kansas.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ok so you can't win them all---gotta just keep trying

Okay so I ran with my plan and I really thought I had ran faster than the results showed...finished in 30:07 so no PR for me today...I came in 5th in my age group and 207th out of 882 females who ran the 5K so I guess that I can't be too disappointed.

It is a beautiful fall  day today---raked some leaves and cleaned off the back deck.

We were supposed to have friends over tonite for an Octoberfest---too many cancellations so we decided to cancel as well.  I guess we'll be eating brats for awhile.

Well I guess I've got some extra time today that I had not planned on---so I am going to go to work!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Going to bed early---tomorrow is my 5 K race

The past two years I have ran the Kansas City marathon---this year I am only running the 5K.  I  kinda wish I was running the half marathon again---but come Sunday I'll be glad I only ran the 5K.  I have a new goal this year---to run my fastest 5 K that I have ever done---we'll see.  The first race I ran was this race in 2008 with my friend Carolyn and my time was almost 36 minutes---I will need to beat 28:46 which I did on Mother's Day 2010.
The first mile on this one is a long gradual hill, then the second mile is downhill and the third mile is flat.
That should make for an interesting run.  Here is my plan---i am going to stretch and do some light jogging to warm up so I am ready for the first hill and go strong but not too fast so i can fly down the hill and push on the flat as fast as I can without killing myself.

I had an interesting dinner---I made spaghetti squash with marinara sauce and grilled chicken.  It is hard to believe it but a cup of the squash only has 41 calories---it was yummy---didn't even miss the pasta.

I have been working on a Santa piece that I started at Teacher's workshop a couple of years ago---I finally decided to finish it---I am framing it myself with a frame that I purchased on EBAY---hopefully i will post the finished picture on Sunday, so stay tuned.

I did some dyeing today---trying to duplicate a piece of what Kathy called Tarnished Brass---I think I finally got it right.  It is already in the mail ---I should have taken a picture of it.

Okay it 's off to bed---have to get up at 4:30.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Time flies---wrapping up Bass Lake

We left on Thursday to go to our trailer at Pomme de Terre and the people we are able to get our internet connection from had already moved out for the winter, so I could not finish  my postings.  It was windy but it was I really enjoyed my time at the lake.  It is beautiful there in the fall.  We will probably only get there one more time before we have to put the trailer in storage mode...sad!

Before I finish up with Bass lake there is a correction to a posting that I would like to make.  I mistakenly gave credit for a photo a while back.  Here is is again for your enjoyment.  It was hooked by Diane LeGros not Carol---thanks Diane!

I still can't get this photo turned---it is rotated in my i photo library but when I not when I go to the upload photo---oh well.  Sorry!

Okay, here are some more photos of projects from Bass Lake.

Gail did a grew job on this pot with flowers---many changes were made to this pattern---she persevered through it and it is turning out great---teal was a popular color though out the week---anyone else notice that teal is becoming the "in color"?

Judi was hooking "Meditation" a Kate Porter pattern---lovely pattern and I really like the way this is coming together---love the teal again and the red inside background looks great.  The outside background is a dark plaid---lumber jack---brown/dark green plaid and the teal and green will repeat in the motif in the four corners.

Donna was hooking this Barb Carroll runner, with some changes made to the design.  Teal again-and I love the old rose in the upper corner---We changed the design in the heart to incorporate her initials and changed the arrow to another bud.  Great job!

Jane was hooking this Wendy Miller Fraktur pattern---yes teal again!  Lovely large flowers and it will have a dark background.  Be sure and click on the photo to see the flowers in more detail---this is a big rug!

Denise chose another Kate Porter pattern called "In Season" lots of wide cut fruit in a latticed basket.  For the basket she was using a striped wool cut with and across the stripe-it was working well but I think she is going to make the insets lighter to show the weave better---it was a fun and challenging piece with lots of variety---great job!

Linda was working on Pineapple Antique and although she didn't get very far we did lots of talking and planning---her pineapple looks good enough to eat!  Linda likes mixing a lot of different textures and I know that this is going to be spectacular!

Okay, I think that is it!  Again thanks to Kathy and Kathy for sponsoring this workshop---it was wonderful and I wish I was still there.  Unfortunately I am back home today facing the reality of unpacking six big boxes of wool and putting the studio back together for classes tomorrow.

I am going to play a unit this morning before working---I am going to go do a morning run on the Plaza and meet up with a friend after her yoga class and my run to walk and maybe have brunch afterwards---girl time!  Doug is going to the Nascar races with a buddy today---boy time!

This week I will also be getting ready for a workshop in Nebraska---looking forward to another great workshop.  After that I have South Central Teacher's workshop and then will be done for the year except for home classes.  At workshop this year I will be teaching a piece on skies---as well as a dye class.  I got a great book on Amazon called Artist's Photo Reference---Water & Skies---also am waiting on two more books that I ordered for the class.  A good motto---be prepared!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More from Ohio

Okay I am ready to post more pictures from the Bass Lake workshop---I am still in the recuperating mode---have gotten all most all of the orders done from the last two workshops except for some dye jobs which I hope to work on tomorrow.  We are planning a trip to our lake this weekend for a couple of days.  The weather here is just perfect.  I am sitting out on my deck writing  this---a beautiful evening.

Kathy was hooking a floral pattern that was designed by Donna Bennett, another student in the in the class who had a shop in the area.  I especially love her terra cotta pot.

Here is Donna's version off the same pattern. It will fun to see them both finished.  The border has many possibilities to tie it all together.

Kathy designed this pattern from an early carved trunk from 1690---it was offered on ebay but didn't meet it's reserve but it should was a great inspiration for a fraktur like pattern.  Great job Kathy---love it!

Kaye was hooking Old Kinderhook basket---a wonderful old looking basket.  This pattern is in my someday to do pattern.


Laurel was a hand cut and tear hooker who has the most wonderful, high lush loops to her  hooking---the kind you just want to our your bare feet on---and I did!  Great job Laurel!

Okay that  is it for tonight---the rest tomorrow!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Fun at Bass Lake

When I left Vermont I rented a car in Burlington and drove to Ohio for my second workshop.  It was a long drive through Vermont, New York and Pennsylvania and into Ohio---the drive through  Vermont was very pretty---okay in New York and then I hit a rainstorm in Ohio.  I saw many antique shops that I would have liked to check out but time was limited so no stopping except for gas and food.

Upon arriving in Ohio I was taken to my workshop location---the beautiful Bass lake---a little piece of heaven on earth.

Here is a view of the lake.

A heavenly view---just beautiful!

I had a day to play before the workshop ---here is Chagrin Falls, Ohio where we went antiquing and had a nice lunch.

We went to a great little shop with a great pumpkin display---check out this display with my tour director, Kathy.

Hookers at work---a great location for a great workshop!

Elaine was working on "Narcissus" designed by Bonnie Smith, a Spruce Ridge pattern.  She was doing this in mostly an 8.5 cut and did a great job.  I did talk her into doing a 6 cut on the flowers---all done with yellows from a door strip wool that had four stripes with different shades---it worked out great.

Here is Anne's Scrappy cat---he is going to be stuffed.  He is going to be a great cat---lots of textures and even some paisley!

Here is Jan's Penny Rug Sunflower, a Primitive Grace pattern.  This is a great pattern and Jan was doing a great job---I love the red background and all the fun textures.

Well that is it for now---time to fix dinner---will try to post more tonight.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finishing up in Vermont

Okay, I got the pictures rotated so here goes.  Be sure to click on the photos to see them in close-up!

Brenda did a great job with her Primitive floral---She had not worked much with textures but really did a great job and developed a new love for textures---she even used some paisley in her floral---great job!

I love this rug and this message!  this rug was hooked by Jane.  It is a beauty!


This Jeni's big witch---she is going to have this fun yarn hair--not quite this hairdo, but we wanted to use it in the photo---this was fun!  Be sure and check out her nose.  Jeni was wearing these earrings so we thought big witch might like wearing them too!

Lesli designed this runner with large pomegranates and flowers---I wish their picture showed the whole design---we had lots of back and forth input when she was designing this piece and I think it is turning out great.  Way to go Lesli!

Susan drew this floral pillow while at camp.  She had hooked a bit a long time ago so she was trying out lots of hooks and backing fabrics working on her technique---she made great progress during the week as a beginner and is now "hooked"!

Pam worked on another piece of Susan Fellers that I did not get a picture of, but we also spent a lot of time working on this design of a rug for her chef son and doing some color planning.  Can't wait to see how it comes out.

I sent my last night in Vermont at Green Mountain rugs, at Stephanie's before leaving the next morning to drive to Ohio for the next part of my adventure.

Some Fall color in Vermont---it wasn't peak color but it was getting pretty!

Tomorrow it will be photos from Ohio and Bass lake.