Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monday Make-Do workshop

The State Line Rug Hooking Guild sponsored a workshop on Monday with Aileen Anderson of Hot Springs Village.  Here are some pictures from the workshop.

It was a great workshop---I did mine with paisley of course on oil cans---the bird is not quite finished but you can get the idea.  the little thread holder was missing it pincushion so I was able to replace it with paisley.

Off to the dye pots!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lenexa Hook-in---a great success!

Last Saturday was the Lenexa Hook-in---with perfect weather the attendance was huge!  It was so fun to see everyone come and enjoy the day shopping, hooking, eating, and renewing friendships!  There was a great Rug Show---I did take some very fast pictures but I am not posting pictures---if you want some great eye candy you can visit a couple of great site.  Here are the links:

Amy's Dusty Trail

I am very pleased to announce that our raffle rug raised $1505 to be donated to the Spiva Art Center in Joplin.  The lucky winner was Karen Roberts---one of my Monday afternoon students.  Yeah Karen!  She was in Florida at the time of the drawing.  She came by today to pick up the rug.  Here she is:

At the hook-in I introduced a new Cupboard design---"Give a Hoot"---I did a rush job to get him hooked before the Hook-in.  He was a great success!

Here is a picture of my booth---other cupboard patterns are pictured on the right.

I have more to say but have no more time.  aileen Anderson of Hot Springs village taught a Make do class yesterday and is coming over for dinner and I have to get things ready.  I will post pictures tomorrow of our work.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I can't believe a week has gone by

This has been a busy week recouping from my last workshop and preparing for the Lenexa hook-in and Yellow Rose.

This morning we went to a coffee roasting tour at The Roasterie---a local Kansas City company, with a group of friends---I volunteered to be one of the "tasters" and slurped coffee out of a silverplated spoon---I was a good slurper---the other girl who volunteered was slurp challenged.  Afterwards we had a great lunch at The Westport Local.

Tomorrow I am going to see The Artist---has anyone see it?

I am looking forward to a dinner of some oysters that I brought home from Baton Rouge---yum!

Here are some more photos from the workshop.

Here is a paisley pattern that I designed that was hooked and finished by Cindy at the workshop.  I really like the beading on the paisley on the lefy---she is going to do a proddy edge finish for the pillow ---sorta like I did on this pillow...

or this mat

This pattern is called Dos Gallos y Sol and was designed by Bonifacio Tovar---one of the Rancheritas of Gonzales Mexico---patterns sold by Rug Art Supply.

This is another paisley that I designed from inspiration from an antique button---Charlene got close to finishing this one too!

Sondra hooked this Guilford runner and Edyth O'Neill design sold by Woolley Fox---be sure and click on the photo to make it larger so that you can see that she made little pillows of the antique paisley and stitched it on to the canvas---a great way to really see the design in the paisley.  LOVE IT!

Okay that is it for tonight!!!  

Happy Saturday night!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Home from Baton Rouge

I got home from Baton Rouge on Friday night after a long drive home.  I left Baton Rouge and spent Thursday night in Vicksburg Mississippi.  I stayed at the Diamond Jack casino hotel---after checking in I made a short visit to the casino---way too smoky for my liking---so I lost my $15 and bought a muffeletta and went back to my room and watched some TV before crashing.  I got on the road by 6:45 AM and started home.  I killed a couple of hours having lunch with my nephew in Little rock and hit an antique mall where I bought an old rug hook for 50 cents on a half price rack---good find!  I was pooped when I got home about 8:30 PM.  I didn't unpack until Saturday and it is still not put away.

What a great workshop!  Here is a picture taken at the end of camp---a few students had already left.

Here are a few pictures from the workshop.

Sorry this rug is sideways---Gail hooked this rug when she was in my class several years ago---so nice to see it finished,  It is Lib Callaway's "Comstock".  Note the braided edge.  Great job!

I had three people in my class hooking Paisley Hex, A house of Price pattern designed by jane Flynn---they all wanted to hook it similar to mine---they all did a great job!  Suzy's is upper right and she is going to add more borders to hers, an Karen is top left---she was fast, and Barbara's loops were perfect!

Here  is the finished version of mine.

On Tuesday night I did a lecture about paisleys---here is Capri modeling one of my shawls.

I am watching the grammy's tonight---so I'd better sign off and pay attention---as well as clean up the dinner dishes!