Friday, May 11, 2012

A beautiful day at Pomme de Terre

Yesterday we came to our place at the lake---wonderful weather!

I will be heading to Alabama next week to teach a workshop for the Wool Sisters---really looking forward to this as I have heard many good things about this group.

The house is just about finished being put back together.  I have had fun putting things back together and hanging many rugs.

this is the stairwell down to the studio---since I took this picture I decorated the little spool stand with lots of fun sewing things

this is one the wall going up to the second floor

I like that it covers up some of the areas where I had to do some touch up painting---who would know!

A few weeks ago I posted a small picture of my mother that I found---I had the picture enlarged and changed to a sepia tone and printed on canvas---I framed it in an antique walnut frame---I just love that ir has a paisley background.  I think that she was about 17 in this photograph...she was the youngest of 11 and unfortunately died when she was only 38 of Hodgkins lymphoma---my youngest daughter Sarah has my mother's name, Pauline, as her middle name.  Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there---enjoy your special day.  I wish that I could be with my daughters on Sunday but I  know that they will be thinking of me---or they better!!!!  My daughter Chelsea will be going to see her Mother in Law on Sunday---fortunately for her they live closer than I do.

this is some of Chelsea's artwork I found when I was cleaning out the back storage area---not sure what those toys are????

We had a huge storm last Sunday and our sump pump quit working without our knowing it so we had water in the basement---fortunately just in the storage area---spent many hours cleaning it up and washing wool that got wet.

This is my old dining room turned office / sitting room---the green chair is my Mother's Day gift---love how it goes with my rug.

Well gotta go enjoy my time at the lake---and do some hooking!

heading home tomorrow as i am running in race on Sunday for Mother's day---hoping for a new PR!


  1. love all your beautiful rugs on the walls. i love sitting rooms! much more needed then a diningroom!and your green chair is perfect in there. love the picture of your mum... enjoy your time at the lake and good luck with your run! love my pin cushion and wool!

  2. I love the rug in your sitting room. What is the name of the pattern?

    1. Is is called Naomi Hudson's Star, designed by Patsy Becker---her patterns are old by Wool and Goods or something like that---I was sorry that I never got to meet Patsy.

  3. Anita ~
    Everything looks wonderful. Love all the rugs!
    I hope you had a good race.
    Have fun in Alabama!
    Happy Mother's Day.
    Hugs :)

  4. Have fun in Bama! And have fun with yout new friend Hilda.