Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flying home today

Well my Oakland time has come to an end---a lot got done but there is still more lots to do.  My husband is staying another week to finish up some more things and will be doing the three day drive home without me.

We did get to go up to Napa on Monday and came home on Tuesday---it was a nice little break and we enjoyed our time there.

There is still much packing and moving to do as we spent most of our time working in the house and needed the room without all their things but the time has come to at least move some of the larger pieces in the truck this weekend.

Kitchen is primed and ready to be painted---they have chosen to do the walls in Pistachio as well as the upper cabinets---lower cabinets and trim in an soft white.

This is a messy view of the dining room looking in to the living room---there are two of the little windows that had been boarded over with wood paneling---we are stripping them and adding new moulding around the windows.

Well I am making this a short post as it is time to head to the airport---home sweet home awaits!

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  1. wow anita, you have been so busy! its nice you can help out i know they love it! the pillows are perfect for her couch. safe travels and enjoy your visit with your sister. enjoy your day!