Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pre Wedding Jitters

My youngest daughter's wedding is fast approaching---over a year of planning and now it is almost here.  The wedding will be June 28th at Grace Hill Winery in Whitewater Kansas.  It will be a fairly small (80 person) affair but we have put a lot of effort into the details and I am hoping for a wonderful day for Sarah and Philip.  Lots of vintage touches and I am excited to see how it all turns out.  I promise some pictures but hope to not bore you.

I will be bringing the rug that I hooked for them and bringing "mom"---I had a last minute push to get her done so she could come to the wedding---here is is---she has been a work in progress as I worked hard to bring my vision to life---the photo I worked from was when she was about 18 years old, just before she got married...unfortunately the marriage did not last but it lasted long enough to bring me into the picture, the youngest of four.  She died from Hodgkins when I was 9 at the young age of 38.  

Pauline Loux

After the wedding I will be in teaching mode as prepare for my late summer and fall workshops.  Have a great summer!


  1. Love this hooked piece ~ hooked with love! And I will be anxious to see the wedding photos ~ sounds very nice! Have big fun!

  2. Your rug is amazing. What a nice tribute to tour Mom. I am sure the wedding will be just as beautiful and I hope you can relax and enjoy it.

  3. amazing! You have to let it all go and now enjoy the party. My only child got married 5 years ago and we put so much work into it but I will say. we relaxed and enjoyed all of our hard work.

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