Sunday, July 19, 2015

Packing day

Today is packing day---I am getting ready to leave early in the morning to drive to Crosslake Minnesota---hitting the road at 6 AM---or least I hope to.

                                        This little guy is still on my mind---missing him!

I bought an old Pearl McGown pattern on yucky burlap and transferred it to linen---It is called Fireside Fancy and it has stirred up ideas in my mind to hook it like a paisley shawl.

Since I took this picture I have gone over the faint lines so it is easier to see...I am currently intrigued by looking at some of these old patterns and looking at them in a new way...will see what comes of it.

Well back to packing.


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  1. Have a great trip Anita! Can't believe the weather last Wednesday - I was so disappointed to be sitting at home watching lightning and rain and wind instead of being at class. Hope to see you the 12th! LOVE the picture of Chelsea and Baxter!