Monday, November 30, 2015

Mommy Daddy and Baxter on Thanksgiving Day
Grandma and Baxter selfie on the floor!

Baxter with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa on Thanksgiving

Baxter will be crawling soon!

 He loves to play with his toes!

Loves to stretch when he wakes up and gets out of his swaddle!

Baxter having a conversation with Mr. Fox!

This is my last week with Baxter---it has been a great time but I am pooped!

Tomorrow morning I am going for a well deserved yoga therapy session at Barefoot Movements where I went when I was here in June.  It felt so good last time that I had to do it again.  I think tonight we are going to put up the Christmas tree---hopefully where Baxter will not be able to reach it!  I am glad I will be back at Christmas for another grandma fix!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Baxter time!

I have been in Oakland now for a week and two days---and I am not on Anita time but on Baxter time!

What joy to be able to be here and spend time with Baxter---he will be 5 months old in two days---but he is a handful!  I now why we have children when we are young!

What a joy he is!!!

A teething toothbrush is a good thing!  No teeth yet but he is definitely teething!

He likes his sippy cup!

He is rocking on all fours so soon will be crawling---he is still breastfeeding and bottle feeding is a challenge though he loves to eat---likes to hold his own bottle so he is in control---wonder where he gets that???

Now for the rug hooking related part of my blog...had a wonderful workshop in Bothell Washington.  Here are some pictures from the week.

Olde St. Nichloas---one of my cupboard patterns hooked by Diane, a new hooker doing a great job!

Blue Basket Antique by Edyth O'Neill hooked by Patricia---a great old antique rug design!


Paisley Hex a Jane McGown Flynn pattern ---one of my all time favorite pattern hooked by Kathy---doing a great job with the beading and the antique paisley!

Christmas in the Valley being hooked by Larry in  a 3/4 cut---the snow laden trees were hooked with a dip dye--about 5 inches long.

Penny designed this pattern based on a photo she took in Mexico---so much creativity!

Susan was working on Hot chicks by Sharon smith---fun bright colors!

Vicki was working on a Karla Gerard pattern called Quaint town---she wanted bright colors so I sent her a photograph of some rainbow eucalyptus trees---hence the inspiration for the tree---love it!

What a fun goat pattern!  When I suggested she proddy the flowers around his neck she jumped in with both feet---loved her enthusiasm!
Marla's Westie pattern is based on her westie dogs---we redrew them slightly and she added the radio flyer on the wagon!  Happy little dogs!
Mona was working on a Maggie B. flower basket---great work!
Marti was also a beginner hooker---this is Edyth O"Neill's candle mat---she made great progress on her hooking technique this week..keep it up Marti!!!

Patty  was working on
the Boys at Play ---love how it was turning out---she will be finished in no time!

Ruth Ellen was working on a Susan Quicksall pattern Gypsy Wagon---she had purchased the pattern from someone who had started it and removed all the hooking to do her color palette---fun jewel tome colors with some added textures from paisley and speckled wools!
Evie was working on Orchard Quail by Maryjo Taylor---love the colors---a happy little oval mat!

I have been trying to get this post written for over a week and I am finally going to finish it this morning!

The past two weeks at my daughter's in Oakland has kept me very busy!  I am exhausted at night but go to sleep knowing that my precious grandson is thriving and has a happy home!
I will be heading back to Kansas on Thursday and December will be a busy month---I  will return to Oakland for a week at Christmas and get to see Baxter again!

One big reminder---the annual Christmas party at Mimi's is Wednesday the 17th of December---call me if you have questions.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015