Monday, November 21, 2016

Time goes by

The days are going by so quickly---as an impatient patient I am dealing with my hands not healing as fast as I would  like---surgery went well and  I no longer have the burning pain that wakes me up at night but it is taking time to rebuild the muscle that was lost---lots of exercising of my hands---tried hooking tonite but didn't last long.   I am doing alot of walking and yoga that does not put pressure on my palms...I am anxious to get back into the dye pots--next week!!! Looking forward to a nice Thanksgiving day dinner with family and friends---wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving---so much to be thankful for.

Be sure and check out the ATHA biennial classes online---pictures so much better that in the magazine!!!  February 16th---registration day!!!!



  1. I hope your hands are healing and you get back to your normal soon.

  2. go easy ~ i know you're itching to create again, but your hands are a most valuable tool! heal fast & keep us posted my friend!

  3. Hope you healing is speedy...
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours with abundant Peace and Blessing,