Monday, April 2, 2018

Oh where is spring

Yesterday on Easter Sunday God surprised us with a little reminder that spring is not here yet---a mix of rain, sleet and snow and slick roads greeted us. Upon arriving back home from a noon brunch I took the opportunity to have a day of rest---several times during the day I thought about doing some work and after a brief 15 minutes decided that the rest could wait---did some reading, watched a movie, took a nap---so today will be a busy day.

The Midwest newsletter came out yesterday-----If any of you have been one of my students and would like to submit a picture of your rug I would be honored---read about it on the first part of the newsletter.   This is the link to the complete newsletter---definitely worth your time!

Jody's crow

I have tried to move this crow down for 10 minutes
I give up!
He stays here!
he is going to have a beautiful; red sky---losing the graveyard!
I am excited to be going to Maryland for a

workshop on Thursday...some fun projects to be started.

Here are some pictures from my recent workshop
in Columbia Mo
What a great group of women and the
start to some great rugs

Sorry for the shadow on the picture---

Joyce is going to trapunto the paisley heart at he top-

--lots of standing wool techniques in this one---

love all the things she tried!

Marlene's trout---awesome job!

I found an antique fly in my collection

and she is going to put it at the mouth of the fly

and hang this from a bamboo rod!

This is my hearts and stars pattern which Patty is doing with lots of

standing wool techniques---each of these are so fun to see come alive--
-so many possibilities!

I can't take credit for Nancy's awesome rug---pattern by Blacksheep Wool---Elinor Barrett

While at the workshop she worked on the face and the path and we color planned some additional areas in the rug.

Renetta was working on a Judy Cripp's jack o' lantern pattern---always a fun pattern to work on.

I designed this crock Pattern for Pam a fairly new hooker from pictures of her crocks---added an "S" on the one on the left for her last name.

Elinor was working on her rendition of an old antique pattern---I think she was hoping to do a wider cut but the size of the motifs dictated some smaller cuts---I love the soft palette so different from the original---there was talk about her resizing the pattern but we will see what happens.

Diane designed this paisley footstool pattern with us collaborating of the design in emails back and forth---turned out great---such soft beautiful colors

Ranae was also working on a Janice Johnson pattern---great primitive house and leaves

Donna chose a Janice Johnson pattern

"Don't tread on me"
Great job on the flag---and think the banner and

lettering choices came out super!

Susan was hooking a new pattern by Blacksheep wool---love the pattern and color palette.

Julie was hooking a Linda Brannock pattern called Summer Medley---great progress on a fun primitive rug.

There are a couple more pictures that I am trying to locate---sorry Kari and Laura Lee---I will find them and post but I have got to get busy and get off my computer.

I tried to post the whole Midwest Newsletter and i just can't 1do it---will try again tonite---too frustrated right now----grrrrr