Monday, April 26, 2010

The best laid plans

Well, the lake trip didn't happen.  On Thursday we had a plumbing leak in the new bathroom and water went down into the walls and ceiling of the garage and basement storage area.  Serve-Pro came out with blowers and dehumidifiers that have been going non-stop and if all is well they will pull the equipment this morning.  They are noisy and put out a lot of heat.  The mirrors guys are coming this morning so that should finish things up other than whatever we decide to do to fix the inside of one vanity that the bottom board swelled up---hate that particle board stuff they used.

We did get moved back into the master closet,  other than doing the shelves that are going in which need to be cut and stained---it is finished.  My husband is also going to build a dresser to go on the back wall of the closet to match the rest of the wood in there.  He did a great job customizing the closet.  Now that he is not working he has kept himself very busy doing much of the work for this remodel---not the tiling or painting but did all the wood stuff.  He likes woodworking---likes tools!

Here is a shot of the closet---the blank wall is where the dresser will go.

Here is another view---shelves will go above the wire basket.

Equipment at work!

Here are some more pictures from my class at The Ohio Rug Camp

Debi's  " Jumbo Star"  a Lib Callaway pattern

Shirley's  "Paisley Hex" a Jane Flynn pattern.

Jane's  " Lazy Sheep" from Star Rug Company

Well it is time to get off here.  I have classes here at home this morning and also afternoon so it will be a busy day.

Have a great day!


  1. Oh Anita - sorry to hear about the water. What a mess. We had 6 of those big fans/dryers in our house for a solid week after our flood a few weeks ago - thought I would go CRAZY from the noise. Just this morning got the final coat of finish on the refinished kitchen floor - now the smell of that is making me loopy. Maybe none of these words are spelled correctly??? The closet project looks awesome - and the bathroom part is beautiful. It's neat that Doug can add the finishing touches himself. Love seeing the rugs from camp!!!

  2. Love the rug pictures ~ I keep thinking I should go to that camp sometime!! Your bath remodel looks very nice!!