Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday---less than a week to go

Well, it is now less than a week before I leave for Ohio.  I checked the weather---40's so shouldn't have any road problems.  We has some flurries here today.  Snow, snow go away!

Well, I finished hooking my runner today---got it steamed and it is drying.  Now I need to make my binding so that I can sew it on.  Here are a couple of pictures of it now.

It is 8 feet long---not easy to run through the serger!

The KU Jayhawks advanced to the Elite 8---I'll be watching the game tomorrow with friends---Jayhawk fans also!

I'm going out on a date tonite---Bonefish---one of my favorite restaurants.

My knee is still improving---yeah!


  1. wonderful color! I hooked an 7foot runner I know the work that is involved.
    so wonderful

  2. Anita - It has been such a treat to watch this gorgeous runner from start to finish! Thanks so much for all the pictures you've shared!

  3. Spectacular! I love being in able to see it "in person" too! Rock Chalk!!!

  4. I've followed your progress from the beginning and have loved every picture. The colors are gorgeous and I can't believe how fast you completed the whole thing. An amazing rug!

  5. What a treat to see the finished work! Beautiful and inspiring! I've enjoyed watching the progress!

  6. Anita,
    Your runner turned out just surprise there :) Now for the binding.....not envying you there at all! Funny, I'm getting ready to start on an 8 foot runner also....YIKES!

  7. Such a beautiful rug ~ and it doesn't seem that it took you that long ~ at least from here! Looks like a lot of work went into color planning the purse project on your previous post! I don't work that hard on my own projects!

  8. I started the runner on Jan. 8th---that is quick esp. by my standards these days. I do not get to hook as much as would like to---so chalk it up to 6 weeks away from home in a fifth wheel trailer. I am going to bind it with wool fabric---plan to sew the cording into it tomorrow and baste the backing down to the back side---it is already pressed down---may have to finish it on the road. Good luck on your runner Tammy---post pictures on your blog.


  9. That rug is too beautiful for words !! You have some talent ....keep up the great work on a dying art but it looks to be thriving in your home .