Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who said rug hooking isn't dangerous

As I was working on packing up my stuff I went into my back storage room and there was a rug hooking stand hanging from the ceiling which came crashing down on my head---I said "ouch" or something like that, and put my hand to the back of my head and discovered blood all over my hand.  I grabbed a rag to put pressure on it and called my husband who had gone to Costco to come home.  I called my doctor's office and she was off today so they said I would have to go the the ER.  I am now sporting four staples in my head---the ER doc shot it with numbing stuff and then started putting in the staples---ouch!  more numbing stuff and still ouch!  I don't know if he didn't wait long enough or if the numbing stuff was just water!

It was a good thing I got my hair cut and colored yesterday!

This has set me back a bit today---I guess I'd better get back to work although a nap sounds really good and I never nap.

This will be a boring post without a picture so let me see what kind of eye candy I can find in my photo files.

This pattern  is called High Wide and Handsome---I hooked this piece for a Teaching piece at
South Central teacher's workshop several years ago---it is a Night Blooming Cereus.  It is hooked in a
#9 cut and the wool was dip-dyed---very long pieces!

This is a pillow that I hooked at Northern Teacher's workshop---the two on the left were hooked in 4/5 cut textures and the two on the right were #3 cut dip and cross-swatches.

I must be ready for Spring!!!


  1. Oh Anita I'm so sorry!!! And YES, rug hooking IS dangerous. I know that from experience!!! But we still keep right on hooking don't we. I am so sorry you got bloodied... and the staple story made me feel a little queasy! I really hope you took that nap - you deserve it. The flower rugs are so beautiful...the dip dye wools are incredible and I love the stems on the Cereus leaves.

  2. Oh, dear, Anita. I hope you are feeling better! Nothing like a head wound to bleed! Your rug photos are great. I love all the different techniques you share in your blog! Those pinks and grays are just fab!
    Feel better!

  3. Oh I hope you heal quickly. You must have had on headache. Love the pieces wonderful eye candy.

  4. Poor you ~ that definitely would slow you down! Hope your head feels better today ~ I'm with you on the hair color ~ great timing!!

  5. OUCH! Hope the staples come out better than they went into your head! Take care & be careful of flying hooking frames!

  6. Ouch....the dangers of rug hooking. I'm sorry that you were injured. TY for the Cereus rug photo. I have one that we have had for years from my husband's family. I truly believe that I have as many photo's of it blooming as of family! If I could just keep the fragrance it releases for just a bit longer. Hope your healing is underway! Lee, WV