Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rug Hooking Necklaces on ETSY

My husband has been making some one of a kind rug hook pendants for me to sell at workshops and so he decided to post some on ETSY---so yesterday he set up a shop.  It is listed as anitahooks because I am a registered buyer as anitahooksrugs he couldn't use that name.  Check the out---there are 6 listed right now but more to come.

In the pictures on ETSY iI was holding them my hand tinted kinda blue from the dye pots yesterday.  I had spilled a bit of blue dye and cleaned it up with a rag and couldn't get all the blue off my hands.

I have been getting things ready for the Paisley class in Long Beach at the Biennial---It will be here soon.  I am looking forward to visiting my daughter in Oakland before the Biennial.

Home classes today.  Gotta go get my run in---have a great day.


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