Thursday, January 30, 2014

This and that

Where does all the time go?

If you are like me you are ready for winter to be over!  I am ready for some warmer leaving on a trip on Wednesday to soak up some sun.

I have many projects on my plate, including some hooking for a change.  I finished Sarah's wedding rug except for the binding.  The blue and yellow are the wedding colors.

I bought my Mother of the bride dress on Etsy---very brave---it is a vintage dress (new old stock) from The Teal Door.  Fawn was wonderful to deal with and I love the dress.  It is embroidered silk and the fabric is just beautiful.  I love the wist detail---it needs to be pressed and accessorized but here is is.

The last time I was at my hairdresser I was feeling very washed out so asked for a dark brown red color---only semi permanent in case I didn't like it, but I think I like it for a change.

I have also been hooking Floral Fantasy, a Primco pattern designed by Gail Hill.  I am hooking it in mostly 8.5 cut.  I am removing the cherries, buds or whatever you want to call them.  I tried one single one and might leave it but I added a leaf and made a couple of others larger.

Here is close up of the flowers---I like the simplicity of the pattern and the mix of shades and textures of the reds and greens.

I am training for another half marathon in April so I am hoping it warms up soon  Last Sunday was a nice day and I went for a bike ride on the trail and took a nasty a major bruise on my left hip butt---seriously black and blue but lucky it was not worse.  I am going to run today no matter what---it is a bit warmer but very windy.  Waiting for it to get light---woke up at 2 and finally gave up at 3 and got up...    :(

Today is my birthday---the big 64---next year I will be ready for Medicare...really???  That doesn't seem possible.  Nothing special planned today...but dinner out Saturday night with Kelly and Matt.

I am busy getting ready for Yellow Rose Rug Camp in March as well as the Rock Creek Hook-in---March 8th.

Also starting to prepare for a workshop in Annapolis, Maryland in April.  May will take me back to the Wool Sisters in Alabama.  And June  will have  me in Wedding mode!

I also worked on a project that will be in an article in RHM on Monochromatics---the pieces are finished and off to Tammy.  I will let you know when it is going to be in the magazine.

 Beth sent me this picture of her Karla Gerard rug that I helped her color plan---what a fun  rug---I love how these rug turn out!  Great job, Beth!

This is one of my designs that I did for Kathy in Ohio---the original size for her was 22 by 56---She wanted it called "In Bloom"---I have resized the pattern as well---this one is 16 by 42---and is being hooked by Kate.  Another student, Betty, is doing it in a small size 11 by 28 and another is doing it in the large size---will post a picture of the larger one soon.  It is almost done!  I need to check with Kathy to see how hers is coming along.

Well that is it for today.  Have a good one!



  1. Love your darker hair and beautiful dress! Im mother of the groom.. Need to get busy on finding a dress and doing something with my longer greying hair altho i hate to color as im not one to keep up with it.. Love your rugs, colirs and patterns! Enjoy the sun!