Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rock the Parkway

Well I ran my first half marathon of 2014 on Saturday morning.  My body was not prepared for the heat---it was in the upper 60's and it felt good for the first three miles and then I got overheated and ended up having to walk parts of the course as I was getting light headed.  I still managed to complete the race in two and a half hours---about 11 minutes longer than last year---so while it was not my best race I did my best on that given day---I gave it all I had...while I was 13th in my age group I was the fastest 64 year old woman---next year I will move up and age group to the 65-69 and I'll be the young one in the group  :)  and will hope for a cooler day.

My next race is in two weeks---The Trolley Run and it is only 4 miles!  Yeah!!!

I decided to treat myself yesterday to a massage after the run at Milagro's Midwestern Spa---they just moved into their new location in old downtown Overland Park...I told them I wanted a sports massage on my legs but wanted to walk away feeling relaxed as well---and that was what I got.  I am sore this morning but think I would have been more sore without it---time will tell.  He did some great stretches with my arms and legs as well.

Next Saturday we are going to Grace Hill Winery where my daughter's wedding will be in June and participating in a Build your own wine day.

Hoping we come up with a special blend to use for the wedding reception.  Here is the link to the label Sarah created for the white wine.

I am teaching home classes this week and also planning on spending Thursday and Friday in the dye pots.  Lots of new wools to play with.

We are planning on opening up our Fifth wheel at Pomme de Terre lake right after Easter---looking forward to spending a few days at the lake.

I took this picture when I was in Maryland---I had to take a picture after I did a double take!

What fun!

Have a great day!


  1. What a great picture! I love that tree

  2. Good job on your half marathon!! Hope you come up with some tasty wine for Sarah's wedding, wish we could make it!!
    Have a great week!