Thursday, April 10, 2014

This and that

More catching up on my week...I had home classes this week.  Here is Karen's rug in progress showing the upholstery fabric that we were working with for the rug---decision made yesterday to add a three color braid with a dark black-green, a blue-green, and a sage-green with black dot on it.  This is a Primco pattern---this is the same rug that I started back in January with red flowers.

Saturday is my Rock the Parkway Half Marathon---ready or not it is here!  I have been doing most of my training in cold weather and it is supposed to be 55 degrees Saturday morning so I know that I am going to be hot and sweaty---was hoping it would be cooler----but not going to happen until Monday and Tuesday---cold front back down to the 30's.

We are posting new rug hooking pendants this morning on ETSY---be sure to take a look.

Wedding plans  for my daughter Sarah are progressing---less than three months to go till the big day.  

June 28th will be here soon!

House remodeling continues in Oakland---the latest project is a new back porch and then the deck is next---the roof of the deck has been removed and the back of the house has been patched and painted.  I think that we will go out in July for a deck building week---My husband has built several so Noah is wanting his help.

My next workshop is in Alabama with the Wool Sisters---I had such a great time there a couple of years ago---really looking forward to going is a picture that sits on my desk.

Well I have work to do---have a great day!

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