Friday, August 22, 2014

The journey of a footstool

When I was at the flea market in new Jersey I bought this footstool.

I learned that the backwards N's dated it to after 1940---and I knew that it would need a new hooked cover---so with some research I found this design and attributed to Lambert Hitchcock in the 1800's---and adapted it to fit my footstool.

I drew this on Wednesday evening and started it in the car on the way to the lake on thursday morning
and it is now almost 3 o'clock on Friday and it is almost finished---did I mention that it is hot at the lake and being in the trailer in air conditioning is a good thing!

Here are some additional pictures taken during the process.

The mix of darks in the background

This is where it is now---will stay this way until tonight---time to go for a ride in the jet ski!


  1. I love it! A mixture of blacks is my favorite background!
    Happy hooking & skiing :)

  2. Love the stool. Love the pattern. Want to see it all finished.

  3. Can't wait to see this done. Happy that you found such a treasure on your trip to teach us. It is such a pleasure to have met you!! Cyndi

  4. what a great project! It seems whenever I try to make something an exact size (like a footstool cover) it always turns out either to small or too large. Sometimes the backing stretches as it is hooked, and sometimes it shrinks as the loops are packed in. Any suggestions for accuracy?

  5. What a great find Anita and what a perfect pattern for the favorites hooking and antiques

  6. oh my goodness..this is so beautiful!