Friday, October 17, 2014

Gathering on the Blue Nebraska workshop

What a great workshop in Nebraska last weekend---here are the projects that were worked on.

Joyce was hooking Paisley Hex---a Jane McGown Flynn pattern---lots of good textures and some Paisley to make a Primitive version of this pattern.

Linda was hooking this Red Barn Rug pattern---great fall colors---a medium light background and the plaid used in the pot will pull this one together---love that center flower!!!

I designed this pattern for Larry who wanted to hook a patriotic chicken---check out the red and blue tail feathers--he is one talented hooker!

Mary Jo was hooking a Sharon Smith pattern ---Russian villages---great use of textures and color---what a fun pattern!

Another Sharon Smith pattern---Ride 'em was hooked by Lynn---what a fun rug hooked by a fun gal!!!  Check out the horses mane!
 This is a pattern that I did for Pam---an adaptation of a Baltimore quilt block---she wanted a 24 inch round mat for her table---we discussed ideas and she said "surprise me"  ---this should look wonderful on a dark table---thanks Pam!

this is Tammy's adaptation with artist permission of a painting called "Solace"  KMSchmidt---she is well on her way to a beautiful piece...go Tammy!

"Cluck" by Red Barn Rugs was being hooked by Jane, a new hooker.  She did a great job and was eager to learn new things---she proddied the sunflower and high looped the red flower, hooked with paisley---she is off and running!

Maureen was working on Maggie Bonanomi's Two Urns---Maureen wanted this rug to be muted and  neutral---all of which she accomplished using some great textures---she is very good at mixing her fabrics---this is a great rug---love it!!!

Karen was working on  Kinderhook Flower basket---she also wanted a muted soft feel to her rug---I really like the way it is coming together---a wonderful primitive look.

Susan was hooking Baa Baa Black Sheep---she had some great shaggy yarn to hook the sheep---I suggested outlining with a soft black to contain the yarn---the yarn was catching on her frame so she is going to hook the rest of the sheep at the end.

Okay---that's all for today---work to do!

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

Go Royals!


  1. Great projects all - thanks for sharing photos!

  2. So many wonderful rugs! Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs :)