Saturday, November 8, 2014

Outer Banks of North Carolina, Greenwood Open House, and more....

It has been a whirlwind these last few a good way.

Where to start?

I think I will start with my last workshop of the year in the Outer Banks---what a fun workshop it

I flew into Raleigh and was picked up by my friend Cammie, some of you may know her from her blog, Primitive Junky.  She is selling some of her great patterns on Etsy too.  We had a great time exploring around her area before leaving on Sunday for the Outer Banks.  Upon arriving we got settled in and I jumped in with both feet on Sunday night to get a head start for Monday morning.  I woke up early Monday morning and had my first run on the beach.  Here is my first sunrise on the beach.

It was a beautiful start to my day---and we had great weather all week---and every morning I began with a trip to the beach.

Now check out these beauties from the week.

This is Pat's Floral Basket---She did some great creative stitching on the basket before she got to camp---she used some cross cut strips to outline the flowers---a great rug!

Joan was doing and Elizabeth Black pattern "When pigs fly"  to honor both Elizabeth and her father who was a plane enthusiast.  She changed many things from the original pattern to personalize it---what an honor this is!

Joan's mom, Georgia was hooking this Buttermold pattern by Eric Sandberg---12 blocks of fun.  We were jumping around a bit but the completed rug will be a beauty.  There is paisley in quite a few of those blocks!

Linda was hooked a Karla Gerard pattern called Flurries which she completed except for adding more snow---the colors are pretty true to the painting---beautiful!

Joanne was working on a Folk Art  landing Pattern called Paisley Influence---She turned the pattern over and redrew it to make it smaller and add some different details which we discussed before camp.
She has some more decisions to make about the leafy motifs and I am confident this will be a stunner when she is done.

Janet was working on a Nola Heidbreder pattern called Mountain Homes---she is off to a great start---we added snow on the roofs and on the trees---it will have a dark blue night sky---love it!

Jimmye was working on a pattern called Seascape---wow!  This is a big pattern and she was able to use a lot of wide cut textures---and lots of paisley to bring character to these shells.  Can't wait to see this finished---go Jimmye!

Lura was working on this Log Cabin geometric ( a free pattern in RHM)---I always enjoy working on geometrics and this one was no exception.  She had lots of great textures and colors to work with.  this is a pattern that could be done over and over again---a great way to use up leftover strip s.

Do one today!

This one was done by Cammie---1875 Floral basket---Woolley Fox
Cammie and I have been talking for years about hooking as rug with all striped wools with both of us collecting striped wools and this was our opportunity---except i had gotten is some some speckledy wools that were calling out to me---so here it is.  all but two of the striped wools were as is wools---tow had been over-dyed.  This is hooked in mostly #9 cut wool---a great old primitive looking rug!

Barbara's daughter Mary designed "Rosemary Cooney" .  This was be for Dylan.  Several attempts to find the right textures for the raccoon resulted in this one---ta da---the perfect one!

Missy chose to work on Sally Kallin's Ship at Sea.  She did a great job and was eager to learn new things---she did a great job in giving movement to the sails  and the water but still keeping it primitive.

I love geometrics and this one of Pat's is no exception! She used a cross cut gold stripe fabric to outline with and the color plan was pulled from the colors in the stripe.  To give it some slight variation she used three different purples that are planned out to move around the rug---the other colors, red, teal and the light gold background will remain constant.  You are only seeing half of the rug and there are five circles across and eight in the length.  A great rug!

Lois came with this one hooked except for the flowers on the corners----she got them all done except for one---I think she did a great job giving color balance to the corners!

She also worked on Rooster and Hens---I love her use of textures on this rug---a great colorful primitive rug with lots of character!

Janet chose and Encompassing Designs pattern called Grinners---a fun colorful piece perfect for fall.

She dod some needle felting of them and some quillies---a good rug to do some embellishing with.  A teal background will really make these guys POP!

The rest of these pictures are in no particular order, but enjoy!

Here is our group---this was taken on the day that was Halloween costume day---some still in their costumes---did I mention this was a FUN group!  Mary and Pat did a wonderful job of setting this up and feeding the gang!

 Cammie  at the beach!

 Feet in the sand---sporting my new toe ring!

Couldn't resist taking our picture in Hookerton---so appropriate!

   A few more beach shots

My home for the week---Beautiful!

Our open House at the Greenwood Mercantile is this weekend.  Here are a couple shots of my booth.

I will be working at the shop today---come shop!

Tomorrow I am running a half marathon with my friend Kelly---the Gobbler Grind---last year it was 13 degrees---tomorrow it will be a low of 31 and high of 63---a perfect day!

Home classes this week and next!

Enjoy your day!

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